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Hackintosh maker bites back at Apple

John Carpenter
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Apple misses the entire point

Seems to me that Apple is going down the same road IBM went in the late 80's-early 90s. After considerable success, they tied the software to the proprietary hardware (anybody remember Microchannel bus?) and gave the market to Microsoft.

If Apple made the OSX available for any Intel hardware I cared to put it on, I would have replaced all my Windows versions (at retail prices). Microsoft may have had a serious contender.

But no, they prefered to do things in the only way they knew how to. Paris, cause she's a moron too.

NASA: The Moon is not enough

John Carpenter
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This is all crap

Until the issue of radiation damage to human tissue and DNA is solved, the notion of traveling outside the earth-moon orbit is unfeasable. There is no way, at this time to protect human astronauts in interstellar travel.

Dell moves 40,000 Ubuntu PCs

John Carpenter

"The raw power of Linux"

"The raw Power of Linux" Ha Ha Ha!

Linux geek fanboys on parade!

Microsoft marketing is looking for evangelists like you....

Databases still open to basic attack

John Carpenter
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I agree, Nonsense

Likely, what they are recording is MS sql instances that support Office Small business version or other type MSDE running on home workstations.


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