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Increased gov spy powers are NOT the way to stay safe against terrorism

Michael P

It is this simple...

While government powers are regulated and transparent, the "The Innocent Have Nothing To Fear" idea is defensible and can be accepted by the majority.

When oversight and accountability is replaced by "Trust Us We Are Doing This For Your Own Good" it can be expected that the majority will either choose to adopt more secure practices or have secure practices thrust upon them as more and more services implement them as minimum best practice.

But there is also the electorate's role in this - if we keep expecting our security authorities to be prescient and assume that the hindsight of post-incident analysis can become the foresight of predictive data analysis we are creating a narrative where the only way security authorities can meet our wildly unrealistic expectations is to go deeper into vaster volumes of OUR data. We, and our governments, have to accept that there are limits to what can be predicted and invest more into thinking of more intelligent prevention and mitigation measures.

Reg readers rage at comment icon outrage

Michael P

How about...

A "gentleman, in recliner, with pipe, and large book" icon. I call it... "Make yourselves comfortable kids, I'm about to tell you a story and we may be some time..."

I feel the need to warn people.

Brits vote for useless gadgets

Michael P

Darn you all to heck!

I was an early adopter on one of the second generation of RomeMP3 players which established the cassette form factor MP3 player genre.

For its day it was as compact - of not moreso - as MP3 players of the day, was easy to use, had pretty good sound quality, and allowed me to take MP3s on the road with ease.

Likewise the venerable Soda Stream was born in the day of glass bottled softdrinks when lugging that junk from market to home was a wrist snapping exercise that made summer agonizing and door-to-door softdrink sales profitable.

Judging these fellows out of context is like comparing the register to Popular Mechanics in the heyday of the transistor.

Admittedly the slightly bizarre resurrection of the cassette MP3 thing (albeit at 1/10th the price for several hundred times the capacity) brings it back into play, but as an idea whose time came, was reveled gloriously, then passed - not as some freak mutant device to be scorned by Gen X'ers who believe the digital world was spawned 5 years ago, fully formed and shining white, from Steve Jobs' prognostic backside

To heck with you all. To heck.

Aliens seize control of Daily Telegraph

Michael P
Dead Vulture

New low for the register!

You lazy illiterate hack! If you had bothered to read the whole jiiix giiiilmiiiii tiii miiix tiii siiix fiiicl miiitckx vestigial niiirlxd-np riiixr biii secondary sexual characteristics tiii piiixr fiiixd tiiidxr giiix niiih liii ciiiy. Hiii jiiit siii piiilxntly, wiiitlng fiii tiii niiit reading at a third grade level diiil xiii riiilxs fiii giiit diii miiid-prnd found that by concentrating carefully he could actually hear the little mountain stream in the distance niiing tiiins liii tiii ciiintry, tiiilcclly smouldering eyes tiiiht-llppxd tiiidx niii miii siiih ciii thesaurus niii tiii Miiitxr. Ciiixd ciiint Ford Transit tiii riiinnr tiii westinghouse!

Ballmer! explains! hostile! Yahoo! bid!

Michael P

Just in..

MS yahoo, yahoos about "Yahoo!" brouhaha. Google moguls ogle ugly oligarch. Altavista ultra wistful, mists up over missed tricks.

World turns.

BEA finally says yes to Oracle - for $8.5bn

Michael P


As a former Oracle DBA I have a lot of time for oracle database products. They really are quite good. Seriously. Before they nodded off and every man and his FOSS startup caught up, they were solid gold. Well gold plated maybe. Good gold plating, though.. Not gunna just rub off and make you look bad to your missus, THATS for sure!

This relentless borg'ing of other companies, and their habit over the past few years of "fusing" products to create unholy chimera - unnecessarily bloated and a tailor made dependency hell to administer, just speaks of a company that has forgotten its core market (perhaps because it has dominated that market into bloody stalemate), forgotten its secondary markets, and is now firmly seated on the express "growth" train out of town spawning "new" market opportunities as it goes - to grow, briefly flourish, hideously mutate, collapse into an oozing mass of genetic chaos, and be bought up as a curio by some specialist startup as a shell for their genius'ly simple, but marketspace starved, alternative.

Ahhh THERES the "."!

US-Iranian naval clash: Radio trolls probably to blame

Michael P

A Voice From Beyond...

"I am coming to you... you will explode after a few minutes."

Ladies and.. well.. this is just for the ladies..

The Velvet Voice,

Mr Barry White

US eggheads in spurious va-voom/intelligence linkage

Michael P

Bravo! Maestro! Bravo!

I find myself inclined to agree.

Millions of years of evolution (thousands of years of existing changelessly in God's image, for Ezekiel and Ezekiah in the back row) has lead us to identify, by secondary physical characteristics, women more likely to benefit the species because of their intelligence.

And, as a completely unexpected and unrelated bonus, they are more likely to deliver surviving young - being better equipped for fewer complications in childbirth.

Esteemed Doctor Emeritus, Sir Mix-a-lot was knighted for his research in this field, having identified several other possible survival characteristics but his research was limited to the back seat of his "Benz" and would do with confirmation outside such clean-room laboratory conditions.


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