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Sick of the election already? Get a bet on then

Oliver Wilson

Pedant's corner

"a measly 1-8 (£1.25 return for every £10 bet)"

You of course mean £1.25 /won/ for every £10 bet, as the /return/ would be £11.25 .


Nokia releases cuter Qt

Oliver Wilson

re: writing on the wall

I disagree with the earlier comment about "the writing being on the wall".

I may be wrong, but I think Qt will surely survive whatever occurs in the mobile space, given the large install-base of Qt applications on the desktop, especially concerning KDE.

Choice breeds complexity for Linux desktop

Oliver Wilson

Choice is a Good Thing

I don't understand this article at all; am I missing something?

It seems to be of the opinion that GNU/Linux ought to be a nice friendly shrink-wrapped OS that granny can take home, but diversity amongst developers & lack of central control somehow hampers this otherwise easily-attainable goal.

Frankly, I *don't care* if Windoze users think our operating system is too complex / inaccessible for them. I don't imagine that when RMS started writing bits of GNU, or Torvalds was tinkering with Minix, they were thinking "gee if this free unix lark takes off, that'll really stiff Bill".

Diversity & choice are precisely *why* it's a good OS. If the author thinks that choice necessarily leads to complexity, he's entitled to his opinion, but I don't see how GNU/Linux is any more/less complex than the average Windows/MacOS box, especially after they get laden with badly written 3rd party crap.

In fact, if you want to talk about supposedly complex systems and the unforeseen interactions/behaviours they exhibit, then I've got four words for you: BSOD.

Exploit broker aims marketing machine at Unix app crack

Oliver Wilson

Shurely Shome Mishtake

..."lightly killed" frog, surely?