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Google's Street View cars venture inside TARDIS

Duncan Watts

If you're using the beta google maps....

Just click on the link, then press the up button, lets you straight in :)

Dimming the lights on smart(arse) TV

Duncan Watts

Guessing if it's quietly tutting at you it's a Samsung TV - in which case it's caused by a dodgy capacitor or two on the power supply which is well documented,

Fortunately all it takes is 50p spent at Maplins and 5min replacing the capacitors and it's up and running like new.

Unfortunately I no longer have the justification for buying a new TV :(

Apple touts touch-free perspective-powered 3D tech

Duncan Watts

But isn't that just Kinect?

12% of UK don't carry cash

Duncan Watts

RE: And don't get me started on..

Just pay for your 50p chocolate bar with £30 of change in the self service machine and you will be presented with a lovely note based change incurring no charge (apart from odd looks...) Works in the Morrisons ones at least...

Ten... in-ear headphones

Duncan Watts

@rule of thumb

Completely agree, but I want to get rid of external noise, which typically means turning it up louder, which I don't want to do, therefore my line of questioning :)

Duncan Watts

But which are good for the train?

One thing that I can never find referenced in the reviews is how much sound "leakage" (sorry not sure if there's a technical term) you get from these - I tend to watch tv on the laptop on the train on my commute, so my most important requirements are how much they drown out those around you, and how little sound can be heard by others - I'm trying to be responsible here! :)

I recently got some Panasonic RP-HC55's, which are noise cancelling - which are great for killing the rumble of the train, however that just makes the annoying conversation of the women gossiping behind me even more irritating! Especially when I'm not listening to music but watching video where there are commonly more quiter sections.

Any thoughts or suggestions on a reasonably priced solution that'll drown out the background noise without making any external noise?

Fedora 15: More than just a pretty interface

Duncan Watts


I'm pretty sure that's what he was saying...

Nokia: free phones for developers

Duncan Watts

RE: Yet again...

Didn't Google give away the Nexus One to everyone at one of its developers conferences? This isn't about giving away phones to consumers, but to support a developer community - you just can't test properly using an emulator...

HTC DG H100 Media Link DLNA adapter

Duncan Watts
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Also recommend Twonky

I've been using Twonky as a DLNA controller on my HTC Desire and it works very nicely as my media box (HDX1000) works as a DLNA renderer and should also work with this.


It's nice to see standalone DLNA renderers, is anyone aware of an audio only one? I've been looking for one to play music in the kitchen, but haven't had any joy yet.

Everything Everywhere consummates merger

Duncan Watts
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As T-Mobile seems to be bloody awful everywhere...

Personally, I just set my phone to manually connect to Orange and voila! I now have 4 out of 4 bars both at home and at work.

Now I just need a widget to let me swiftly switch between them from the front screen without needing to dig through the menus to allow net when I'm out and about and I'm all set...

Google fashions Android dev kit for dummies (from Scratch)

Duncan Watts

Requiring a google account...

Isn't that much of a surprise - you need one to sign into the marketplace...

Samsung N510 Nvidia Ion-based netbook

Duncan Watts

Sim card slot?

When are they going to bring out a netbook with a decent screen, decent gfx, decent battery and a build in sim card slot? I'm sure if i put a dongle into one of these it'll snap off within days...

Sky Player hits Xbox 360

Duncan Watts

Existing subscribers?

So what about if you already have a Sky TV subscription? I can already watch Sky Player on the PC, does this extend to the Xbox platform?

LG promises 3D plasma telly

Duncan Watts

@Colin Miller

The current movie screens use clockwise and anticlockwise polarisation rather than horizontal and vertical - therefore you don't lose the picture when you tilt your head or put the specs on backwards :)

I had some shutter glasses years ago which worked with the nvidia drivers to make any game (mostly) 3d - there was a fair bit ghosting then and that was using a crt at 100hz :(

Sky switches on 3D TV channel in 2010

Duncan Watts

Can't wait :D

With the number of 3D films coming out at the moment, I've definately got to get me one of these.

Price of a 3D capable blu-ray player?

Price of a 3D tv?


Reg Hardware's April Fool's Day round-up

Duncan Watts

My money's on the iphone app

Doesn't sound all too complicated

Besuited cubicle monkey trashes office

Duncan Watts

RE: Thought it was faked.....

Looks pretty real to me.

Just been informed by a Russian colleague that they're speaking Russian in this video, not Japanese...

Polish teen derails tram after hacking train network

Duncan Watts


Nice if this worked on UK traffic lights... I'd go get one of those remote control watches I remember so fondly for causing havoc in schools.

But doesn't anyone else think having a train line controlled by an infra red signal slightly worrying?

Retailer pitches £1000 £10,000 Nintendo Wii

Duncan Watts

Pretty common actually

They'll sometimes put a new code on the system at a stupid price to make sure no one sells it before it's released. They'll bring the price down to the proper price once it's finalised and ready for release.

I imagine this might be the rumoured Wii with DVD playback functionality I'd heard about or even just a new bundle...