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Windows 8 fails to revive world CPU biz

Tim Ling

Just to add a bit of balance...part 2

LOL @ all the Win8 hate. So M$ change some of the interface and no-one can use it anymore? Or maybe it's slow, clunky and not woth the £40 upgrade?

Grow up guys, some people like Windows, some like Macs and some like Linux. Some can *gasp* even learn to use them all!

Flashback: The Quest for Identity

Tim Ling

Awesome Game

I played Flashback on the Amiga, and it was an awesome game with fantastic character animation and a great story. The sequence in the generator is still one of my fondest gaming memories. They released a sequel on the PSX which sucked though.

Helpdesk Heroes or unappreciated geeks?

Tim Ling

Lovely old lady

I worked doing support for Windows 98, IE and OE for a couple of years, along with a few M$ games. Apart from one lad who decided the files in one of his program folders could be better organised if he moved them, one little old lady sums up the "communication" issue for me.

She couldn't send emails through Outlook Express, and part of the fix meant I had to get into IE. I was told by an increasingly irate elderly lady that she was unable to open OE and IE at the same time, and not to be so rude!

After 5 minutes I finally realised that she had no idea that windows could be re-sized, and didn't know OE was still open behind the IE window. At least this customer sheepishly apologised.

Pocket Universe 1.7

Tim Ling

You missed the Star trek angle

Can't believe you missed the fact that the interface is based on the LCARS interface on the ST:TNG computers. That would also explain the beep :P

El Reg salutes ultimate shed anthem

Tim Ling

no teeth left

Any listeners of the areas local radio station will have heard this a lot already. A LOT.And it gets in your head. GAAAH!!

Gamers punted performance-enhancing pills

Tim Ling

My tips for extended gameplay..

are loads of doritos, various dips, chocolate, beer, tequlia (with limes and salt of course) and a load of friends around to share them :)

Thigh-drive phone charger put through its paces

Tim Ling

Wrist mounted?

One for IT managers there I think

Cable cutter nutters chase underwater conspiracies

Tim Ling

What cables were cut?

"In Myanmar they managed to have it off for two weeks but they couldn't take it. "

Sounds like that could be painful

'Wii workout' for overweight pupils plan slammed

Tim Ling

Five knuckle shuffle?

I don't know how you play "Wii Sports" but sitting in a chair mildly flicking your wrist isn't how I end up playing. A game of tennis requires a good metre of space around me, especially during a tough point! And don't start me on the boxing :p Wii sports is not a substitute for real exercise. But it just may get people moving in the right direction.

NASA to trial Moon balloon pneumo-podule in Antarctic

Tim Ling

Blown up out of all proportion

Got me coat


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