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US Congress to vote on in-flight mobile ban


Big Brother's at it again

Yes, phone calls on planes would be/are annoying. However, letting a government regulate when and where people can communicate is an infringment on our rights as US citizans. Next thing you know, they'll say it's annoying to hear cell phone conversations in any public place and ban them from everywhere except one's own home - at which point what's the point of having a portable phone in the first place?

If it is conversation that is a problem, then why not ban all noises on airplanes including the incredibly annoying voice of the pilot interrupting the movie five times to tell you that you may soon be experiencing some turbulence - after all isn't that what the ding and light up seat belt sign is supposed to do already?

If it's one-sided conversations they'd like to ban - then they must also ban any conversation where the spouse/sibling/<insert relative here>/co-worker is doing all the talking and wake anyone talking in their sleep and force all drunks to the back of the plane in a sound-proof area....you get the idea.

Additionally, other forms of public transportation allow cell phone, including grey hound busses. I've ridden on them myself before and the ride between stops was longer than many airline flights i've taken. Unless I wanted to take a 65 mph dive, I was stuck on the bus w/ passengers w/ cell phones (oh, the horror). So, why are they going to be banned for "annoyance" levels on something that is shorter in duration that other forms of transportation where passangers are already allowed to use cell phones?

If the US govt wants to ban cell phone usage on domestic flights - fine. However, on transcontinental flights it could be argued that the airspace/waterways are international untill they reach 12 miles from land (slighter bigger near Washington DC). Therefore, technically they have no legal right to regulate phone calls until this point.

Finally - and this is a biggie - there are already government-regulated phones on airplanes. I've even used one myself. Cost me $10 for a 2 minute call 5 years ago to tell my sister I'd be on the next flight. Additionally, my fiance - on his most recent flight - could've saved my mother a 2 hour journey and 40+ miles in fuel if he'd been able to phone her and let her know that the flight would be arriving late and he'd missed the last connecting flight for the night.

How many hours of drive time and fuel could be saved if other in-flight travelers could make similar calls without paying exorbitant fees for in-flight phone calls and/or having zero options on smaller (think domestic) flights w/o in-flight phone capabilities? It's not the government's place to regulate whether I can call my mom to tell her I'm ok and simply got stuck on the tarmac for over an hour while they decided which end of the plane goes first down the taxiway. After all, privacy laws mean the airline can't tell her even if it means avoiding a nervous breakdown.

Thanks big brother for making my life more difficult every single day.

Pregnant man to hit Oprah with ultrasound


It's his choice!

Yes he was born a woman - yes he's had gender reassignment surgury. What REALLY matters is how this individual identifies himself. He gets to choose because it's his body and he's not insane.

If everyone would just mind their own bloody business maybe significant chages could be made towards oh..i don't know...world peace - ending world hunger - raising responsible, considerate children, rather than belittling a man for wanting to raise a family with his wife. Just a thought.

US teen cuffed for disposable camera 'Taser'


RE: Second Amendment

Although the right to bear arms is protected by the constitution - fully automatic weapons are illegal unless you have a special license and are not using them for their intended purpose (ie. just displaying them) Also, anyone considered a felon, even after they've served their time, cannot bear arms. At least our cops carry guns ...so when a call comes in 'Help, there's a burgler in my house and I think he has a gun' ...the cops actually show up in under 5 minutes and try to save you rather than give you a crime reference number and wish you all the best.

Jane Fonda c-word slip shocks US


Not all Americans Agree with the idiots in the Parents' Council

For Jane Fonda to use any other word to describe that part of the Vagina Monologues would be contrary to the intent of said monologues. The Parents' Council is obvious filled with the same idiots that want to ban anything they find offensive from library and classroom shelves. I'm a US citizan who disagrees with this wholeheartedly. To ban the word only encourages children to find the word 'nawty' and to increase their usage of the Cunt as derogratory. This goes against everything that the Vagina Monologues stand for.

16,000 namesakes cry foul over US terror watch list


Middle Names People...Middle Names

The majority of US residents employ what's known as a "middle name". Why aren't these also required for the list? This would eliminate much of the confusion with the more common names. After all, passports at least in the USA and UK, include all names including middle names.

Imagine, the government trying to actually make something run smoothly...no wonder they haven't thought of this yet.


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