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Microsoft takes hard line on Win 7 hardware

Walter Brown


Microsoft, for years has been known as the makes of really good hardware and so-so operating systems. If it wasnt for their hardware i would say that Microsoft was suffering from "Symantec Syndrome"! A company thats better at making money than they are at making useful products...

As for them getting some anti-trust lovin', thats wont happen, not in this case anyway, in order to qualify as a monopoly one must control 70% of a given market, which, in this case, Microsoft doesnt, nor are they the biggest supplier. Logitech holds the biggest market share for mouse and keyboards.

Dell sues Tiger for reselling old boxes as new

Walter Brown

Tit for Tat

Dell has a lot of room to complain about misgiving and wrongful use of anything when it comes to selling, it just recently settled a complaint in the state of new york for misleading customer and abusive practices, so it looks like Tiger is just following in Dell's footsteps...

AMD chases Nehalem with speedier Shanghai

Walter Brown

Glad to see it...

I'd like to see some benchmarks on a pair of those 3.1ghz opteron's, i dont imagine that do much harm to Intel's top end kit directly, but i can imagine they'll put a serious smack down on the price vs performance front...

Drobo doubles up storage robot capacity

Walter Brown

UK Math?

Does the UK use its own math scheme, or did i miss something in this article, because here in America, with the math we use, 4TB drives x 8 bays = 32TB of data storage, not 64TB...

AMD offers Opteron upgrade discounts

Walter Brown

@ Trevor Pott RE:AMD :(

"AMD's Canadian support is bollocks!"

perhaps, maybe, or maybe its your who are too stupid to know where to find the Shanghai Opterons, one quick look thru newegg.ca, you know the canadian version of newegg.com found me 10 Shanghai varients of the Opteron, all of which are in stock.


Or maybe you want prefab'd machines, here a few HP servers with opteron's again from HP's candian site.




So as you see, i dont really think its AMD's canadian support that's bullocks, i think its you sir, who just doesn't know how / where to look...

This message is brought to you courtesy of the:

Have A Nice Day, Club

Conficker botnet remains dormant - for now

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Am I the only one that sees the obvious here...

I'm no conspiracy theorist here, however it has occurred to me that there could be only possible group behind conflicker...


Now seriously, look at it rationally, here we have a virus that is, extremely well written, its nearly undetectable, its not known to carry any payload, in its infancy, it was designed to spread itself like wild fire exploiting weaknesses that are only likely to be found in a certain demographic populous. it doesnt affect the most recent versions of windows, nor does it affect most of the general public, and, In recent variations of the virus, it has been configured to stop spreading itself (makes no sense whatsoever).

ok now look at it with cynical eyes, the recession hits, Microsoft is seeing reduced revenue market wide and not happy about it. Microsoft is running up to the release of Windows 7 second half of this year, still not happy about the corporate worlds dismal uptake of windows vista, and thus yearning to milk their corporate cash cow, they produce and put out this virus that generally only affects the corporate world and a handful of paranoid consumer users that refuse to upgrade or update. this virus does no real damage except be a pain in the ass and strike fear in the hearts of corporate IT admins and executives. knowing that corporations take their sweet ass time in making any kind of changes to their infrastructure, conflicker is born, with the intentions that, with the fear of what damage conflicker could have done, and knowing that it only affects legacy unpatched versions of windows, Microsoft comes along in the wake of conflicker and pushes these corporations in to migrating to windows 7 or windows vista...

Seriously people wake up and smell the ink drying on the checks...

Intel chip flaw gets double exposure

Walter Brown
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Please allow me to be...

The first AMD Fanboi to pipe in... I'm glad i havent purchased a single Intel product in oh, 10 years now, ever since the first Athlon dropped... sounds like a good reason to keep right on using AMD's gear to me...

Obama CIO on leave after cuffing of former employee

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WOW 8 Days...

That's impressive, the guy has his job 8 days and gets suspended, on friday the 13th none the less.

the story says he's not being investigated... my ass! they wouldnt have suspended him if they didnt suspect him of anything...

Conspiracy theories fly around Norton forum 'Pifts' purge

Walter Brown

@Jerry Masterson

If only your statement was correct, unfortunately its not... One thing Symantec is really good at is making money, they hold 50% + market share, so this little gem is affecting millions upon millions of unenlightened, slow, stupid or otherwise retarded people who fall victim to symantec, whos corporate motto is: We are betting at making money than we are at making useful products, but we dont give a fuck because we've already got your money!

Windows 7 test build 'turns off' Internet Explorer 8

Walter Brown

@Robert Cross

This is completely off the subject, but have you ever noticed that everytime you uninstall Norton Infernal Stupidity or any other Symantec Security Joke-ware from your system, upon reboot, Windows always displays a message that says "Windows has just recovered from a serious error"? i wish Microsoft would finish that statement and tell it how it is - "Windows has just recovered from a serious error of operator stupidity, but we're ok now that you've uninstalled that useless shit"...

Vista SP2 release candidate gets public airing

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I have to agree

Vista isnt that bad of an operating system! most of the hype still encircling Vista is just media fodder. sure, in the early days it had its troubles, just like windows XP pre-SP2, oh how quick people seem to forget the teething problems that their now beloved windows XP had.

I laugh at everyone now still running XP, they doom themselves to a lifetime of playing with fisher-price toys, just because some columnist looking for a cheap story told them how bad vista is. every time i hear someone bitching about why they dont / wont run vista i call them to the mat, i ask them if they've actually ran vista, or otherwise have any first hand experience with it to fuel their soapbox tirade. once, only one time did someone actually fight back with credible first hand experience / information that was more than just an excuse to buy into the media bullshit. what i have had alot of, is my customers nervously allow me to talk them in to running vista, only to come back later and say how they like it, i'm usually quick to point out to them the little pieces of egg on their face, while handing them a napkin.

The only reason Windows 7 is coming out so fast is because Microsoft is being weak minded on this whole subject, what they should have is just like they did with XP, fix the problems via service pack and told the world to shut the fuck up. they buckled to the pressure put forth by apple, fearing that apple was actually going to make some type of insurgence into their market share and sustain it. sure apple capitalized on the bad press, but outside of the iFanboi cult, most first time apple buyers turn out to be onetime apple buyers.

Paris, because she knows how to capitalize from a little bad press...

AMD lifts veil on six-core Constantinople Istanbul

Walter Brown

RE: and

Socket F is their server socket, Socket F has been around since the introduction of the second generation Opteron's, IE dual cores, and it has made its way around the world quite nicely, starting in Santa Rosa, heading through Barcelona, Shanghai and now Istanbul, so i'd say socket F is well traveled... There will be AM2 / AM3 versions of these new opterons, they are the single socket versions.

in all actuality, AMD hasnt changed sockets since the change from socket 754 to 939. Socket AM2 is 939 with DDR2 support and AM3 is a one pin varient of AM2 with support for DDR3.

So all in all, AMD has done a good job with not changing sockets like underwear...

I personally cant wait to get my hands on a pair of Istanbul chips, i've built dual CPU servers based on all of the above mentioned cores and each have kicked ass, so i'm looking forward to see what the Turkish smoked Opterons have to offer...

Pirate Bay prosecutors get jiggy with charge sheet - again

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Coldplay Torrent = 800k?

800,000 results for Coldpaly torrent on google, the trial must be working, they must be cracking down, i only got 733,000 results returned... they must be making a dent... hahaha! can you say, fail!

Norway mobilizes against IE 6

Walter Brown

Here's a thought...

... For all you fucking whiny and seemingly retarded web developers who are bitching and complaining nonstop about how broken IE6 is and how you hate having to write separate code just for it, well guess what you fucking ignorant retards, you're the reason people still use IE6!!!

News flash... people are never going to upgrade as long as the browser the use works... Why dont you show off your coding skills and write a simple little script that redirects IE6 users to a landing page that says something to the effect of "youre using IE6, which wont work to view this web site, now we need to examine why you're still using IE6:

1, because you're at work and are forced to thanks to retarded management, in which case you're screwed, view this site from home.

2, because you're too technically incompetent to know better, in which case you shouldn't be using this computer without supervision anyway. and definitely dont need to be on this web site...

3, too cheap to spring for a new box and thus stuck with an OS that cant run anything newer, we here have no sympathy... move along cheap ass...

4, you're just simply lazy and cant be bothered to upgrade... well its a fucking wonder your lazy ass made it here to this page, let alone read this far... its high time you put the fucking ice cream down, wipe the glaze from this morning doughnuts off your chin, and go upgrade your browser, you lazy fuck..."

The problem with the internet is the same problem that's plaguing America, everyone caters to the fucking retards, and i dont mean people who were born physically or mentally handicapped, i mean the people who are retarded by choice, if youre not sure who i refer to, just look at the management of almost any corporation. starting at middle management on up... nobody has the balls to tell these people to get lost or go get a fucking clue anymore, but they sure will tell them nope sorry cant come on our site today, your credit card was declined...

Its you, fucking whiny ass lazy web developers who are the problem, not the sheeple who continue using IE6. so until you decide to do something about it, like eddy said, have a coke and a smile and shut the fuck up...

Google antitrust suit: Is there a case?

Walter Brown

Its a funny world we live in...

To me seeing articles like this sit right up there with the stories circulating a while back about the nut job Danny Carlton, the one complaining that using ad blocking software was taking food out of the mouths of honest web developers and their children. like AC above said, who exactly is seeing these ads? anyone with half a brain is using firefox + adblock plus + customize google and as a result are seeing exactly zero web adverts while using any google page or service, or any other web page for that matter.

The amusing part of the whole Danny Carlton saga was the little redirect script he wrote to push adblock plus users away from his content, so clever he was, except for the fact that most people smart enough to use adblock plus are also using noscript, which blocked his little fuck you script at the source and failed to redirect the masses of firefox users like me when went to his site to what all the fuss was about. too funny...

Judge strips MS 'Vista Capable' lawsuit of class action status

Walter Brown
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maybe your psychotic illusions has affected your sight too, because the black helicopter icon is alive and well...

Cisco to bundle Trend security suite with wireless routers

Walter Brown

What this could be / What it is...

This could be a good solution for home users to protect their PC's, Trends products are pretty good, they've never let me down. however they've made one fundamental mistake with the bundled software choice. They've chose to include Anti-virus + Anti-spyware instead of "internet security 2009" which is a bad choice for 2 reasons, AV+AS doesnt include a personal firewall, so people are forced to either use the windows firewall or no firewall at all, and be nagged about not having a firewall turned on. If by doing it this way Trend is saying that product is so good that a personal firewall isnt necessary, they need to smoke a little more dope, and share, so that we can all share the same hallucinations.

Everyone knows that the biggest security risk / failure on any computer sits between the keyboard and the chair, and when little sally downloads that loaded avi file of snoopy and peppermint patty doing questionable things in a treehouse, and executes it, it will instantly infect the other machines on the network and recruit them in to the flavor-of-the-week botnet being used to DDoS teletubbies.com or something of that sort. and with the windows firewall being brain dead and otherwise useless, that makes product an epic failure and a bad idea. this product leans a little to the retarded side, because, to me at least , it amounts to nothing more that an overstated false sense of security. bad trend micro, bad dog...

I'm a sceptic now, says ex-NASA climate boss

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Where is your snow today in the UK? the reason you had deep snow at your home in the 1970's is because that era was right smack dab in the middle of a 30 year cold cycle that ran from the 1950's to the 1980's, it ended in 1984 i believe...

Here we are 25 years later, people crying afoul about global warming, spending billions to fix a problem that A, doesn't exist, and B, we cant fix, we have no control over it. As all the disciples from the Church of Everlasting Warmth run around extorting money from companies to "save the planet" and depositing it in the Bank of Us, In Al We Trust! the wheels start to fall of of their wagon and their charade slowly starts to become more clear for what it really is: Bullshit! Its kind of hard to keep pushing the global warming agenda as we're starting to head in to another long term cold cycle like that which started in the 1950's.

Obama gets to keep his BlackBerry

Walter Brown

Personal Security Device

On top of keeping the president on top of current affairs and in touch with white house staffers, the device will also double as a personal security device used to ward off would be attackers should the president get in to trouble. Some special training is required to properly and effectively use a Blackberry for self defense, presidential aids have invited Naomi Campbell to the white house to provide advanced smackberry training for the president.

Anti-Kremlin website owner shot dead in police custody

Walter Brown

Someone wake up and smell the election ink

I thought i was slow last week when i read the article dated back in May 2008 that announced that Vladimir Putin is no longer the russian president, he left office on 7 May 2008 and was replaced by Dmitry Medvedev.

you can read all about it here:


as much as i agree that russia is ever corrupt and so on, Vladimir Putin is not the correct evil to blame on this...

AMD's dual-core 'Kuma' specs listed?

Walter Brown


I just hope these are chips are priced cheaply enough to move them. i imagine they will be. i can also imagine that these chips when combine with AMD's 780g chipset and some good RAM are going to be good solid performers on a budget price...

UK fraudster gang go PIN sniffing

Walter Brown


If Microsoft can make their OS detect hardware changes, even hardware swapped with identical parts, and force that OS to re-activate in order to continue operating, then surely card processing manufacturers can do the same?

Thai court jails 'swirly-face' paedophile

Walter Brown

To the naysayers...

This case was designed for one simple reason...

To buy time. Time to allow for other investigations to continue gathering evidence against him. it was a smart move on their part, knowing that there is potentially dozens of other cases / victims out there, and needing time to identify and contact them and so on, and not wanting to risk a disaster at trial which might set him free, such as a mistrial or even acquittal (not too sure how Thai law works), they offer him what looks to him to be a sweet deal, one he cant refuse, and it buys them time for their own and other governments to build additional cases against him, 3 years and 3 months to be exact, which should be plenty of time to identify additional victims and wittiness's and get them to come forward.

In my eyes a brilliant move....

Symantec nabs PC Tools for added street cred

Walter Brown

It appears Symantec is broadening its business model a bit...

Symantec, who in the past has been widely known for it unique business model of: buying otherwise useful products and ruining them, appears to be widening out its business model some in hopes to annoy anyone remain whom they havent already annoyed now by buying up marginally useful products and ruining them.

A company spokesmen said in a statement today "The pool of companies making solid or useful products willing to sellout to us seems to have dried up, so now we've started down a course of acquiring second rate companies and their tools in an effort to sustain our reign of terror over mankind. This change in business model will have no effect on our company motto of 'We're better at making money than we are at making useful products!'". Share prices of various PC Tools competitors soared in after hours trading upon hearing news of its acquisition by Symantec...

AMD hits Intel with Shanghai surprise

Walter Brown


They can deliver on this promise, as we hope and pray that this chip has enough horse power to kick Intel in the nads...

Microsoft may lift VM licensing restrictions next week

Walter Brown
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I love how microsoft operates...

This little maneuver has little to do with competition, or what VMware or Citrix is doing, or any whining by the aforementioned. This is a result of Microstupid realizing that they are losing potentially billions of dollars in sales because smart corporations avoid their server software like the plague due to its illegal and unenforceable software licensing model.

Microstupid, being a large machine / animal, is a little slow on the uptake, and thus moves even slower.

What this little maneuver signals is a realization by Microstupid that software is sold, not licensed, and this is an attempt to save face without admitting any wrong doing. There will be many more similar "licensing" changes to come in the not so distant future.

For reference see Verner vs Autodesk

XM-Sirius merger OKd in fines plus booster-dump deal

Walter Brown
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the stupid thought process of government

The government is concerned about the possibility of price hikes due to a monopoly, so lets make them pay millions of dollars in fines, to ensure that there are price hikes, because we all know know who will foot the bill for all those fines, it wont be the shareholders, it will be joe public, the customer...

we need a Head-in-ass icon...

Paris, because she like taking it in the ass....

Court defends America's right to online smut

Walter Brown

Double standards...

The government of this country is so fucked up with their double standards. Minors are not recognized by the bill of rights, they have no say what so ever and can not make any decisions about their lives until they turn 18, period. unless, that is, they commit a crime, then, they are charged as an adult, with no say in the matter and the "pristine" protection of being a minor are stripped away from them and they are prosecuted under the same rules that adults are... complete bullshit...

Banking Trojan hides in fake Alonso F1 crash story

Walter Brown

Hey Mr. Fanboi!

I believe this article has your name all over it


mines the one with the picture of a diseased penguin and the caption that says "but but but... i'm immune!"

Fears mount over missing Webroot founder

Walter Brown


I feel for his family, this is a sad and troubling situation. i hope he is truly hiding and is found to be ok, he needs to be returned home safely, he deserves the opportunity to read the first ever, completely sane, grammatically correct and comprehensible statement to ever come out of amanfrommars, it was he who prompted the statement...

HP VP charged for trying to pass on IBM trade secrets

Walter Brown

Very Interesting choice by HP

I'm actually surprised by HP on this one, maybe even a little impressed, given HP's actions in other recent moralliy and ethically questionable situations, maybe the PR machine warned them that another internal fiasco like the one Carly Fiorina engineered would sink them, HP would go down faster than the Itanic!

mines the one with built in life vest...

Congress bails out telcos for illegal snooping

Walter Brown

The law is an interesting animal in the US

US law makers can pass what ever bills they like, that doesn't mean the law will stand... once the bill is signed in to law, all the interest groups will immediately challenge the law in federal courts, its up to the courts to determine the constitutionality of the law, which in this case it doesn't, the constitution clearly states no post de facto law may be passed.

so in affect, this bill will prove to be a huge waste of tax payers money...

AMD CPU shoot-out: Phenom X3 and X4

Walter Brown

What 9850 version did you use?

As the title says, which version of the Phenom x4 9850 did you use for your testing? i'm typing this comment on a 9850 black edition clocked at 3.1ghz on an Asus M3A32-MVP using a Thermal-Take Big Thunder cooler and 4x1GB Crucial Ballistix, and it gives me no problems what so ever.

With that said, i think you just gave AMD a bum rap, rerun your overclocking tests using AMD's CPU thats made for overclocking!

Mines the one with the rusted Intel logo beneath the shiny AMD logo!

Day dawns for Pentagon hacker Lords appeal

Walter Brown

The US needs to just let go...

Being an American myself, this story makes me sick, the shady tactics and blatant disregard of human rights by the prosecutors in this case are the very reasons why the US is in the state its in today. The US attorney's office need to just let go of this case and go bury its head in the sand, as this story makes me want to do, just for being American....

mines the one with the brown paper bag in the pocket...

Market watcher warns of 'Nehalem' slippage

Walter Brown

Time for AMD to take a little back!

I'm always glad to read about Intel mistakes, screw ups, fumbles and missed expectations, now if AMD can take advantage of this and deliver its product on time it has a chance of gaining back some ground.

mines the one with the green AMD logo on the shoulder and "powered by Opteron" on the back!

Hacker cops to $70k botnet rampage

Walter Brown

2 years isnt enough...

This kid has a nasty reputation for being violent and controlling, he needs some serious time in a behavioral facility on top of the 2 years in federal prison. on the bright side, they've abolished parole in the federal system so sentences are "dispense as written", 2 years means 2 years... i would love to see the judge override the plea agreement and give this guy like 18 years, send a clear message to these fuckers who like to do shit like this...

US FTC cracks open anti-trust investigation on Intel

Walter Brown

Its about time!

Its about time the US gets on the ball! This should have happened years ago!

US imposes 72 hour pre-reg for Visa waiver travellers

Walter Brown

What they dont realize is...

The big thing the jackasses ruining err i mean running my beloved country is, this is the war the terrorists are fighting, right here, and they are winning, one attack on US soil, now lets sit back and watch them panic themselves in to a communist nation, close their borders and alienate the world, living in fear of everyone outside their nation, once complete, the terrorist will claim victory because they wont have to worry about any americans abroad, they'll all be stuck in their little sealed box that has become the U.S.S.A.

Mines the one with the picture of the statue of liberty with tears in her eyes and says "Land of the Scared, Home of the Retarded"

Japanese customs dish out free dope

Walter Brown

Proper Weight Conversions

For those of you having trouble converting the weight to more common standards understood around these parts...

142g = 33.8095 Mili Jubs...

Source = http://www.theregister.co.uk/Design/page/reg-standards-converter.html

Mines the one with the chocolate finger prints all over it and the ZigZags in the pocket...

American auto dealer offers free handguns

Walter Brown

I love people who spout off...

People always show their intelligence when they fail to read an article thoroughly and then start pissing and moaning about it.

First off, as stated above, they arent just handing guns to every buyer who signs a contract, like it were a bag of popcorn. they arent even the ones distributing the guns, they've worked out a deal with a local gunshop, which handles the actual transaction including all screening and reporting requirements.

Second off, they are giving buyers a voucher for $250, which when redeemed will cover the cost of many lower quality guns offered by the gunshop, or that $250 can be applied to the buyers weapon of choice.

Having an armed public does impact the crime rate, in 1992 Arizona passed a "shall issue" concealed weapons bill and targeted the advertising campaign towards women due to increasing violent crimes against women, many women took advantage of the training, got the permit and started packing, by 1996 violent crimes against women had dropped dramatically. recently the state has seen an increase in violent home invasions, so they passed a home defense bill that instituted a shoot first ask questions later policy and placed the burden of proof on law enforcement to prove the shooter has broken the law, instead of the shooter having to prove they were in danger, the bill also removed the requirement to retreat before you shoot. guess what, violent home invasions in Arizona have dropped by over 70%.

I absolutely advocate the second amendment, and i exercise it. As someone stated above, if you put myself, my family or my friends in harms way, i WILL shoot you, there is recovered drug addict missing half a lung somewhere in this state will attest to that statement. 2 years after i pulled the trigger on him as he was beating my sister with a rake, he sent me a letter, he said that incident changed his life, he realized he was lucky to be alive and that on the path he was heading down he probably wouldnt be around much longer. he said pulled his head out of his ass, stopped doing drugs, went through anger management, got a job and became a productive member of society. he also said he didnt think i would actually shoot him, in my reply, i told him, i cant believe i missed, i was aiming for center mass, i must have jerked the trigger. who says guns dont solve anything...

Mines the one with the HK emblem on the shoulder and powder burns on the sleeves...

Windows XP bests OS X in RIA test on Intel

Walter Brown

@kain preacher RE: sniff sniff

so, what exactly does a flame smell like? i've been slaying the beast 12 years, i've smelled smoke, never smelled a flame though...

sorry man, i had to do it...

mines the dirty yellow one, smelling like smoke, with RMFD on the back!

Garage sale genius juices software-hawking eBayers

Walter Brown

This is huge

First before i go in to my thoughts on this, to clear up some information about how this lawsuit went down, Autodesk didnt go after this guy, it merely filed DMCA notices to Ebay, This guy filed the lawsuit against Autodesk for the purpose of legal clarification, and he won.

Now its going to be very interesting to see how other software vendors and even big box hardware vendors proceed in the future, namely Microsoft, Dell, HP and so on, if software is sold not licensed, all those Volume Licenses microsoft sold are now tangible items, that can be resold, and microsoft may be forced to issue individual product keys for each copy of the software included in the now defunct license volume agreements, so the owners of them can sell individual copies if they choose.

Big box vendors are going to be in for a headache when people who already own a copy of the operating system call and ask for a refund on the OS they force you to purchase when you buy a new computer. this could get really comical in the future.

this could put software vendors who rely on reoccurring sales to the same people in big trouble, i can see MS stock dropping like mad after wall street digests this rulng...

Bill Steve and Brad (bobafett) Smith are probably sitting around screaming right now...

AMD to launch 'Puma' laptop platform next month

Walter Brown



Being an Anti-Intelite, i'll never own (or more honestly pay for) an EEE or other UMPC until i can get one running something other an INTEL CPU. in the meantime, i just oooh and awww the pictures, especially the shots of ASUS performing sand tolerance tests :)

RIAA ordered to shell out $100k for P2P witch hunt

Walter Brown

This is just the beginning

This is just the beginning of the monetary siphon that Tanya Anderson - hero to all music pirates and p2p users, and her fearless companion Lory Lybeck - champion legal crusader, are going to drop in to the bank accounts of the RIAssA, this was just the reward for the defense of the illegal onslaught from the RIAssa, next comes the spoils of the counter-assult...

Apple okay with Safari 'carpet bombing' vuln for now

Walter Brown
Gates Halo

This is great

Apple pushes a product on to windows boxes, a product windows users obviously didnt want or they would have installed it themselves, using unscrupulous tactics, this product contains a serious bug that would allow any webmaster, hacker or spyware / adware pimp to download any files they wanted to the computer, and Apple says we're not concerned about this, its not a problem for us.

come on Microsoft, we need a counter commercial to Apples "i'm a mac, i'm a pc" tv ads, showing how Apple infects windows computers. getting the same actors to play the roles would be even better!

Windows XP SP3 blame game begins

Walter Brown
Gates Halo

The problem was caused by...

It seems the problem was caused by not by the windows service pack, but by windows vista itself, after having the install of SP3 fail and rolling it back to SP2, i received an error message which asked me to send a report to microsoft, being an adventurous person, i click the send button. the response i got back from microsoft was helpful...


I Was A Teenage Bot Master

Walter Brown

Sentences are too light!

I think the sentences are way too light, i think they should be sentences based on the a more fair scale, it takes a competent professional about 1 hour to clean up each computer infected with shit spewing crapware these people are pushing, so an appropriate sentence would be 1 hour for every computer these fuckwads infected.

400,000 computers = 45.7 years in club fed, with 90% of their $1.15 per hour pay rate going to the victims relief fund...

AMD plans 12-core server chip for 2010

Walter Brown

people beating AMD over their bugs...

The people beating AMD over their bugs and praising Intel are retarded, thats plain and simple...

how many of you were around and remember the many Intel fiasco's, all of which, every single one, Intel refused, i'm mean absolutely ball faced lied and refused to admit there was a problem, I remember like it was yesterday when Tom's hardware and Anandtec brought Intel to its knees over the P3 1133 fuck up, even after they had pinpointed the issue intel still refused to admit it, sent engineers to Tom's labs and tried to silence him, it was only after they realized they were nailed dead to rights and wasnt going to shut Tom and Anand up that they admitted there was a bug and recalled 80,000 CPU's.

Then lets not forget the Rambus fiasco, or the many chipset screw ups...

At least AMD has enough honor to say to the world, hey we fucked up, our $x$ CPU's have an error, we cant ship them, we'll let you know when they're fixed and ready...

Mines the green one with the "Opteron, The Smarter Choice" logo on the back

Interpol appeal unmasks US actor as child abuse suspect

Walter Brown
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Its amazing...

its amazing how small this world really is... this is the second time interpol has release pictures of a suspect and almost immediately an arrest is made in lands far far away from where the crime actually took place...

its just mind boggling, it should stand as a warning to people that think they can go to foreign countries and hurt people, the long arm of the law will reach you no matter where you hide...

Dope-crazed Canadians sledgehammer iPhone

Walter Brown

@AC RE: The iPod Nano....

The standard weight for a sledgehammer is 8lbs

Thats 0.864 Jubs

keep your math straight man...