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Employees sue for unpaid Windows Vista overtime

Michael Ortmann
Gates Halo

What an utter bull...

If thats really the case they should have a serious talk to their IT dept. (or rather more probable: Consider to get rid of the ton of unnecessary progs, games, images on the desktop etc. etc. Joe Officedrone tends to clutter his or her Comp with).

And besides... do people really sit around and give their PCs morale support while it shuts down? Or do they rather start the shutdown and hurry out of the office as soon as the logoff screen appears?

Thought so.

Billy the Saint, cause even M$ is vastly preferable to greedy two bit lawyers on the lookout for a crapload of easy class action bucks.

Taiwanese firm to sue over armed raid at IFA

Michael Ortmann
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@ The Badger

>>Nope, you're buying into the whole monolithic intellectual property propaganda. (snip).<<

Nope, but without any real info about what the allegedly infringed patents are about en detail, and I didn't see that info so far, I will refrain from judgment on their validity, one way or the other.

My observation, which so far has not been disproved, was that here, like on most tech sites, there is a reflex to condemn anyone claiming intellectual property violations to patent-troll-hell (which circle is that in anyway?) unless he is proven innocent by some Saint of info-socialism.

As a matter of fact I am myself opposed to most purely intellectual patents, but that's a different story.

>>And not multi-billion (Euro) conglomerate Philips and their pals.<<

Doesn't matter. My point is that this is no little bullied start up, but a massive corp that could very well be bigger then Phillips and Pals and certainly has enough lawyers and legal consultants to have a) Prevented this whole stunt and b) come out of all this only slightly bruised. They'll certainly won't get much pity out of me.

>>Ah, the schadenfreude comes out to play. Don't let it distract you from what's going on in your own country.<<

Anything happening in Greece I didn't notice? Or do you mean the government stepping up checks of school buses? Oh yeah, fascism rears it's ugly head! ;-)

Michael Ortmann

Pavlov ftw!

Interesting to watch the pavlovian reflexes at work here. Patent/Copyright holder equals bad automatically, multi-billion taiwanese conglomerate Teco is the poor underdog.

Germans in uniforms naturally equal jackbooted Gestapo Stormtroopers.

And that mostly from people right out of europes leading police state, good ol blighty, thats rich mates.

Google maps Russian assault on Savannah

Michael Ortmann

@ Nick Palmer

You stay the heck away froom greece, ya hear! ;)

Welsh Darth Vader dodges jail

Michael Ortmann

Go Sith, Go!

Ye olde Dark Lord just did what every self respecting citizen of this Galaxy should do when facing such remnants of an obsolete belief system: Beat them into submission.

Charging his Lordship is an outrage and the Emperor will certainly not be pleased!

HP pays $13.9bn for EDS

Michael Ortmann


Just to do my geeky duty and be anally retentive: Silicon Valley (in the guise of HP) already was in Texas, courtesy of COPAQs (R.I.P.) old Houston Headquarters that they still keep around.

Mines the one with the "Beckmessers guide to the Galaxy" in the pocket...

Isabella Rossellini romps with praying mantis

Michael Ortmann


No, seriously... WTF?

That's it, it's high time to start that Mars colonisation asap. Who's with me?

Out of the door, line on the left, one spacesuit each.

LiveLeak pulls anti-Koran documentary

Michael Ortmann
Black Helicopters

@ A J Stiles

Ramen to that!

British youths think Churchill went to moon

Michael Ortmann
Paris Hilton

Could be worse

I guess you can be thankful that they at least choose Churchill... These days one wouldn't be suprised if they had thought it was that Gandalf like Wizard from Harry Potter and that the Trojan Wars where fought over some chick from "[ENTER COUNTRY HERE] Next Supermodel".

Ah, at last! I have become the bitter, unfair and hippocritic old man I always wanted to be! Move aside Waldorf and Statler!

The Paris angle is self-explanatory I guess

US Army funds $10m bat-droid

Michael Ortmann

Where's the Robin Bot then?

I for my part hail our new Bat-Bot Overlords.

IndiaTimes website 'attacks visitors'

Michael Ortmann
Gates Halo

Bye bye to Redmond?

Be serious guys - and no flame intended - the most important reason Apple- and Linux users don't have to face this kind of shite on a more regular basis themselfes, is that they are - yet - not numerous enough to make the big time malware distributors really interested in them.

The moment that a more significant portion of people on, in and around the interwebs are using non-MS OS, you'll see a sudden and decisive increase in non-MS-targeted malware.

So be happy your Box is (relatively) safe atm, and rather don't hope that so many people will adopt your particular taste of OS so you can continue to do so a while longer ;)


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