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US PS3 sales rocket after 40GB console debut

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I'm only a casual observer really, but I think that the 60GB PS3 really came out smelling of roses recently. A few months ago, EDGE Magazine listed the PS2 as the greatest game machine - a full PS3 has backwards compatibility and a host of other features. Compared to the price of a 360 with all its bits it was always reasonably priced. I heard about the 40GB and realised that I actually wanted the 60GB. The games world will have been a bit stumped - previous figures indicated that development funding was being spent largely in the same way as for the previous generation (50% Sony, 30% 360, 20% Nintendo). With the questions hanging over the PS3, many developers will have been reluctant to spend their good money on developing for the console - that is about to change. The WHOLE point of the Wii is world-domination on a new scale - it's important to understand Japanese culture when considering the Wii - I always think of the beginning of Fifth Element when Bruce Willis gets his cigarette delivered to him, that's the future and games/interactive entertainment are a vital part of that future. The rise in popularity of Flash gaming has shown us once again that games should be FUN! There are many games that punish gamers, and people don't necessarily want it. So the Wii is great. In answer to yer man above who claims that Nintendo would have to be superconfident to play stock tricks, I refer you to any Miyamoto (sp?) interview ever - the man is a visionary and knows it. If he wasn't so incredibly talented and sophisticated, his smugness would be very irritating indeed.


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