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Half of computer users are Wi-Fi thieves

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Honeypot Comes to Mind

Quote: I wonder how many of those people foolishly carry out internet shopping on "borrowed Wi-fi", there are wi fi points out there which are ran by scammers who want to steal your details.

Not only shopping but checking email logins, bank account logins etc. Whilst some of these are encrypted, email logins definately are not. As an experiment I monitored the traffic on my wireless router and was amazed just how much information, including login credentials, was viewable during a range of activities.

For those people worried about WPA being crackable, as long as you set a non-dictionary passphrase you have little to worry about - for now. I would also invoke MAC filtering - you set the MAC addresses you want to be allowed to connect in your router. It's not infallible, but will slow down all but the most insistant of attackers - and are you that important anyway?