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Starbucks mocha clocked at 628 calories

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more british pedantry

I thought the "American Pint" was 454.4 ml.

Also, the simple way to determine how much energy you absorb from nuts is to burn what comes out the other end after eating a kilo, burning that and subtracting the energy obtained... Smelly science, but you can't make an omlette without breaking wind.

My coat is the one with attached ventillator mask.

US boffins create darkest material ever

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getting my coat already...

awaits a label on this new stuff that says "also available in black"...

US switches off the incandescent lightbulb

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re: heating effect of incandescents

What about those summer nights when we won't need to turn the air conditioning up as far?

Anyway, a 100 W bulb heating a room is giving us negligible heat compared to a 3 kW heater. We might as well just use the fluorescent bulbs and agree to wear a 2% thicker sweatshirt...

Of course, there's always the old trick of not putting excess water in your kettle every time you have a tea-break... oh the pain.

Top US engineer in piss-off-everybody car fuel solution

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The horse that broke the camel's back

Why worry about upsetting the people in the middle-east by cutting their income, when a company in Dubai has already come up with the alternative-powered transport system we should all have...


I just love how anybody could seriously think that this would actually work. Still, I'm sure someone said exactly the same thing about petroleum once.

*rushes to find coat and taxi before heckling commences*

Honda hits reverse on £50k fuel cell cars for '08

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Hydrogen Cars

It is well known that conventional petrol (and diesel) engines can easily be converted to run on hydrogen gas. Although this is not as efficient as fuel cells, it still does not release carbon dioxide. Sure, you can't go 600 miles on a single tank (without a storage tank of several cubic furlongs volume), but most people do travel less than 30 miles a day.

Which is simpler: having to drill down kilometers into the ocean bed to get what dregs of oil remain, or derive your fuel from an offshore windfarm, powering electrolysers, piping clean pure Hydrogen ashore direct to the filling stations, or even having your own turbine/solar array at home? "Oh! You'd need to invest in infrastructure!" I hear you cry...

Grow up and learn that oil and gas will not last forever. Compunding this with the multitudes of environmental data showing our all-conquering human race making a complete mess of the planet, it is fairly obvious we must change, and fast. The sooner we find our alternatives the better. Whining how the development models of new technologies are not as good as incredibly well developed existing technology is not going to help anyone. I applaud Honda for their efforts. Forget your souped up SUVs and 4x4s for 5 seconds please and quit yerr moanin'.



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