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Three-quarters of EU radio equipment is non-compliant

Paris Hilton

Radio Hams have been saying this

We Hams have been saying this for ages, but offcom won't get there head out of there arse and listen.

If some of us transmit, we wipe out TV, radio, phone&interweb for neighbours. Yet when offcom do investigate, it turns out neighbours kit is new sub-standard crap that will pick up any interference going.... the ham is often found blameless.

It works both ways though. Some comsumer kit will wipe out the Ham HF bands over a 100m radius due to poor construction. BT's 'Home Hub' is a prime example.

Paris, 'cos she ain't listeneing to us either.

Aussie-Irish boozer ejects 'terrorist' drinker


Just an observation

I've *been* to Australlia. Mad Max wasn't a film, it was a documentry.

Anyway, serves him right for not wearing one of these " I'm not Brazillian " T-Shirts the missus bought for me. They must be the ultimate in UK public transport safety devices.


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