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Ford's B-Max: Fiesta-based runaround that goes THUNK

John Moppett

Mt freind was given one of these as a company car. he liked it BUT he didn't lke the fact tht the ultra heavy engineering on the doors, to compensate for the mising B pillar, restricts the view when pulling ou, particularly if you are having to look over your shoulder.

FINALLY Microsoft releases Office for iPad – but wait there's a CATCH

John Moppett

I was interested in he comment that you can't create or edit on iOS. I've just created on on the iPad and edited on the iPhone!

Not so fast with the bubbly, RM: IT biz faces £40m schools-sized hole

John Moppett


Used to support their kit in a Special School and it was a bloody nightmare. everything had been clamped down to run what they said, and I spent hours devising workarounds to get specialised software to run.

Wouldn't spec them if they were the last company!

Hunt: I'll barcode sick Brits and rip up NHS's paper prescriptions

John Moppett

There is an alternative!

I carry a USB connector in a card (utagice.com) which allows me to input and check the data and anyone with a PC can read it, but not change it!

Ten ancestors of the netbook

John Moppett

Another one missing

Is the IBM TP240. I have one of these and it is as portable as an EeePC, but could do everything that any W98 PC could!

Infinite loop: the Sinclair ZX Microdrive story

John Moppett

What about the offspring?

I think that mention should be made of the offspring of this project, the ICL One Per Desk aka BT Tonto. Basically AFAIR a QL built into an early attempt at en executiev workstation. I used on when I was in BT Marketing, it incorporated a telephone and modem, with two lines. Apart from the normal functions of word processin et al I was able to interrogate a distant mainframe running RAMIS Reporter to obtain the relevant stats.

Throttled customers rage over Virgin Mobile UK's tight cap

John Moppett

Cap? What Cap?

I'm running 3G on T-Mobile and testing at a consistent 17Mb plus!

iOS 6.1 KNACKERED our mobile phone networks, claim Vodafone, Three

John Moppett

Problems with iOS6.1? nah!!

My iPhone 4S is on EE, I updated to 6.1 about 10 days ago and have had no probl ems at all. Now 0n 6.1.1, no-one seems to appreciate that apple have done an update so quickly!!

Google puts Nexus 4 back on sale, sells out pronto

John Moppett

Keep your money

Perhaps the poster that said they would keep thier money needs to read Googles T&C. they don't take your money until the item is despatched!

The world's first Windows Phone 8 hands on – what's it like?

John Moppett

Different ecosystems?

Seems that Nokia has one big advantage. If you have an iPhone, chances are you will have a PC, rather than a Mac. If you go android there are, currently, no android computers. So, if you want a phone, tablet and lap/desktop, without having to learn multiple OSs, and working out how to integrate them, Windows seems to be a good way to go!

Amazon sets date for Kindle Touch UK touchdown

John Moppett

Kindle Touch

See they are following Apple now, and making the essential accessories extra. £12.99 for the power adapter!!

Council to chuck £28m wad at schools' ICT supplier

John Moppett

Er, iPads?

iPads are beginning to be used in schools, but most significantly in Special Needs education Touch screens have been used in this area for some 20 years, but the ipAd has the unique advantage, that it can be presented for use by a student with limited mobility.

They are a major step forward in this field!

iOS 5 'crashes more apps' than Android

John Moppett


I am currently researching the use of tablets in Special Education , and have an iPad2 and a Lenovo A1. I have not had a single app crash on the iPad, which is running IOS5. The Android Lenovo regularly crashes the built in apps, some of them have never worked, crashing and forcing a system restart!

Ofcom says no to automatically renewed contract badness

John Moppett

Automatic renewals

BT take this to ridiculous lengths! I recently asked for a gizmo which, supposedly. will improve my appalling Broadband. Not only did they charge me £1.20 for this, but extended my contract by 12 months.

Punters take tech to bed, breakfast

John Moppett

What about...

The really sad people, who sit and surf while they watch TV?

Don't we rate a mention?

Sir Elton outs iPad 2 release date

John Moppett


Saw this interview several times. Elton kept repeating that he is a Luddite, with no mobile or computer, so he seems an unlikely candidate for assuming the dat, based on Internet chatter and speculation!

Minister 'C*nt' promises £50m to get fabtastic fibre for all

John Moppett

Faster Broadband?

Well, I live in London, in an area where BT is trialling FTTH. I am so close to the exchange that I am on a direct cable, so can't get onto the fibre. I am SUPPOSED to be able to get 20mb/sec, but am lucky to get 8Mb/sec.

If this is the best that BT can manage, surely the Government should be looking for a more capabale partner for this project?

Apple states tax take on UK iPod pricing

John Moppett

Apple tax free prices

Interesting article, but as the product has to cross the Atlantic, surely they are allowed extra price to cover transport costs?

Forget the Jesus Phone, here's the Rude Phone

John Moppett

Love the Spec!!

Says it has a full QWERT keyboard. Y no Y?

ToryDems stoke ID card 'bonfire'

John Moppett

ID Cards

The ToryDems have decided to scrap the cards, surely they were introduced as part of Euro harmonissation. So we can't use an ID card in Europe, can fellow EU members use them over here?

'Steve Jobs' switches to Android

John Moppett


I am at the point of upgrading my phone. I have had mobiles since the early 90's, and always Nokia. The iPhone does not appeal at all, but I was thinking maybe Android this time, until I read the Reg article on power management.

Surely power management is far more important than all the bells and whistles which seem to be the buyer benchmark for most people these days?

Spanish town to reward good drivers

John Moppett


So, assuming the system works, how do they propose to fund it when everyone behaves??

100,000 sign for BT Fon wi-fi love-in

John Moppett


As a customer of BT Broadband I tried to set FON up, and failed. I then found from a forum that it was becoming a hobby for some people, so I joined in. After about 10 rounds of registering/de-registering/re-registering it has upgraded my Home Hun software, but nothing else. I have never found a hot spot to see if I can connect!!

Son of 419 victim contacts El Reg

John Moppett
Black Helicopters


AS a Christian I might JUST have swallowed this, until he said his Dad is a preacher. Having had a £1k+ E-Bay scam tried on me, by someone whose excuse was that he was a missionary, so had to go abroad, I vote 419!

BT Fusion rises again

John Moppett

FON Network

I have 'subscribed' to BT FON about 8 times over the last few months. It has 'upgraded' my HomeHub, but never given connectivity!

Elonex £99 Eee PC rival to arrive in June

John Moppett

I'm underwhelmed!

I think it looks like a £100s worth! Won't be putting the eeePc on Ebay just yet!!

BT preps 2000 per cent evening call price hike

John Moppett

Someone Noticed!

Odd, but this was first announced weeks ago, and this was the first bit that I noticed. I wonder when someone will have the guts to pass legislation taht will prevent mega-corporations from writing these customer 'contracts' that allow them to change what they like, when they like, and pass it off as a bargain??

Tiscali bandwidth throttling flub fix flops

John Moppett

I was gone.....

I am just soooo glad that I saw the writing on the wall, and backed out last year. Pipex had been good for the four years that I was with them, but when Tiscali took over I was outta there, fast!

Asus Eee PC 4G sub-sub-notebook

John Moppett

Old Tech?

The reason that I have an EeePC in my bag is simple. It has replaced my IBM TP240, because I can see the screen. Although smaller it is so much clearer!


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