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Huawei claims its Google Play replacement is in 'top 3' app stores after Trump turns off tap to the Chocolate Factory

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No, in fact Google are not distributing the play store, or other GMS services to newer Huawei devices since the trump ban

PIN the blame on us, says Monzo in mondo security blunder: Bank card codes stored in log files as plain text

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Re: Whither "Compliance" ...??

Thankfully you can rest easy, Monzo have reported the issue to the relevant.authorities.

Google to relieve HTC of its phones biz – report

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Re: Screw HTC, buy Wileyfox instead

Desire HD they did that to me on, but I relented and bought a 10 which just didn't do it for me so sold that and bought a OnePlus3 which is by far the best phone I've ever owned and very dev friendly, unlock bootloader and root etc without losing warranty cover

Who killed Cyanogen?

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Cyanogen Inc killed CM

The Micromax debacle was just the tip of the problem. CyanogenMod was a hobbit project yet some hobbyists found their code being incorporated into CyanogenOS, with attendant licence changes without their permission.

Ransomware scum infect Comic Relief server: Internal systems taken down

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Strong password

Yes I did see the quotation marks, please can someone teach these so called tech experts what constitutes a strong password because that ain't it.

NHS 'paperless roadmap': Fewer dead trees, more data control

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With Hunt in charge I'll be pleasantly surprised if we have an NHS come 2020.

Making us pay tax will DESTROY EUROPE, roars Apple's Tim Cook

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Special treatment

That's exactly the point are arguing Apple they've not had any special treatment,which position the Irish government appear to support. I wonder if they do win on appeal will that open the floodgates to other companies suing the Irish tax authorities because they have been paying more than 0.005‰ affective tax rate?

Apple sued over shoddy iPhone touchscreens

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Manufacturing defect

It is indeed a defect, according to ifixit its due to inherent flex in the board which is exacerbated due to the thin device design. Apparently it is manifesting in increasing numbers of devices in the repair business. Why yours still works is possibly due to how you store your device.

UK gov says new Home Sec will have powers to ban end-to-end encryption

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A suggestion

Ministers, should be forced to show a basic understanding of a subject before commenting, then we would be spared the time and energy of being incensed by this BS suggestions.

NHS e-prescription problems persist after Cegedim fixes fault

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Re: and then there's the ongoing script and token printer problem

Anyone in particular we should contact regarding this? Asking for a friend.

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Re: Seems totally crystal clear

As with most IT issues if you know the system it is crystal clear, I do, I assume if you aren't involved it's gobbledegook.

World goes SIM-free, leaving Sony and HTC trailing behind

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You've got it backwards

I'm not sure so much that it's the Chinese are allaying the worry of crap customer service, as that the big boys have dropped the ball and cs levels have become so poor that the Chinese companies can't be anybworse

Win XP, Flash, Java... healthcare makes easy pickings for hackers

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Not through choice

As the article points out our electronic prescription platforms, require the use of flash. To change this requires HSCIC to update the platform, until then we are forced to use flash / JAVA to access many NHS spine services.

Sir Clive Sinclair in tech tin-rattle triumph

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Re: Wake me up

Wash your mouth out, committed BBC (model b) owner and I wouldn't touch a blackberry, Android via Palm for me.

What we all really need is an SD card for our cars. Thanks, SanDisk

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My car has managed quite nicely with a standard SD for its satnav.

Quotemehappy? No, I'm furious: Insurance site loses customer details

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Here's an idea..

According to Aviva the data isn't sensitive, may I suggest this and all future such breaches be punished by making exactly the same data, belonging to senior execs, available to the public on the sites homepage for at least 12 months. Bet they sort their security out then.

Ex-TalkTalker TalkTalks: Records portal had shared password. It was 4 years old

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No further complaints, eh?

What about the one radio 4 reported to them as occurring last Saturday 6/2/2016? This is still a problem

Apple pays two seconds of quarterly profit for wiping pensioner's pics

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Re: A Ridiculous Decision.

Contacts oh I don't know maybe on his old phone that he no longer has?

Enjoy vaping while you still can, warns Public Health England

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Re: Well

I do indeed eat cake, still not sure I want to inhaling vapourised cake ingredients though if it's all the same with you.

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Re: Does anyone know...

How do you know what's in the oil being whipped up in the back of your local head shop, the idea of regulation is to ensure that you do know what is in them! Locally some oil's have been shown by trading standards to contain quite high concentrations of ethylene gycol I personally would rather that wasnt being blown in my face

EE recalls Power Bar phone chargers after explosion burns woman

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Re: Any idea what this actually is?

It a powerbank charged over USB, so it was plugged into the laptop to charge.

Wait, what? TrueCrypt 'decrypted' by FBI to nail doc-stealing sysadmin

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Nissan Juke Nismo RS: Family hot-hatch SUV that looks a bit like Darth Vader's hat

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No mention of the pitiful mpg or too small tank? Although I will accept with a light foot it's almost capable of 200 miles to a tank.

Chrome, Debian Linux, and the secret binary blob download riddle

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If youre serious about security

Why would you be running a gui, terminals don't require graphic acceleration.

Bank: Without software mojo, Android OEMs are doomed to 'implode'

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Just my 2c

But I'd argue the opposite, I abandoned Samsung as their hardware upgrades where rubbish, for me the upgrade from the S3 to S5 just want worth the dosh.

Tossed all your snaps into the new Google Photos? You read the terms, right? ... RIGHT?

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TrueCrypt seriously?

I thought the Dev took TrueCrypt offline when the feds compromised it

Fandroids, take your phone's antivirus and burn it – Android bod

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Re: you want facts ...@ST

I get over 24 hours battery life, albeit only 6 or 7 hours SOT on my Z2, no appreciable change from 4.4 to 5.0.2, Google services currently running at 2.5‰

Apple v BBC: Fruity firm hits back over Panorama drama

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The point surely are...

1. Apple boast of their ethical manufacturing thus deserve to be judged against such standards.

2. Apple unlike many tech companies make huge profits on their hardware, they could afford to reinvest these in setting up ethical manufacturing companies, I believe the cash reserves apple are sitting on exceed the GDP of many of these countries they source from, yet they choose not to.

GT sapphire glaziers: You signed WHAT deal with Apple?

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Just wasted five minutes hoping to learn something about why the deal with Apple caused grief, and if anything I am now less informed than before.

Even a broken watch is right twice a day: Not an un-charged Apple Watch

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Re: Zombies

Uh, you don't actually have to sleep to charge devices, if your pulling an all nights at your desk just plug it in.

Windows 7 settles as Windows XP use finally starts to slip … a bit

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Sticking with XP

As a business we have stuck with Xp, inspite of withdrawal of support, because an upgrade to win 7 would require replacement printers, and whilst 7 is supported by the main pharmacy software suppliers win 8.x isn't so there is no guarantee that any new printers would be supported going forward. So we'll stick until win 9 or 10 is adopted.

Revealed: GCHQ's beyond top secret Middle Eastern internet spy base

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Big Brother

the problem in a nutshell

Unless your email is explicit "Hey George w bush let's go an invade Iraq a week on Thursday I will supply the ground troops to soften up the palace guards, yours Tony Blair" it'll be missed completely unless the ip address is already flagged, in which case it would've been picked up anyway, data slurping of this magnitude will just overwhelm the system.

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Watching too much Yes. Minister

Maybe he's watched the ruinous retread

Google in NOT EVIL shocker: Bins student email ad scanning

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Privacy, schmivacy!

This is why I communicate purely using blind carrier pigeons, what they can't see they can't read, in a code known only to myself! Been a while since anyone replied though.

Dell charges £5 to switch on power-saving for new PCs (it takes 5 clicks)

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"Using your example it is like the car dealer charging £1500 for sat nav rather than the £200 a decent Tom Tom will cost..."

Someone's bought a BMW recently.

Samsung brandishes quad-core Galaxy S5, hopes nobody wants high specs

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Fingerprint scanner crap

It was a crap idea when ipaq did it and it still is now, I want a phone with more memory than my S3 and a better battery, seems someone was listening so I'm upgrading to the Xperia Z2 wouldn't touch this S3ss with a ten foot pole.

Ditch your boring iPhone for a hot Android piece, says Google's TOTALLY UNBIASED Eric Schmidt

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LG ignored?

Last time I checked LG where still manufacturing the nexus 5,so hardly ignored.

Jobs' 'incredibly stupid' prattlings prove ebook price-fix plot, claim Feds

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Can only assume you dont buy second hand books

"On a paperback you print it with the price, so it's stuck at that price. eBooks however you can change dynamically as time goes by."

Many resellers charge less for common second hand books, and conversely rare / out of prints books can be sold for way in excess of the jacket price. The Jacket price is a suggested retail price if you don't want to pay what i charge then don't buy it, Same with ebooks

US Ambassador plays Game of Thrones with pirates

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Re: Just $2.99

I assume you aren't including the licensing deals to distribute it to other networks in that. I'm sure that GOT has broken even before you include streaming rights into the picture.

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Re: I want it NOW!

"But it's down to the the manufacturer of any product or service to set the price and as they're a business they'll charge what they think the market can bear."

That includes, the acceptance that it will be pirated, So they balance the price just low enough that piracy doesn't erode too much of their massive profits.

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Re: iTunes

But I don't have windows or MacOS or any apple devices

Voda: Brit kids will drown in TIDAL WAVE of FILTH - it's all Ofcom's fault

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Re: buying phones offline

Carphone warehouse, phones4u, tesco, sainsburys, asda, argos etc all sell PAYG phones, although you may have to take out a £10 top up but no contract.

SanDisk cops to malfunctioning Micro SDs in Galaxy S3s

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Anyone know what the problem is

I'd seriously love to know what the issue was/is with these cards, the actual information appears to be minimal and the story appears to be rehashed from the same sources. My main worry is when the fix was implemented and if it's likely to be affecting replacement cards?

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Yep, RMA'd mine it's funny the card still works when plugged into a pc, but when in my sgs3 I randomly find it remounting and scheduled tasks failing as there's no SD card available. Hoping retailer (a play marketplace seller) will step up to the base otherwise it's gonna be returned to Sandisk (at my expense) for replacement, which seems a little rich for a manufacturing fault.

Android users: More of them than fanbois, but they don't use the web

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Re: £36 and $65 contracts are the norm for iThingsies.

I believe the proper use for a phone may be given away by their name "PHONE", all the smart phone gubbins is a perk to us power users. Most of the iPhone users in work spend considerably more time on FB on their iPhones than I do on my android phone so yes they use the net more is that anything really to crow about?

Personally i select the best tool for the job, so if im doing intensive web search prior to buying something it's normally done via my pc.

iPhone 5 tops benchmark chart

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Re: Flawed

How pointless is that!, I would like a benchmark to reflect the user experience (at least partially) and to disregard the OS which may grind user experience to a halt seems ridiculous to me.

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XDA users that's who

Go over to XDA, and on most sub forums you can find users spending all day everyday whacking out benchmark and obsessing over the results, and how the latest update has them crying because they've lost a 100 points and now their phone is a pile of sh***.

Benchmarks are in essence an indicator of performance nothing more nothing less.

Undervalued TiVo wins yet another legal battle

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Doesn't compute

I added TIVO to my virgin media account for the additional sum of £0.00, can you explain what this significant monthly fee i'm paying is?

iOS 5's iMessage chops carrier SMS routing traffic

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We could text each other for free and it doesn't matter that I have a mere Android and you a (cr)Apple device, and again that includes MMS and all the other stuff

Google tablet to tackle Kindle Fire not iPad

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I must be an idiot then

I bought my android phone based on the fact that it was hackable and that I would be able to install an AOSP (android open source project) rom on it, and my wife a Hannspree Hannspad for the very same reason, granted I am not a standard consumer but I am a consumer none the less.