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New nuclear fuel source would power human race until 5000AD

Sad Git

Re: we know that nuclear power is safe - becaus of Chernobyl

@Alan Johnson

Actually the worst renewable energy accident is believed to have killed over 171,000 people!

No typo - one hundred and seventy one thousand.

1975 Banqiao Dam burst - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Banqiao_Dam

Now remind me... now many have died from nuclear?

Gov: How can renewable power peddlers take on UK's Big 6?

Sad Git

Low Carbon Power

That'll be Nuclear then!

UK judge hands Samsung win for being 'not as cool' as iPad

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Re: If Apple made cars

Actually, it's Apple that have left the badge off.

I thought the word SAMSUNG written across the device was a dead give away.

Obviously Apple can't read.

Sad Git

If Apple made cars

Just imagine if Apple made cars.

Sorry, you can't sell that car you've copied our design:

It has four wheels, an engine and seating or up to five passengers!

Nuff said.

Heat sink breakthrough threatens ventblockers

Sad Git

Case Filter any one?

As previously mentioned.

A simple case filter, plus positive case pressure = no dust clogging up the internals.

Five years on, my PC is still nice a clean on the inside.

Only need to clean the filter once every six months.

Big heatsink with very slow turning fan means very quiet too.

Just need to re-build with newer/faster components.

Stand by for more big, windfarm-driven 'leccy price rises

Sad Git

Sustainable Energy - Without the Hot Air

Read David MacKay's free book (title as above) on sustainable energy, that might put things into perspective for you all.


It gives facts and figures so you can make your own mind up.

Me, I'd go for the Nuclear option, it looks safer than all the other forms of energy to boot.

And yes you can build it near me. The controls of radiation levels emitted from a nuclear plant are far more stringent than the radiation levels released from a coal burning plant!

Let the flame wars begin!!!

Fukushima update: No chance cooling fuel can breach vessels

Sad Git

@Buzzword - RE: Comparison with other energy sources?

Read Sustainable Energy — without the hot air, by David JC MacKay.

He gives a mesurment of “deaths per GWy (gigawatt-year).”

Nuclear being the lowest (read Safest) at less than 0.2 deaths per GWy, very closly followed by wind.

Oil is just over 4 deaths per GWy.

If you are going to count cancer/birth defects as well, I presume you are interested in the local radiation level.

Well there has also been a study that shows that the area surrounding a coal fired power station has far higher radiation levels than that around a nuclear power station! The released gases contain radioactive particles.

Pro nuclear - Yes

Biased - Yes

But I think we should be thinking about the 'Real disaster' and the suffering of those affected by the earth quake and tsunami.

Sony readies Reader e-book app for iPhone

Sad Git

RE:Sony is dead in the water

Aree with you there.

I was going to get a Kindle. Ao looked at the price of books.

How can they justify either charging more or just a few pence less than a 'Real Book'

There are:

No printing costs.

No paper costs.

No transportation costs.

No warehousing costs.

Have I missed anything?

I did point out to Amazon that this attitude will push people to crack ebook DRM and to 'share' their books.

Reminds me of the music industry.

Charge a resonable price and people will buy and not try to find a way around unnessecary copy protection.

TalkTalk posts jolly six months

Sad Git

Controlling Quality!!

What Quality.

I had a 2Mbit ADSL line with BT that ran between 1.5Mbit and 1.8Mbit, changed to TalkTalk and now have a 8Mbit line that runs at 500K-800K !!!

But that was only after lots of hassle on their support line.

No more, I'm leaving TalkTalk

Troll blockers take Microsoft SGI patents

Sad Git

Sue All Patent Trolls!

We need the Americans to start a Class Action against the Patent Trolls!

The Patent is there to protect the inventor from someone copying their invention.

The Trolls have no intention of developing a product based on the patents they hold.

In such a case they should lose the right to the patent.

That feels better now I've got that off my chest!

B3ta served DMCA notice for Photoshop Prince challenge

Sad Git

Am I missing something here?

<soap box>

I thought only the copyright owner could ask for a DMCA notice.

Shirley The Purple Turd does not own the copyright on ALL the photos taken of him!

It's the photographers who own the copyright.

I suggest if you have ever taken a photo of The Purple Turd, you put that on B3ta, and sign it as your copyright material. If B3ta take it down threaten them with legal action for removing your material!

Alternativlely, as others have suggested, everbody removes every trace of his Shortness from the web.

</soap box>

That feals better!


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