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VOIP and the web baffle Brit spook wiretappers

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Shoe Repairers

I'm getting really HACKed off by all this terrier cobblers. Almost every day we hear some poor family has lost the dad to some hoodie wearing scumbags who do drug dealing on their Tomy mobile phones in most of our streets but they can't identify these home grown urban terrorists because we can't see through their sportsworld head coverings let alone listen to what they're up to.

Give me a break.

Darling backtracks on CGT

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Skinny dipping

Can we get a Ron Paul clone done in time for the next U.K. Election?

EU president sets green plans in stone

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Where does the polution from the offense, I mean defence industries fit in.

Will there be a tax on nuclear and Depleted Uranium fall out? How much pollution occurs in making a battle tank or warship?

Are the permits transferable/saleable to a wheelbarrow manufacturer in the event we are not at a war on terriers for instance?

I'm more worried about this angle than what's popping out of some building site generator .(Nice post on globalresearch, thanks Lester).

Home Sec in anti-terror plan to control entire web

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no need to censor the web

If them thugs don't like what you're reading they should just come round and give you a pasting like in Nazi Germany.It's coming back though.. Me? I get forced to resign from neighbourhood watch (which I started) for reporting anti-social behaviour, not by my members but by our local police. Our members are too intimidated to do much about it. I wouldn't mind so much getting a pasting from HMG agents if only we had public legal aid to defend ourselves later. If the sort of folk who read bombmaking where allowed to live in peace then they wouldn't advocate working on wars. That includes the workers in defense industries

If you have to give up liberty to defend freedom you don't deserve either.

Heathrow 777 crash flattens servers

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a new angle

The pilot obviously banked the aircraft to reduce lift thus the plane dropped intentionally so it would be nearer the ground when it hit it. The auxilary power unit was deployed to provide control surface avionics hence one sees the APU exhaust flap open in the pictures. The pointed end was raisedd to reduce speed. Loss of engine power was probably because there was a fuel problem caused by problem with fuel. Great bit of flying and the pilot is a hero to avoid what could have a terrorist incident in different circumstances.

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Bird Flew

I want to know when does the luggage come off. (Just interested, I mean what if there are pets down there too)?

Drivers on the phone face the slammer

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House in order me thinks..

I agree to an extent but this smacks of state mind control again. Why isn't 'elf 'n' safety' all over the county councils for leaving bloody great potholes and other hazards such as overgrown hedgerows, hanging branches, etc, etc? We are constantly being told that crime is on the decrease. Why do we have speeding cop cars cutting up everywhere with sirens and lights going 24/7 when the only way to reach them is via a non emergency number and they don't arrive for 3 days?? This is easy pickings for the treasury once again. Less control me thinks and I'd vote for Ron Paul. I'm hoping that he wins the US presidency cos what happens there happens here later.

Fire stations too much like fire stations, says Govt

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better idea

Instead of incorporating a community facility they should incorporate a jail.

It should be made a criminal offence to be in posession of a fire. This will apply to all fires and it should be the legal responsibility of the respondant not to own items that could be used in the ignition or fueling, including owning items such as cooking oil, cars, ovens, televisions and any other combination of potentially fire promoting stuff. The culprit should also pay a fine in a fire intervention for which the hourly rate for each fire-person to extinguish said fire will be £10000 per operative and your house forfeited etc, etc. No excuses for fire in this nanny state.(Unless it is a government owned fire in which case the law won't apply).

This message is not meant to upset or hurt victims of fire etc but made in good heart.

Cambs cops podcast 999 timewasters

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whatsis the emergency?

..well someone is throwing bricks at my windows"

-"Ah you need emergency glaziers then, call 118118"

Beeb censors Fairytale of New York

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Fags is bad

I always thought a faggot was a down and out butt scrounger. (You know those yellow filter thingys left in the kerbside.

Rio drug traffickers take exception to Santa's chopper

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Bullet Proof Chopper

..and get a bullet proof sack too.

Labour hit by another anonymous donor scandal

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IT angel- yes angel!

The IT, 'Internets', will ensure public interest news is distributed and discussed and discussed. IT could save the worlddddddddd.Probably.

MoD: Frontline troops must have silent Xmas crackers

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Uncontrolled evacuation

Troop-Visiting politicians are probably jumpy enough in these places. Can you imagine a 'bang strip' being stuck to the underside of a toilet seat with duct tape? It's not worth the fallout.

Nokia sees a good future for Nokia

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Snap, cackle and poop.

I'm still getting to grips with a digital photo-frame I got last christmas. That's a lie,- I haven't touched it since last christmas. It's too large and I wanted a wrist mount wireless one this year with gps.

Dear customer: you owe us $211 trillion

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Back on subject please

I have tried to enter this figure on my 1972 Sinclaire Executive but can't. Anyway such sums were'nt possible to even owe the bank back then and the cashier or manager would have realised the mistake when typing the nasty letter.

NASA pondering electro-hypersonic jet boosters

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@Stu Reeves

I don't suppose they can make a case for commercial applications as they would lose the drinks trolley sales.

Seagoing satellite launch stymied by La Nina

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hang on. Next time they should use the 'galileo new found radar discovery' to get ocean lobster see through wave radar satellite pre launch updates. Nice little earner probably.

Bluetooth marketing window could be shut

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@Daniel Bentham

I agree. The messages should be restricted to Public Service Announcements only. ...So you're walking past a resturant which has a ''poster in the window - bogof. Your blacktooth message should be something like ' Remember, comrades, that burgers have chemicals and saturated fat and having two is worse for you than one is'. 'Don't drop litter and mind how you go'. Probably.

Audit bodies should merge, report says

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Public Scrutiny

There is a very simple third way which is too easy:

Make legal aid (Public Funding) and solicitors who specialise in local government actions available to everybody.(Not just those on less than £650pm) The customers of these public sector vendors will soon straighten things out without the need for commissions and inspectorates. If you get a bad deal then take 'em to court. Period.

British teens score a C in international science poll

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@Andy S

Yours is a good hypothisisisis. They could use the poor but excellent scientists from QneticQ perhaps? (See other story thread). There's a bloke up north with a few bob (Who's getting some returned soon I understand) and might switch from religious politics to funding science instead maybe? - little 'cough, 'a-hem', 'cough'

Galileo pork punchup takes unexpected twist

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@ anonymous Coward

Yes. It could also allow for extra train and air movements too and it's not that expensive compared to the 'value' of digital cartography company shareholders/aquisitions. We must have secondary & independent european sourced navigation with or without politics I think. It's just got to happen.

DHS building handheld lobster spy-beam scanners

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It will terrorise the native

lobsters. I think we should take this with a PINCH of SALT. It all BOILS down to GRASPING at SHORES to keep the BIG FISH (f)industries NET

value BOYANT...........I'm getting the SHELL out of here..

Chilean hooker plans 27-hour charity sexathon

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If I wanted to read this sort of smut I could go elsewhere to another website, thank you. Back soon.

BT puts old phone books online

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Music on-line

Ahhhh....'Dial-a-Disc', that takes me back. 'The wippins' I got from using that off me ol neighbour back in the days of party lines.

Google Maps Mobile knows where you are

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Application ready

I could have seen some usefulness for this degree of accuracy before the telescope or railroad came in but.......?

Boffins report lightning on Venus, our non-identical twin

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If venus is the god of.......that'ill explain my sexlife.

UK's toads menaced by fungal attack

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'goodbye yellow sick toad...............

Boffins ponder Galileo signals as ocean monitors

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Victims would be able to plot in advance their limit of extemities when delivering sofas in high buildings and could call upon extra help with the load bearing. Think about the vertical aspects of Galileo before rubbishing the potential. Alright, forget about the bath as an example: What about pylon cable collapse or resevoir levels. (I like the parachutist idea-that would be great to know when to pull the 'chute in fog for instance).

Eileen Bach

They've got a(l)ttitude

Well, Galileo is good for vertical navigation and should be quite accurate dimensionally in the geospatial location and vehicle navigation world, whilst giving a quick Time to fix (TTF). It is well worth proceeding onwards and upwards with this marvelous technology no matter what the cost in my opinion. Leaving vehicle navigation aside, there are a plethora of possible applications using sensors in addition to 'radar'. For instance,- if you had a floating sensor in your bath and subject to localised wireless networks, you could be remotely alerted if the water level was becoming too high thus possibly preventing serious overflow situations via your mobe or mobe.

Delivery drivers would use such accuracy to plot addresses whether on ground floor or any other floors and window cleaners would know in advance how long the ladder should be before setting off to clean Mrs Bloggs' windows on the fitfh floor, etc. Probably.

Is that a watch in your pocket?

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Snotty customers

Kleenex is another one?

Eileen Bach

Field day time

I'm thinking 'Smith & Wessen'. The cops could have a field day.

"Whats that in your pocket, sonny"?

Rose Tyler beams back into Doctor Who

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Spread the word of the good Time Lord

I think they should get that Vicar from Dibley in. It should be big enough once you get through the door. Mind you, I don't know how much power the Tardis needs to take off though. Seriously, I think they should and I'd be happy to watch it again.

New BAE destroyer launches today on the Clyde

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Swiss Navy

Er..why would the swiss need a navy anyway? They are peaceful folk who have a (H) ratio of Hornblowers second to none.

US man sets himself on fire and cuts off his own arm

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In Retro Spec

The manufacturer should do a retro upgrade pack including voice operated off (pass/swear word protected) function and a belt -clipped cordless buzz saw and the drive belts could be made of cotton bandages too.

Mobe, mobe, mobe. There - we've said it

Eileen Bach

But calling the mobile internet

Mobi is still OK. mobi, mobi, mobi.mobi.mobi.

Israeli sky-hack switched off Syrian radars countrywide

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I heard down the Nags Head that they used a Del Trotters cordless phone to do the job.

Nicole Richie warms to lamppost dog urinals

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(Sp)arking up the wrong tree

My cuncils cleverer than wot this wun woz cos they plantid trees on ther vergis wich the dogs prefur to snif.

Need a new set of b*llocks? Try Argos

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Lovely Jubbly

A nice bit of marketing and lots of fun for the family on rainy days.

Beer set to hit four quid a pint

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Barter tendor

I think we could be onto something here. Why don't we barter it for Cruid Oil. We could refill the tankers and send them back east with crude beer. I mean the $'s getting a bit worrying and all that.

A parents' guide to the HMRC data giveaway

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Don't they mean..

..that when they get the names & addresses back, they will be able write to everyone to apologise?

Inland Revenue boss quits over 'major ops failure'

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..the 10 percent of complaints about police to Independent Police Complaints Commission. That does leave 90 percent 'lost' although I dare say those records of complainants are kept more securely?

Vodafone CEO sticks head in sand, goes 'La la la'

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Sarin's gas isn't hot air

He's got a point because even with wi-fi, etc, one still has to connect through the pipework somewhere, especially if p2p or m2m I think.Then there's roaming international pipework stuff and that.Probebly.

NZ bans Brit immigrant's overweight missus

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Don't take it laying down

His company should stand by him and his missus' and lay their cable somewhere else then! Probebly.

Oz Santas suffer no 'ho ho ho' blow

Eileen Bach

stop this mass stupid debate now.

I was going to suggest 'Woe,woe,woe' instead but then his reindeers wouldn't move I suppose.

Canadian Taser death caught on camera

Eileen Bach


Just a thought to add to my previous point - Do we know if these officers perhaps served in another country before RCMP? As I say, Just a thought!

My perception of RCMP still holds.

Eileen Bach

Truly Shocking

I don't think one can say-Quote' that police treat it like a billy club....' I would like to think that most don't or won't. I hope the RCMP involved are as shocked from this awful learning spike as anyone. Cars kill too but not all do.

A very sad story especially involving an admired police service I think.

Beseiged Bavarian village preps anti-millipede defences

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Bavarian Millipede

You can tell from mine name zat I used to live neare there. Ve call them da BMW. (bavarian Millipede walkers). Das goot ya? Indistructable, dependable and expensive to fix.

Lily Allen 'in talks' to become Doctor Who's assistant

Eileen Bach

Dr who

It's not Shipman so I give in. Who is it?