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Wikileaks' DNS pulls plug, citing collateral DDoS damage

David Simpson

and the guardian?

which isn't working at the moment

Microsoft harries XP-loving biz customers on to Windows 7

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If only ...

... you could actually upgrade from xp to win7 - but you can't unless you go via vista.

Sorry but if it means finding and re-installing all my apps or putting the pile of turds previously known as vista on my machine for even a few seconds then they can sit and spin because I ain't doing it.

How hard can it be for them to design an inplace xp- win7 upgade route?

Pressure group aghast at Hillingdon ID card scheme

David Simpson


now I'm against id cards, but the bores at no2id really get up my nose - you might remember their pledge for funds to protect people prosecuted under the id card laws, which they called upon ages ago when they decided they neededto pay themselves from the pledge rather than use it for its stated purpose.

As far as I can see no2id is simply a money-making scheme by the organizers who pop up moaning and whinging all over the place but you can be sure they won't be the ones going to prison when the push comes to the shove and when you need the defense fund you'll find it has all gone on expenses

Police, Cameras, Pixellation

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Paris Hilton


I have a few piccies on my blog under the above heading, no requests for pixellation as yet.

I must say that policepersons of the other gender appear more attractive than they were when I was younger.

Vulture Central plans Brit-Yank dictionary

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o & a levels

Someone should caution the rebels that these actually refer to sexual skills rather than educational milestones.

Brown to Sugar: 'You're hired'

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well proof Brown is mad if any is needed

Shurely only a complete utter idiot would appoint that hairy fat lump of lard to any position more responsible than being nasty to masochistic reality TV dupes.

Who snapped first?

David Simpson

we should remember

that we all have the common law right to use force even to the point of lethal force against anyone who obstructs us going about our lawful business and that the police aren't exempt from this right so if so obnoxious plod gets in your way politely inform him that if he continues you'll exercise your common law right to kill him and go on your way.

Until the police remember they are my servant not the government's I'll do all I can to oppose them.

New Scientist goes innumerate in 'save the planet' special

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oh dear timmy gets an F again

even if your mythical no resouce consuming increase in gdp happens what the f*ck do you imagine the singer git will typically do with their riches .... yep use it to gobble resources.,

Some economists fail consistently because they only look at one aspect of the question.


Daily Mail punts Georgina Baillie filth

David Simpson


the mail got all excited protecting the reputation of a prostitute and caused chaos at the beeb. You'd have thought the beeb would have more spine.

Bet brown and cameroon feel right twats now having rushed to her aid.

BBC's speak you're branes collapses under Brand-Ross sex outrage

David Simpson

lets be honest

the actress/lady of loose morals has confirmed Brand wasn't lying so what exactly is the problem, oh yes Rupert wants the beeb to sack it's stars so he can put them on sky

Oxbridge lectures now on iTunes

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Since when has Oxofrd catered to fashionistas .... they should be on the BBC iplayer.

Asus adds HDD to Atom-based old-style Eee

David Simpson


really - not for me, I don't knit my own jumpers and I'm not knitting my own operating system either.

For all its faults xp is hugely superior to the lump of geeky shite that is linux.

BT withdraws Wi-Fi access to The Cloud

David Simpson

there are more

Unsecured wireless routers (or routers secured with the default sky password) than BT openzone/cloud spots so I don't see the problem.

Superfluid leak downs LHC for months

David Simpson

I'll have a double order

of whatever Mr Page snorted for lunch.

3G Americas warns against text warning systems

David Simpson


I don't want to be warned of what the government considers emergencies?

You bet I don't that way there's a fair chance I won't get killed in the stampede of panicked morons wound up to snapping point by the Daily Mail.

Can you imagine how bad the "tanks at Heathrow" stunt would have been if in addition they'd texted every Mail reader inside the M25 about it? The M1 would have been nose to tail 4x4s full of fat children and their mothers fleeing the (non-existent) disaster.

Netbooks and Mini-Laptops

David Simpson

external battery

it was the n80fx ....

they may have sold them all now!

Mines the one with a n80fx in each pocket.

David Simpson

re trains

Virgin has plugs even in cattle class - which is fortunate because their prices are so extortionate and the difference in accommodation so insignificant I refuse to pay the premium for first.

Some former GNER trains have plugs in second too - the updated 225s I think, the eurostars don't.

David Simpson

harddrive or not

Having both the eee 701 and the advent I have to say that solid state disks are absolutely rubbish - too small and too slow.

The advent is essentially what a laptop should be and I can't really see the point of lugging a desktop replacement round when one of these can do just about everything (and if it can't I can remote desktop to the quad-core with 4gb at the office via my mobile thanks to the bluetooth)

As to the EEE it's little more than a childs toy and utterly useless for anything (the remote desktop software for linux won't for example connect to anything other than the standard 3389 port, well it might but I can't be arsed working out how when it's not as simple as putting :port after the computer name.

As to battery life a cheap external battery from Maplin (£39.99) gives a total of about 6 hours run time on the advent.

Segway shock army to invade Department of Transport

David Simpson

over my dead body

Segway users should be treated exactly the same as cyclists who use the pavement - kicked off into the path of an on-coming bus.

God I hate cyclists on pavements.

Medical isotope scarcity as Dutch reactor goes titsup

David Simpson
Jobs Halo

Isn't the answer

simply not to supply the USA - they are the source of all these mental rules from the War on terrorism.

That way there would be enough left for civilised people.

Government data protection standards are protected data

David Simpson
Black Helicopters

New Zealand

seems to have let the cat out of the bag:


albeit it has been translated into Ozzy/NewZealandese so we Brits can't understand it.

Is that MI5 knocking on the door I wonder?

Erotic artist urges spanking for Jacqui Smith

David Simpson

all I can say

Is that any porn involving Jacqui Smith is too extreme for my tastes and as for the Opus dei lassie well that's taking extreme to the ridiculous

Internet Explorer - now with 35% less FAIL

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I don't know why

But ie8 beta2 makes the el reg site appear in tiny little print that is almost impossible to read (all other sites thus far are OK).

Maybe it's because you are always so nasty about Microshit they've put a special el reg shrinker in it.

DSGi sharpens axe for 50 staff

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if they sent customers invoices

they would get paid and not lose business.

Twice this year they've threatened legal action because invoices they have never sent us didn't get paid.

I used to be able to cope with this because they at least sent monthly statements and I could ask for copy invoices from that. Alas they have now economised even further on postage and don't send statements either.

This means they don't get paid - even worse even though their payment terms are 30 days we always pay by return so they are losing out on cash in their bank.

After being threatened twice I've stopped dealing with them.

Anatomy of a malware scam

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avg recommended

Is it just me who thinks that all these articles in the IT press that recommend AVG are just malware trying to get you to give money to the makers of AVG.

Strangely AVG is only ever mentioned in situations were only a moron would have installed the "malware" it is detecting.

Did we say you can read that?

David Simpson


I've got a copy of

1. the anarchists cookbook

2. the al-Qaeda training manual

3. the Times obituary of a printer

of the three the last is most useful for terrorist purposes because it describes in sufficient detail how to make a diffusion grating for the purposes of concentrating U235 by means of gas diffusion.

I also have a full set of physics undergraduate text books, including those pertaining to radioactive thingies.

Mine the one that says "come and get me you stupid ephing plod"

Ex-Googlers reinvent web search

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complete utter rubbish - whereas google seems to have worked out how to ensure real websites are above the various link farmers this one hasn't.

Gordo's DNA database claims branded 'ridiculous'

David Simpson

I wonder

how much all this costs per crime solved and whether it would be cheaper to scrap it all and make plod think for once rather than simply fishing in the database.

Mines the one's with scraps of hair from the barbers in the pockets for leaving false clues.

Tumble dryer bites woman in Weston-super-Mare

David Simpson


I wonder quite what she was doing ..... don't women sit on vibrating domestic appliances for pleasure (or at least that's what the adverts seem to suggest)

Do you know how much of your porn is extreme?

David Simpson

Oh dear

all those Mood Pictures videos will have to go.

Mines the one with the tawse in the pocket.

Top Tory resigns on principle over 42 days bill

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oh dear

Cameroon is going to need a spine transplant now.

Can't say the challenge to Blair Mark 2 will upset me because it won't.

Revenue admits another IT cock-up

David Simpson

Oh dear

Having said that anyone daft enough to deal with an "accountant" who want to bank their client's tax refunds in their own bank account deserves all they get. (this refers to the link to the beeb about yesterday's problem)

They should try using a respectable firm that will put the client's bank details on the form and trust them to pay the bill rather than one that banks the refund deducts their massive fee and then passes on the 3p left over.

There is absolutely no delay if the taxpayer's account is used rather than the accountant's and I hope that the revenue never fixes the problem.

Mine the one with "honest accountant" in big red letters on the back.

MEP tries to ban lightbulbs with mercury amendment

David Simpson

darn me

Does this mean wrapping the fluorescents in a black bin liner and then smashing them so I can put them in the bin (the binmen won't take fluorescent tubes) is naughty?

Mine's the one with broken glass in the pockets

Google kills Anonymous AdSense account

David Simpson

re Peter Smith

not according to the Germans it isn't - anyone who gives any credibility to any religion is a little strange, to take a mad sci-fi author and claim he founded a religion is very strange indeed.

Personally I'd lock them up in a spaceship and throw away the key.

Local mag claims Aussie Eee PC buyers will pay extra for Linux

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can't we have less cellulite

that bird makes me cringe every time I see her. I thought the idea was to have pretty birds toying with little things not ugly ones.

Boris Johnson bans boozing on London transport

David Simpson


basically I'm to be treated the same as a lager lout just because I happen to occasionally buy a can of Pimms to drink while commuting?

I thought this guy was a tory - you know the sort who cracked down on the criminals rather than simply criminalising everybody.

EFF and chums sue Feds over border laptop inspections

David Simpson


I take it you mean pedophilic when you say "incestuous" - just a guess since most jap porn seems to involve that particularly nasty topic.

French tempted with €199 Eee PC HSDPA bundle

David Simpson

@ yeah right

I take it you work for a competitor's PR agency and are trying to trash the eee.

I've had one (black) since before xmas and no problems, the case doesn't creak even after being dropped a couple of dozen times and spending plenty of time rolling about in a rucksack. No keyboard problems to speak of.

Nothing cheap at all about the build quality - it matches that on the toshiba and sony laptops that are kicking around here.

Then again anyone who can't afford to buy one to try at £199 would probably moan about anything and everything.

US TKOs Antigua in bizarre WTO arbitration decision

David Simpson

How much for an Antiguian passport

which now presumably come with a complimentary bit-torrent client to enable their citizens to exercise their rights.

Western Digital drive is DRM-crippled for your safety

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total non-story

the owner can access any file from anywhere - it just can't be used to make your record and dvd collection available to the world.

I do wish the sadly ageing vulture would think before publishing rubbish like this.

Google fitted with (temporary) Digg implant

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if only

they would let you filter out all those sodding comparison sites - eg trustedreviews, dealtime etc by one simple action (how about a exclude moronic shopping sites checkbox?)

They did at one time experiment with a feature that let you exclude entire domains from your results forever but they seem to have dropped it

No2ID calls in pledge cash to 'probe' ID Act's enabling laws

David Simpson

I maintain

that my pledge was for defense not provocative actions that may harden government attitudes to ID cards.

Frankly I think the No2id campaigners are considerable less truthful in their claims than the government and routinely exagerate the dangers for their own political purposes.

Until we have proof that the technology works there is absolutely no need to be spending other people's money that was pledged for defense NOT attack.

David Simpson

about as truthful as the government then

Is collecting pledges for a defense fund and then calling the pledges in for a pre-emptive campaign less truthful than the goverment saying they don't intend to make ID cards compulsory.

I do think it is.

I won't be coughing up on my pledge until someone needs defending for refusing the ID card and I hope everyone else takes the same attitude - afterall where will we be if we satisfy our pledges to refuse the card and there is no defense fund because a few wannabe politicians have wasted it all on their expenses.