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Microsoft lets slip Visual Studio 2008



Visual Studio 2008; the development suit for Windows ME2, sorry Vista. Argh that explains them keeping it quit. Not looking forward to developing with that; is the bug in my software, the development suit, or ME2...

Trojan spreads using PI wiretapping scare


Magic beans

Tempting to run a similar scheme myself. Magic Beans that import hidden money for Nigeria, improve your sex life and make your PC run faster. But I will probably wait until they are out of Beta.

Warner Music supremo in Apple-fondling mea culpa



Or could it be that self managed (including track sales) indie bands who give their fans ‘real’ live gigs, using real musicians and original songs are out performing ‘The Man’ and his boy / girl bands. Thus leaving them grasping at straws as their multi billion $ companies sink.

Pssst want to know a secret? (These same indie bands five years ago who couldn’t make enough money to pay for their instruments, now are making lots).

Remember: piracy killed the music industry.

The music industry is dead, long live real music and net neutrality.

ISPs baffled by Gordo's 'plans' for web terror talks


US Poster

David Wiernicki; In UK, which this site is aimed, we say that sort of talk make you guilty of inciting racial hatred, so please apologise or change ‘brit’ to ‘caucasian UK national’. Other than that I couldn’t agree more.


O rly

...while ISP are being legislated against to stop Terrorism (including the worst sort of terrorism; software piracy) could the legislation also make them responsible for my car being stolen (positive Driver: LA Undercover review), my house being vandalised (positive Jackass reviews) and the price of milk.

Microsoft vows cluster OS upgrade will include Linux nod


Server 2008 built with Vista stability

As Microsoft has pretty much lost the server market in all but the SOHO markets to Linux as Novell did to Microsoft, perhaps they should focus more on fixing Windows ME 2 (or Vista to the newer PC user).

ID Cards cost cut to £5.6bn

IT Angle

name a secure smart card game

As there has never been a secure smart card (ask the TV network providers) what is the point of them? I know they’ll respond but this is unhackable, again ask the TV network providers how many revisions of unhackable smartcards they have been sold. Perhaps they should look at who hacks smartcards and who are they aimed at stopping. It all seems a bit like Chip and Pin again which has no real impact on fraud but has lets the card providers off the hook.

Prince sends army of lawyers to take on Pirate Bay


The PirateBay is not located on any US maps

Good look with that!, MGM and FOX couldn't do it. If he is looking for another F*ck Wit projects, I have some magic beans for sale.

Galileo slammed by UK politicians


hands free driving

Accuracy at the CM scale as opposed to the 5m or 25m depending on mood of the US. That’s enough to give your car real cruise control, an extra hour’s sleep while your car drives you to work! Keep the police happy as well, hands free driving as well as phones.


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