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'World's worst director' plans Snowden-inspired movie comedy

Lloyd Kinsella

What gets me is this guy still manages to fund his films and keep going...

Although I read somewhere about German tax loopholes that he used to use...

AMD: Star Trek holodecks within reach

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Re: Holodecks aren't just about processing power

Think it might have been "Extreme Risk" from what I recall. It's been a while, I should rewatch it :)

On a geeky side note remember the holodeck techology was actually an offshoot of the transporter technology - http://en.memory-alpha.org/wiki/Holodeck

Ahh well geek fest over :)

Opera joins Google/Apple in-crowd with shift to WebKit and Chromium

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Thumb Down

"Only Redmond left drinking out of own browser plumbing"

Except you forget Mozilla with Gecko?

Samsung demands Apple's iOS 6 source code in patent case

Lloyd Kinsella

Think of the children!

Kernel crimps make Windows 8 a hacker hassle

Lloyd Kinsella

"Next came Vista with its much-loathed UAC feature and some basic memory mitigations like DEP"

DEP was introduced with Windows XP Service Pack 2.

Steve Jobs' last design: New Apple HQ pics

Lloyd Kinsella


I remember this from like June/July when Steve went before the Cupertino council to explain why he was building a Stargate in their town for the Ori to use after he ascended...

Video here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gtuz5OmOh_M

Microsoft unveils file-move changes in Windows 8

Lloyd Kinsella


Overall IE use is sliding, it just means more users are moving to IE9 from other versions...like IE6.

Microsoft begins cagey Windows 8 disclosures

Lloyd Kinsella


I beleive they call that .NET, and there's various ports of .NET that already run on ARM architecture.

Sky calls for access to cable network

Lloyd Kinsella


Didn't Telewest/NTL get into a shed load of debt putting in the infrastructure? That's nice, they do the work and BT swans in and reaps the benefit. Does this also mean that Virgin also equally gets to use the satellite network Sky does to reach people it doesn't have cabled?

Awed fraudsters defeated by UK's passport interviews

Lloyd Kinsella

As if...

Illegal immigrants are slaughtering themselves at our gates, there are no fraudsters here!

Mozilla CEO blasts Apple for putting security of the internet at risk

Lloyd Kinsella


This isn't suprising as markets are becoming increasingly cut-throat, Stevey boy and Billy boy are going to use whatever edge they can to get ahead, the simplest option is to simply not use any of their software.

Of course, you could always uncheck the update! Sadly being a web developer I have it already installed for testing.

Microsoft opens APIs and protocols to all

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Gates Horns


Microsoft beocming peace loving and open as it heads towards a hostile takeover of Yahoo! Can you say sweetner...

Boffin says Astronomical Unit should be binned

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Dead Vulture

The Reg's own measurement flaw

You say 60 US Navy Aircraft carriers, however which class of carrier there are several with different displacements?

Translate my website... bitch

Lloyd Kinsella


I really wish this bubble would burst, social networking sites really aren't all that and I'm a member of three, eventually you've explored everything and poked everyone and then what...all that keeps it going is like this article said, addition of virigin users.

World of Warcraft spykit gets encrypted

Lloyd Kinsella


Why is it whenever somebody does this there's this whole argument that gets blown way out of proportion on privacy. The fact is that if you read all 3 of the licenses when you install Warcraft and EVERY time a patch is roled out you'll see they explicitly say they monitor you and if you agree then whats the problem? You could just as soon disagree, stop whining and go play a MUD over Telnet.

I'm quite happy for Blizzard to do this, I don't overly trust them with my life but the fact is I'm paying them good money for a continued gaming experience and if people are abusing the system and Warden stops and slows them up, who am I to complain?

We seem to get lost in the idea because it's not doing all this in plain sight it MUST be wrong, have you considered its doing certain things for your own good?

If anyone is that concerned about Blizzard stealing your photo album, music, e-mail and everything it can get its hands on then DO NOT INSTALL IT it's that simple, either that or hunt down all the software developers Blizzard has issue with and hit them with a large stick.