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Opera CTO: How to fix Microsoft's browser issues

Adam Moore

Pie chart of web design

Every potential web designer should know about Beccy's pie chart:


I design for 2 CMS systems and templated HTML pages and the amount of times where things are working fine on Firefox, Safari, Opera, Lynx then we look at IE (which is what the manamgent run *SIGH*) and have to redo things due to broken box models, incomplee or wrong implementations, etc - I can only whole heartedly echo the sentiments expressed.

How a bread truck invented the internet

Adam Moore

Inventors of Hypertext?

SIGH - once again articles are written without the necessary research - Ted Nelson coined the phrase Hypertext in the early 1960's (Project Xanadu) and has an ACM publication in 1965: http://doi.acm.org/10.1145/800197.806036

Doug's NLS is one of the earliest examples of a hypertext system, although Vannevar Bush's Memex is probably the most recognisable first proposed system (in 1945).

I don't think SRI anywhere even claim to have invented Hypertext!


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