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Windows RT still haunted by the ghost of Microsoft's 2001 tablet fiasco

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will the HandyKey be haunted by the ghost of Qinkey [http://www.naec.org.uk/artefacts/hardware/quinkey]? Or am I the only one that still remembers them?

Safer conjugal rights via electronic skin

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To the Family Dabbs

I have been reading your articles for a while, and I find them amusing, interesting and intelligent . I thank you.for this

May I wish your wife a short half life, and a long life for all.

Keep writing,,


Exploding mobile phone kills Chinese man

neal clewlow

Is that a bomb in your pocket...?

"An employee at a neighboring 7-11 convenience store told local media that she heard a loud bang and saw her colleague lying on the floor in a pool of blood"

It seems the mans neighbours can see through walls...A result of all that microwave radiation no doubt...


Oh, wait. do they still have paper thin walls...?

The pan-European Office for the Ecodesign of everything

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"But But"

You sound like my car :-)

Humyo cloud disappears from afternoon sky

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No Biggie

Every variety of storage fails at some point. The manufacturers of your failed HDD are unlikely to be making your data available again, and even if they can it's with charges and without guarantees.

Users were unable to access their data for a few hours in this case, which I understand is "less-than-optimal". However, the data was still there and now available again.

As the adage says, "Data that isn't backed up, is data you don't need", and anyone who uses online storage as their backup repository probably needs a better backup plan.

Windows random number generator is so not random

neal clewlow

Compression V. Heuristics

I may be wrong here, but I have always thought Frequency Distributions Graphs were the best mesuare of randomness - the flatter the distribution, the more random the sequence.

Then again, I work in a cloakroom...

I'll get me coat...


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