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Fedora 11 leaps into filesystem unknown


File System Issues?

Why not use ZFS? Incompatible license... To work around this, its available in userspace via fuse, but that takes a (not so big) performance hit. ext4 might turn out to be a very welcomed filesystem improvement. Im very happy with fedora 10, and was going to skip fedora 11, but after reading this, am thinking it might be worth a shot.

Electric cars may not be solution to all world problems


seen "who killed the electric car"?

After having watched "who killed the electric car" recently, Im convinced electric cars do have a place in society now, and are good for most regular users. I quote from the movie "its true that electric cars are not for every one. They only suit the purposes of 90% of the population". Plus in the movie they were using NiMH batterys, the cars were fast and quiet, and they pictured people parking outdoors (again wouldnt work everywhere) under large solar panel parking areas, to plug their car in and go in to work for the day. Now if thats not an awesome idea when it can be done I dont know what is! Electric cars? Bring them on!


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