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HTC Touch Viva budget Windows Mobile smartphone

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how much?

£240? Christ! My XDA Ignito didn't even cost that. Hmm recessed screen to collect dust in the corners. Bet it would skim across the water well though.

Evidence for 'iPhone Nano' gathers pace

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bet it's shit

If the rumour that the Nano won't have 3G becomes true then it'll be a complete fail. However I'm looking forward to it, as the iPhone as it is today is too big for my pocket.

As for existing apps, it'll be fine if they stick to the same screen resolution, surely.

Samsung SyncMaster 2263DX 22in monitor

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Samsung FTW

Where are these standalone mini-monitors then? Would be useful for gaming with an IM client.

Reviewers, spin crews tussle over Tomb Raider: Underworld write-ups



But I've completed Uncharted. Am I meant to play it over again instead of buying Tomb Raider? Ooh, trophies now, or do I have to be five years old to get the point of them.

HTC Touch HD Windows Mobile smartphone


Slow users more like

For all those moaning about slow HTC devices, I suggest you install a decent cooked ROM on it, such as Duttythoys:


My XDA Ignito absolutely flies along. I guess the WinMoaners haven't the technical ability to flash their devices. Bless.

Harman Kardon brings high-end media centre to Blighty

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Hardon Karmon

Or buy a PS3 for less, and get all that and more.

Gamers cash in on LittleBigPlanet delay


Marketing ploy

This stunt smells of marketing imo. Get the game's attention in the news before its release. Now even more people are aware of it.

Like someone above stated, they could have kept quiet and patched it silently over PSN.

What's next? The fact that Sackboy's woolly flesh is brown? Bring on the racist comments.

T-Mobile Googlephone to hit UK in two weeks



At least no one's going to steal that ugly piece of crap when you whip it out in the pub. Oh, but then at 158g you're not going to be carrying it in the first place. Was the design someone's school project?

Samsung parades Omnia 3G smartphone

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Shame the stylus isn't housed inside the phone's body but on a chain instead, like a girl's lucky charm.

4G iPod Nano spied on web

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Prefer the current design tbh. This new one looks too feminine, and seems to be forgetting what "nano" actually refers to.

Gadget confusion rules supreme in Blighty

Paris Hilton

idiot nation

Basically if you can't work it out then you shouldn't have the gadget in the first place. Eat more Omega 3 or something. Jeez.

Paris, because she's up there with the smartest, apparently.

HTC Touch Diamond


HTC Touch is fine

@ Neil Stansbury, - sounds like you have dodgy firmware. I use an HTC Touch with the slow 200mhz CPU and it runs WM6 fine. No lag, doesn't crash, and with SPB Mobile Phone Suite you can pretty much emulate the Diamond's fancy gui with skins from xdadevelopers (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=402021)

Pentax compact pulls out all the stops



It's fine here. I'm running on a 14" laptop screen at 1400 x 1050 and have no problems reading the text.

Blu-ray versus upscaled DVD?



Get a PS3, which is firmware upgradable, and does a fantastic job in upscaling. Tbh many DVDs I watch look almost as good as BD films on my 1080p TV thanks to the PS3.

Lily Allen gets 'social networking' TV show


back to Lily Allen...

..I still would though.