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Outback hack suspect denied bail

horrors of tesco

I'm not a Macfan...

But it looks like McIntosh got one over on the Windows systems.

Byron review calls for computer game ratings

horrors of tesco

Maybe I've been living under a rock like Byron?

If I walk into a shop to look at games they all have U,PG,12,15,18 BBFC ratings on them. I thought that the BBFC rate games in the same way they rate films i.e. Manhunt 2 couldn't be released because the BBFC refused to give it a rating.

If the huge red circle with a number in it is too hard for some of these parents (and Byron) to see then they need to get themselves down to specsavers, or even better: get them to drive off beachy head and do the world a favour!

Asus to offer Linux-less Eee PCs globally

horrors of tesco

Why always that image?

Please reg, stop using that same shopped image of the girl on the beach, please show the average user of an Eeeeeeeeeeeee PC:

Middle-aged, balding, overweight womaniser.

Acer Aspire 2920 budget laptop

horrors of tesco

If this is anything like the 5920G then expect great battery life

6 months after buying my 5920G, which is used every day still holds an excellent charge, I can expect at least 5 1/2 hours battery on power saving mode with the speakers turned off, cranked up to over 6 hours with wifi disabled.

Turn it to maximum performance and the battery life drops to 3 1/2 - 4 hours or around 2 1/2 hours gaming.

The screen is fantastic, really bright and vibrant and with an HDMI output on the laptop, can easily be used on a big widescreen.

My only problem is those silly soft touch media buttons, why on earth they put them on the right-side of the keyboard instead of below the screen I will never know. They are easy enough to disable regardless, and I see they are not included in the 29xx series.

If the 29xx series is anything like the more expensive 59xx series then expect fantastic results!

US cruiser nails crippled spy-sat on first shot

horrors of tesco

Stop your doubting!

Of course the Americans hit the target, it was US made probably with US flags painted on it.

As we've seen in the past the US military have no problem taking out US/Nato/UN troops, it's another matter when their target has an 'enemy' nation's insignia on it.

Mine's the one made out of an Iranian flag.

Bank scammers scammed, says security researcher

horrors of tesco

You already reported this

You already reported the story in January, the only difference this time is that someone from an online cowboy agency has rinsed and repeated what you already said!

See "Phishing coders hook clueless crooks".

Cyber cold war fears grow

horrors of tesco

This poses a huge threat to me and my business

Reg, where can I find software to protect me from this huge threat to my company's security?

What's that you say, McAffe make some software to fit the bill?

McAffe please put any number you like on this cheque and I will sign it!

Blu-ray dominates Japanese HD recorder sales

horrors of tesco
Thumb Down

All this proves...

... Is that in Japan, most people are buying PS3 consoles.

In the worldwide market the winner of the HD war will be the one with the best price.

Sony PS3 or standalone Blu-Ray player ($500-$800)

Standalone HD-DVD player (as little as $99)

Air France compensates 170kg passenger

horrors of tesco

He's fat, he must eat 12 meals a day...

Some of you make me sick with your comments.

You see someone fat and you automatically think that they are eating loads, thanks to programmes like "Inside Britains Fattest Man" that show someone eating 5-6 takeaway meals a day.

I am 6ft6in tall, and up until a few years ago I weighed in at 23 stone, which makes me obese in BMI terms but I was far from obesity...

I had a car accident 2 years ago, which meant that I was on tablets for the best part of a year. In that time, despite not eating more, in fact eating a lot less than I had previously I managed to gain 6 stones in weight, about a month after stopping the tablets my weight levelled out and since then I have been unable to lose any despite a calorie controlled diet and regular exercise.

On an average day I eat:

Breakfast: an apple and an orange.

Lunch: A sandwich (2 pieces of wholemeal bread, thinly spread butter, chicken or ham)

Dinner: usually meat with some kind of vegetables and potatoes.

Drinks: nothing sugary, normally water during the day and sugar-free lemonade in the evenings.

So where is all my extra weight coming from? My doctor blames overeating, refers me to a dietician, who tracks my eating over 2 weeks before stating that I am not overeating, refers me to the doctor (rinse and repeat).

People don't judge people for their race or disability, so don't judge someone that is overweight, you don't know the circumstances behind it.

Analysts warn of US broadband meltdown

horrors of tesco

BT need a kick up the arse

They have been growing fat from the profits of their infrastructure for far too long without investing anything in modernising it. The 21CN kit that BT are rolling out is a pile of crap, after they converted my telephone exchange to the new kit my broadband speed halved.

I used to get a steady 8000kbps connection and approx 790k/sec download speed, BT decided that they "may" get a 24000kbps service from the exchange, so installed the new kit, for the first 10 days afterwards my internet was fixed at between 300 and 1200kbps with download speeds struggling at about 50k/sec average.

BT then decided to "fix" the internet problem, increasing the speed to 3500kbps and about 280k/sec average download.

Me and the neighbours decided to write a complaint to BT about the speed issue after the exchange upgrade, their response: "You are too far from the exchange, you should not be able to get more than 1000kbps connection speed".

*spits at BT* I can't wait to move to France, at least I will get a decent fiber infrastructure and connections up to 100,000kbps

Trojan spreads using PI wiretapping scare

horrors of tesco

Re: Magic beans

I would like to purchase some of these fantastic beans.

Here is a cheque, write any number you like in the amount and I will sign it

123-Reg takes weekend off

horrors of tesco

Desperate Dan would be proud

Of all that "Cow-pie" they are serving at pipex by blaming high server load with mysterious failures straight out of the X-files.

AMD reveals 'Spider' platform

horrors of tesco

Not to mention that it is slow and hot

AMD are really digging their own grave as of late. The new X4 processors are slower, more expensive and run a hell of a lot hotter than their Intel equivalents. Not to mention that the new "top of the range" HD3800 series of cards get outperformed by mid-range NVidia offerings.

AMD are still struggling with their 55nm technology and getting everything to run properly, Intel are already producing 45nm chips.

I'm sorry AMD, but I am going Intel and NVidia on my next system after nearly a decade of being a loyal AMD customer.

Asking for experience in job ads could land you in hot water

horrors of tesco
IT Angle

Re: About time.

Absolutely right!

No joking but 90% of the adverts I see for "Junior [language here] Programmer" require 3-5 years experience.

Then I see positions for "Senior [language here] Programmer" requiring 3-5 years experience. And even positions like "[language here] project manager" requiring 3+ years experience.

It's bloody rediculous that someone can get a job as a senior programmer with 3 years experience, but might not have enough experience to get a job as a junior programmer!

Did I miss something?

How is someone supposed to get the experience if all the first-step roles require the same level of experience as a senior position?


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