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Info on missing White House emails to remain missing


Remember Rosemary Woods?

Same shit, different Republican administration.

Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!

Wikipedia kills Greatest Show On Earth


A: Who this hurts:

@AC: It's clear who this hurts:

Naked Short Sellers


Mine's the 3-foot long greatcoat with the trading tickets in the pocket ...

Sun's JavaFX to hoover-up user data


I honestly thought this was a joke.

I honestly thought this was a joke, perhaps an April Fool's posted by a severely calendar-challenged staffer.

Why would Sun, still repairing the damage to their reputation caused by hopping into bed with SCO a few years back, propose something this appalling?

I can still hardly believe it's genuine. Are you _sure_ this isn't a hoax?

'We could wake up smarter' - Ballmer hints at Win XP reprieve

Gates Horns


"If customer feedback varies we can always wake up smarter .. "

Pathetic. Just like a performer begging the audience to ask for an encore.

Or in this case, to dump the new material and go back to doing their greatest hits.

Like PJ of Groklaw says, "People aren't as dumb as Microsoft needs them to be." Really starting to show, these days.

BOFH: Fun with automatic doors


Lets Escalate the Ante...

Possibilities, possibilities. Any escalators in the building? Revolving doors with mechanical assist and a reverse gearing? Oh my, I think the BOFH is just getting started. First the elevator, then the doors, next the ... ???

BOFH: Insecurity complex

Paris Hilton

The Canucks found a whole country of Jeffs ...

... just south of their border. The comedy show "This Hour Has 22 Minutes" had a regular segment by Rick Mercer called "Talking to Americans". They'd make up some outrageous Canadian "news" story, then head south and ask Americans what they thought. Results? Absolutely hilarious.

Back in 2001, they even got Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee to wish Canadians encouragement on preserving their Parliamentary Igloo from melting. Just google "Huckabee igloo". Hey wait ... haven't I heard that name somewhere else ... ?

Paris 'cuz she'd make a better prez than Huckabee.

Network down? Must be New Year's Eve gunfire


Rocky Racoon

When I lived in East Lansing, Michigan, home to Michigan State University, the local papers would get to run a "Rocky Raccoon" headline about every two years. The university had it's own power generating stations and distribution network, and such a headline was sure to follow the morning after half the campus had blacked out.

Seems that the critters had a bit of a taste for the insulation used at that time in the substation wiring ...

The year's biggest big thing? You be the judge!


OLPC ships

The OLPC shipping will be remembered longer and have greater impact than anything else on your list. Well, maybe we'll all look back in ten years and chuckle over the dead-whale bellyflop of Vista, and how that kicked off Micro$oft's decline into irrelevance. That, while we're fondly reminiscing about how SCO declared bankruptcy in Delaware to avoid facing the judge in Utah, only to be kicked back to Utah by the bankruptcy judge ... after having had lots more dirty laundry aired, as one has to in bankruptcy court. Smart move, SCO!

Russian: I killed Buster Crabb in 1956 underwater scrap

Black Helicopters

So, where's the beef?

Presumably the limpet would have been removed. If the Soviet diver truly believed it was a mine, there would likely have been a team to (very carefully) remove or defuse it. If inspection showed it was not a mine it would have been taken in for analysis. The outer casing, if not some of the disassembled contents, may still be in an internal agency museum somewhere.

I'd guess it wasn't trumpeted about (like Gary Powers and the U2) because the military/security service had a very vested interest in *not* letting Kruschev know how close they'd let the Brits come.