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Apple goes to European Commission with complaint about Motorola

Davide Inglima

Re: Re: So how come

Good luck when 2015 comes and Apple Lawyers will come and ask you the license for the codec of that video of your cat snoozing on your sofa you uploaded to the internet for anyone to watch.

Microsoft yanks Windows code on GPL violation claim

Davide Inglima
Gates Halo

@James Butler

...only if that LGPL code is part of an independent DLL, not "embedded" or otherwise statically linked to the main executable.

Good Bill on behalf of the "developers, developers, developers" alt-text.

Google probed by Italy's anti-trust arm

Davide Inglima
Big Brother

Even better than that!

Italy has a Privacy Authority too.

BP snips IT contractor rates

Davide Inglima

I am lost here.

A spokesman for BP said: "We're extremely keen to see the benefits of deflation and we're looking at contracts throughout the supply chain - not just in IT. For instance the price of steel has falling sharply - we'd like to see the benefit of that."

Ok, probably I'm dumb but I don't understand what the hell this idiot is blathering about. Really, what the hell is he saying?

Steel is always steel and will always be the same steel of yesterday. The same steel you buy tomorrow will be made out of the same metals of the steel you bought yesterday and it will be produced with the same techniques. The price rises and goes down only in regard to the introduction of new tools to extract the iron and to create faster and safer foundries to produce it. Oh yes, and the fact that more steel is being bought and sold on the market.

Human know-how, instead, expecially by outside contractors who are expert in your technical domain, is something that grows, and it grows with time and hardships. When you risk contractors leaving your company, expecially if you have IT projects going into production or when you need people to do on-site support for your operations, you have all the hidden costs all popping up suddenly,made of delays, mistakes and important pieces of your workflow suddenly forgotten because you told GTFO to the only person who knew them.

But please, disregard my comment.

Microsoft's 'M' treads on US veterans' toes

Davide Inglima
Gates Halo

A difficult battle.

In this battle you may choose to stay on the pro-microsoft or anti-microsoft side, but in the end you are still telling people that "Vista and M" must die. :D

Spanish cities surrender to Street View

Davide Inglima

Italy is coming soon too.

Seen the googlecar twice in Turin. Anyway, get ready to check the Italian news service, as it will be hilarious to see Google being sued from both the "Garante della Privacy" and the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities.

The first because of some clause inside the Italian Data Protection Code, and the second because of copyright violation (yes, if you publish an unlicensed picture of a monument or other similar landmarks you are violating copyright in Italy).

Lords linger over extreme porn definition

Davide Inglima

My Lord of Warwick!

The real question now is: is there a good Tudor Jobs Agency online?

Biologists flush out bad breath bug

Davide Inglima


I agree. It is statistically proven that the "Solobacterium" prevents you from being infected by the "Significantogherbacterium", which has far worse effects because it puts a strain on your wallet, prevents you from going to the pub with your friends or, worse, might also push you into breeding! How horrible!!!

Telco firm, Coke sponsor Filipino crucifixion festival

Davide Inglima

The Blood of Christ.

I wonder if they will substitute wine with coke during the last supper recreation.

Secret printer ID codes may breach EU privacy laws

Davide Inglima
Jobs Horns

Funny Enough (2)

Franco Frattini last year proposed to censor websites that included terms like "killing" and "bombs".

Vista SP1 RC Refresh 2 tweak out now

Davide Inglima
Paris Hilton

The Long Goodbye

I wonder if M$ fixed Vista's Long Goodbye.

Google sweet-talks Spice Girls king

Davide Inglima
Paris Hilton

Google doing WHAT?

In talk with the same person who unleashed the Spice Girls plague on us? And

I thought they promised to DO NO EVIL...


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