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'Supermodel' glow-in-the-dark pocket monkeys created


At last...

The Evil Monkey that lives in my closet will not be able to sneak up on me in the dark, although, seeing that glow moving around may be a bit more disturbing...

Hire your very own Fred the Shred



lots of them please

Students Union reps vote to ban cheap booze for students


Thinking of the student bars at least...

Well, this will sink a couple to say the least. Lancaster Uni previously had 9 bars on campus (one for each college - 2 now combined into 1 thanks to rebuilding) and 4 of these are now controlled by the Catering department. These bunch of pillocks already set stupid prices and policies that have allowed the actuall bars in Lancaster to become cheaper over the years. Add in the fact that the Student Union are supporting the minimum price points, I can see another round of protests, boycotting and moaning resulting in the the Uni Licencee's getting pressed to the wall even more (they are already under pressure to maintain minimum sales and quotas which have been increasing despite spending by students decreasing).

Friends with a few of the licencees and used to work there - now just a bar fly...

And again, how can he be all three?? That just makes no sense...

Michigan man jailed for humping car wash vacuum


He really should have said...

"I've been keeping my hose clean..."

BMW driver follows satnav to edge of cliff


freaking idiot...

Need I say more?

Stop, well, he should have

Pot Noodle boils up instant doner kebab

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Pot Noodle, the only food in the universe were the container tastes better than the contents...

BT wins pricing control over faster broadband



@Lionel - http://www.samknows.com/broadband/exchange/SDHRSHM

There is an exchange in Horsham, and quite a few services running through it.

I'll be happy just to get a semi-decent connection, just escaped from VM's adsl offering and boy, what a shower of w$%^*£s they are...

Virgin Media boosts bottom tier broadband

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Just left Virgin...

And am now using a directional attena to point to my mates about 400m away who is on Be... Unsurprisingly, I'm now getting faster more consistant speeds. Really cant wait to move into new place and get own wired connection again... 2weeks and counting...

Too busy to make a jam sandwich? M&S can help

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Butter on a jam sandwhich?! Bloomin disgusting...

Virgin Media trials longer bandwidth throttling


Bunch of useless.....

Well, surly this counts as a change to the t&c's? Could people use this to cancel out of any contracts they have?

Personnally, they are a bunch of useless twonks. I'm on their adsl package and am limited to 5GB per week (cumulitive over peak time all traffic)... on an unlimitied package of course... They were "kind" enough to knock £9.99 off each bill after their 3rd ISPA created complaint. Cant wait till the end of this month, then it is all bye bye bye to them

Swiss cops sniff out dope plantation on Google Earth

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And no link to the offending snaps?

Why, I am most disapointed...

Street View vehicle kills Bambi



So glad I'm not the only one that was laughing :)

To all those saying this is animal murder, no, it was an accident... The car was on the road, the deer was on the road. Car wins. If it was dangerous for the car to take action then tough, I'd have made the same call and taken Bambi out to. The most I've ever hit before was a couple of Grouse (sp?) that decided to run out from a hedge as I was going past. No point picking them up though, didn't feel like soup for tea.

And peguin, well, I bet it tastes like chicken

US couple leg it with 'gift from God' bank error


What they should have done...

Is removed the cash, opened another bank account with it and left it in there and not touched it... When the error is discovered, they have the defence of "Yes, we have all your money that yu deposited into our/my account. Please allow 3 - 5 working days for it to be transfered from our location". Transfere the exact amount back, pay the bank, close the account and move to other new bank. Depending how long it is, may make anywhere from a few pence to a couple of quid... And it would annoy the bank, which is the whole point really...

Microsoft ditches Comcast shares



Read that last part again... you know, where it says MS has $9 Billion IN CASH...

Reading again, MS has made roughly $2.2 Billion over 11-12 years or so just on this one investment, maybe even more depending on when they actually sold the shares. Not a bad investment by all accounts

Sacked worker faces jail over malware revenge attack


Dont hang him,

Make him work in one of the "resturants" as a cleaner until he has paid back the cost of the clean up... With a sign... explaining why he is there...

Royal Navy warships lose email in virus infection


If anyone remembers that advert...

They probably jusst turned the servers off...

Speeding Oz teen may face 'gorillas in the mist'


On the other hand...

Well done to the old guy for getting that fast. Most of the older folks on our roads are driving along at (speed limit minus 10 or 20mph)...

Be Broadband doubles down on ADSL to catch cable


I really wish they could Be up here...

After just reporting VM to ISPA last night and preparing for an angry call with them later, I just hope for any decent ISP near the Lancaster area. Be are one of my prefered to move to but still dependant on them enabling the exchange...

Virgin Media opens bandwidth choke for 50Mb launch


Well considering they cant even run adsl right...

Bunch of useless goits... If you hit the top 5% of users during peaktime on ADSL, then you get capped for the entire next weeks worth of peak time (thats 4pm till 12pm and 8am till 12pm on the weekends). It wouldn't be so bad if you could see this mystical top 5% but nope, one week you download 20gb and your fine, next you download 12gb and your capped. Service is shocking and I really cant wait to get out of their service...

Plod punishes PC-reliant businesses



Sure I remember a while ago an article or write up about this that basically compared the computer to an electronic safe. If there is a physical key, the police can take it from you but if it only a software encryption or two part (think finger print and code) then they cant demand it.

Never want to really test this out but yeah, it is a possiblity. Also a reason why none of my passwords are wrote down... anywhere... <-- they become a physical key...

Nintendo in profit on each Wii sold



Think you are a bit late on the news on this one. Neowin reported this in 2006 and I'm sure if memory serves correct that Nintendo actually announced this when the first released the console.


Try to keep up el Reg ;)

Back the F:\ Up


And yet again...

Another semi-decent competition that is only open to residents of the US... Ahh well...

US couple sue over McNudes



Or, maybe if they were sent via mms then they may have her caller id, then you look through contact book and viola, the full name and address of her. Possibly.

There is no mention as to who phoned up and who's name was given to be picking up the phone. If "phillip" gave his own name, then there must have been sopme other way to see who the naughty nude with burger love handles was...

Company sues Facebook over somethingorother



...and they waited till now to file suit?

Gamers voice NXE woes



Managed to get mine installed yesterday - all went fine, though it has hung a couple of times when flipping around the new dashboard. The box doesn't get used for anything bar games and Fallout3 still working so I'm happy...

One-eyed woman wants techno-vision


Dear lord...l

Please warn when you have pictures of gooey eyes... Ug...

Thank you el Reg, many years of supressed memories come flooding back - luckily not my eyes but even so, ug...

BOFH: The paperless cafeteria



Brilliant... Just, pure brilliance :)

Text messaging helps kids fight the flab - study


<title goes here>

Or maybe it is just the fact that being actively encouraged motivated the fatties more than, I dont know, doing nothing...

Another pointless report that says the same thing, in a slightly different way, as a hundred others.


<goes off to rant at something else>

Ledger zombie pizza promo pulled



Do we get to see the ad's in question or do we jusst have to wait until someone gets bored enough to create a new one?

Violent video games <coin flip> ARE linked to child aggression



From what I can remember (it was a while ago) something like 85% of all games released are NOT rated 18/M, but the ones that tend to be the "Big" games - think your GTA's - well, they just get the media scaremongering treatment and hence all games must be aimed at kids and 18, it's just a sick sick world...

Now as soon as I get out of work, I'm off start a war with the stunties or maybe save the world from supermutants... May even go and Bully some kids as not done that for a hellova long time... Heck, may even go and carry on with my garden, still missing a few species of candy filled animals

Coming soon: Facebook - The Movie!



@Paul... quick, make that a Facebook shout/wall scribble thing or whatever it is... then you can say that MyFaceSpaceBook saved your life...

Booze and breasts combined, finally


<title goes here>

Almost as good as the beer belly that they do...

Although the advantage with that is as yuo drink it you lose weight and hence look even more fantastic as the night progresses...

I think asking for a sip for the chest may go down, well, like the Hindenburg but hey ho, be amusing :)

Game rating system needs legal backing, claims supporter


I feel for the gamers...

Me included...

Ask most shoppers who PROVIDES the ratings and they wont have a clue. Ask them what the BBFC ones mean though, and they understand - not so with just the PEGI icons although they are much more informative and in depth.

My local Gamestation enforces age ratings amazingly well, have seen two teen-year olds try to by a game when only one had ID and the other was paying. Transaction refused. 5 Min later, ID boy comes back, the guy behind the counter refuses to sell again. Kudos to that man...

Gamers get stick because parents/media/"adults" (yes, tar with same brush and all that) because they all think games are, well, games. Most are, some aren't. It is like films but until people realise this, then there are always going to be complaints about little timmy learning how to kill cab drivers based on GTA67... Doesn't matter that timmy's darling mother bough it for him for the realistic driving experience...

And yeah, I support PEGI. Give them the same legal backing and enforcement as BBFC and slap the parents who still persist in trying to buy gmaes for their underage sprogs...

From a 25 year old gamer...

Google Android just five weeks away?

Thumb Up

gmail account...

Will you be able to use the phone when the gmail, sorry, googlemail accounts go tits up as per the last few days? You know, just wondering... May make the network coverage maps a bit more interesting...

Robotic hand relief



Dang, beat me to it. Thought the average was ahem, larger then that though? And think you mean how can you not use innuendo here...?

Cant see anywhere were it describes how it is automatic or even robotic, looks like just a silicone covering if you will.

I'm just going to link to this as well, the Wii sex toy... Bet you didn't see that one coming...


Sony pulls PlayStation 3 software update


another seeming okay...

But then only installed it and have not played anything on it. Downloaded via PSN onto a launch 60gb model, all went okay (install and reboot) but this was at 4am night before last... I think... Days all merged into one... Stupid CivRev on 360...

Virgin warns 800 punters for file-sharing


this is a title...

@Neil - Supposedly, the BPI are sat with a running version of "aTorrentTracker" and looking for "latestCrappyRelease". If they confirm that it is copywrighted (by d/l I suppose or comparing hash numbers) then they have a look at all the ip address contected to it. Copy these and do some matlockery to see who the supplier is then boom, call up their buddies at BT/VM and say "at this time this ip address was sharing this, do something" and BT/VM bend over backwards...

With VM adsl atm and I will be leaving them as soon as I decide weather I'm moving house or not. Still limited to what I can get but hey, anything is better then nothing and everything is better then VM :)

Heart Internet spreads the love passwords



The second email, were the passwords different then the first one?

Otherwise, rather pointless to say the least.

Limbo of the Lost music not stolen, claims composer


Run rabbit run rabbit

run run run...

Trying to get as far away as possible from this mess as quickly as possible. Cant really blame the guy but from the sounds of it, he doesn't have anything to worry about

Gov claims 'password protection' OK for sensitive docs


Quick vote...

Why bother cracking the password... Vote now for it to be either:

A) "password"

B) "hblears"

C) " "

D) "abc123"

Davis faces North Korean victory margin in civil liberty vote


Vote the MRLP in!

As much as I agree with Davies, the MRLP would at least make PMq's more interesting... And get about as much sense as anything else going on in there...

Stunned commuter finds more secret papers on train


Scna available...?

Well, is there? I know crayon on paper doesn't come through very well (and heck, we know its all the government can be trusted with) but with them missing for a tleast an evening.

On a similar note, would it be illeagal to disclose these now seen as it can be argues that they were released into the "public domain"?

UK prisoners offered data cabling training


@AC Jailbird

Because it is easier to find a cure then teach prevention...

Plus it should give most ot the new inmates something to do for those extra days they are in the nick now, you know, the ones with the odd sounding names and engineering manuals... Or pretty much any student of proper degrees...

*whistles innocentley while mocking english and media graduates*

Police protester snap did not breach rights


Snap happy time...

@Scott - The question was "unobjectional" not "objetional" only a minor difference :)

How can this not be invasive thoguh as the police activlly follwed him, used intimidation and bullying tactics and another department to get his name and address (not clear if they actually did or not from the article). The storage of the photos is fine as long as they are either anon photos or media records of the event. As mentioned, he was attending in an "official" capacity so his being there, especially as he asked a question, was resonable.

Just so long as we can still take photos in the street, keeps me happy... :)

Grand Theft Auto IV Xbox extras delayed



So what?

<before we go on, yes I am a psTriple GTA owner and I had the choice>

It tickles me how people buy a game, complete it (for the most part) then think "Hey I know, lets pay and play more story that has been shoe-horned in after I already know what has will be happening!"

But meh, I cant complain, in all fairness, I bought the Mass Effect addon but in fairness, was only halfway through the game when I did :)

Ps owners in EU should be more upset by the RockBand treatment by ea... *adds flames to the fire*

US imposes 72 hour pre-reg for Visa waiver travellers


So glad already been...

Managed to hit the states quiet a few times before most of this junk went down. I've seen Florida and Miami before 11/9 and was in Seattle and L.A. a year afterwards. Seen NY last year witch unfortunately meant I had to have pointer fingers 'printed... Shame I had burned them welding a few days before hand... yeah... shame...

Really cant understand why they keep doing this, well, I can but just dont believe it. They really must want "their" country secure then. I mean, all the terrorists must be coming in right on the planes and not sneaking at all... No thats crazy talk.

Guessing my trip to NY will be the last time I set anything over there. Lets make the sod's reg the same details with us, you know, "for the children terroirsts" or some such...

No AC as well, meh, *finger to the states*

Heaviest Virgin Media downloaders face new daytime go-slow


Try being on their adsl....

Think I had 18gb of traffic pass through my entire network two weeks ago... Thats ps and 360 demos, a single torrent (granted it was 10gb but meh, was daytime scheduled) and a bit of browsing and WoW... Thanks to that heavy heavy load I placed on the network, I was at 80kilBITS per second at all usable times last week...

be so gld when I move and can find a decent supplier


Thus Group gives amorous Cable and Wireless the brush off


The same AC as before...

Wonder if they ever fixed the roof or it was more duct tape? =)

Believe it or not, had a lot of respect for quiet a few of the people there, it was just sad how it seemed to go so wrong so quick...

UK.gov plans central database for all your communications


Mirrors Edge...

For some reason, this game just keeps sounding more and more real...


So, how do I becmoe a runner? :)

Airbus jets could be converted to fuel-cell propulsion


two wheel drive?

Or just power the wing wheels... gives tank like turning and should push the plane rather than pull it?

Other option is to get greenpeace activists to pull the planes around by long ropes. Gives them something to do and helps the environment, how could the refuse?