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Intel: Atom chips for all!

Peter Kastner

Sure there's profit

Intel said that the Atom chips deliver gross margins comparable to other Intel microprocessors. That's about 60% gross margins. So Atom is adding incremental profits that are expanding as the ramp meets demand by Q1 2009.

Put it this way: I'd trade my retirement fund for Intel's Atom profits any day.


OLPC and Microsoft punt Windows-only XO laptop

Peter Kastner

Yeah, but will Windows actually work on the OLPC?

I have used an OLPC and tested it against Intel's ClassMate PC.

I will be interested to see just how "Basic" Microsoft has to get to fit Windows into the tiny memory footprint. And I doubt they'll spend the necessary R&D money to fix up various system maintenance screens (e.g., connecting to a network) to fit into one OLPC screen. Believe me, when you have to drag the screen around in a mad hunt for a dialog box (that you know is there and newbie students do not), the fun will go out of the exercise quickly.

-- Peter

Multics source code released into the wild

Peter Kastner

Multics has been the wild for three decades...

Multics was developed with US government money, so clever folks at Honeywell, Prime and Stratus got the code for (virtually) free by filing a Freedom of Information act request. Stratus' VOS is a Multic derivative that is still for sale and used on mission critical systems such as the defense center at Cheyenne Mountain, CO not to mention stock ticker plants.



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