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Spammers open new front on social networking sites


not surprised

I just got invited to post my phone number to an open group created by one of my friends. He lost his phone and has asked all his friends to post their phnoe numbers. He also happens to have about 200 friends... i told him he should rename his group Goldmine 4 ID Theft or Suckers up 4 Grabs.

Chinese hackers call off CNN attack


Re: Moral relativism at its finest and the others

This dude has a point. Although my opinions of the wars the US has launched is slightly more sceptic, I find it equally hard to put the US and China on the same level. At least in the US you have freedom of expression and religion. You can choose to disagree with the policies of the government. In China, you can't even express those opinions. We're not debating the morality of governments; almost every government in the world has it's own nationalistic agenda. But the oppression and control of the population is the problem. You should be able to complain if you're unhappy about your situation. You should be able to decide for yourself whether you want to join the army and go to war, or go down in the streets and protest. That is what China is lacking and that is why you can consider the US and other nations as democratically superior (and mind you i am not talking about morality or culture)...

Chinese spammers target 1,200 US, UK firms


take that

you try to snuff out our flame... we sniff out your data ...

Japan turning itself into Cyberman machine civilisation


hybrid vigour?

perhaps. but i just like to point out that some inbred populations (namely where i am originally from) such as sardinia have had surprising results. According to a BBC article about places where people live the longest (and i quote):

In Ovodda (Sardinia), this interbreeding actually seems to have enabled people to live longer. The limited gene pool has provided a unique opportunity to discover specific genes that are associated with long life. Professor Deiana has detected a number of unusual genetic characteristics that seem to link the centenarians of Ovodda.

"One particular gene on the X chromosome seems to be faulty, failing to produce an enzyme known as G6PD. This can often have a negative impact on health, but in Ovodda it may well have had a positive effect."

The role G6PD may play in living longer is now being researched further, but the professor is convinced the genetic elixir of life lies with the families of Ovodda.

unquote. so a tiny fraction of inbreeding apparently has positive effects (and i do only say tiny fraction!!!)

Assyrian clay tablet points to 'Sodom and Gomorrah' asteroid


the sacred mushroom and the cross

I read the bible. But i also read this book: The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross. In 1970, the famed Dead Sea Scrolls scholar John Marco Allegro published a series of articles which which maintains that Christianity has its origins and nature in fertility cults of the Ancient near east centred on a sacred Mushroom. Allegro was a expert in Semitic languages and also studied Hebrew dialects. Extremely interesting reading, revealing hidden messages and codes within the Bible.

The gist of the theory is that pre-Jesus, religions were closed and secretive and difficult to join, namely because of intiation rituals and so forth. Then Jesus came along and told people that anyone could be part of his religion, that the only condition to entry was to repent and believe. It became a hugely popular religion, and all the other smaller religions struggled to survive. So they became Christians, and for fear of losing their own religious beliefs, hid the secrets of their practices within the Bible itself. One of these practives is the preparation of mushrooms for consumption and communion with God. Very interesting reading for those who have the interest.


First Council of Nicaea

People seem to forget that the Bible is not just a collection of writings from the apostles but was also reviewed, redrafted and censored in by the Romans 325 years after teh death of Christ in order to set a uniform Christian doctrine, with one leading body (the Church) dictating the terms of belief to believers and forcing the rest of the Empire to convert. It's easier to control an empire that way than letting everyone celebrate their own religion.

Also, let's not forget the Bible has had 2008 years of existence, coupled with Vatican dictatorship, Spanish inquisitions, persecution of scientists and doctors for centuries, forced conversion of infidels in colonised countries, and finally with the president of the most military powerful country in the world handing out god bless america left right and center.

Suffice to say, that's enough to put doubts into anyone's mind...

Domain hijackers forced to return numeric names


egads !

i bet 69.nl was the first to go and now it's worth gazillions !

Canadians go out clubbing



Have to agree with whosit above. It seems to me that seal hunting, and animal hunting generally is a bit outdated. What's the point really, I mean don't they have any supermarkets in Canada where they can buy other food or shops that sell fake pelts. If it's like an actual sport, then why don't they just breed seals in captivity (like we do cows and other farm animals), and then people can come and club those instead....

Endemol tech chief to be released from Dubai slammer


rights in the middle east....

.... only if you are from the middle east, or what they call western. everybody else (and especially asians) have no rights. they certainly will be courteous and are extremely well mannered to any white man who's got money to go there. if you're the poor indian construction worker, you can always go crawl under a rock and die for all they care. let's not forget the majority of middle eastern countries live by Wasta. nuff said.

Dead Vulture


sure, dubai looks like a western modern liberal city but that is just a facade. having been & lived in the middle east, i can tell you that dubai is not a place you want to live. not only do drugs flow freely in their many clubs and bars (it has a reputation for mind-boggling X), but it is one of the most racist places I have ever been to. they've let in thousands of indians and pakistanis, philipinos and other asians to build their city. but they treat them like slaves. it made me sick just hear about it, let alone to speak with these people. i can guarantee that you will rarely find this type of exploitation in any western country. these people have no rights and are completely ignored by the justice system there. how can you condone such a mentality. i know that i can't and for that reason, i will not go there again.

Alleged Kiwi botnet mastermind in court


loving it...

Operation Bot Roast :) nuff said !

Terminator Salvation is go for May 2009 release



it's a catch 22 ! arnie had to come from someplace no? they still have to have the war in the future, in order to send arnie back to the past so that he could melt in some molten lava. actually you could have parallel sequel films... the one without the war because arnie got done and the one with the war where they send arnie to get done...wait, i mean, one with arnie and, err, hold on... one with sarnies... oh. ha ! where's my coat ?

Sarko verbal spat proves YouTube hit

Thumb Up

love it !

this video is going to be on all prez-busting french tv shows and i am cannot wait to watch Canal + tonight, notorious for bashing the dwarf who would be king!

French telecoms chief says 'non' to EU-wide regulation


the frooze

it may cost more but having a central regulator will certainly be a nice slap in the face to those snotty french telecom regulators. the system in france is so rubbish that it's actually cheaper for me to buy a swiss sim card and use that one (i happen to be a border person so i get done over pretty often by the french)... i'm more than happy to back someone who's gonna crack the whip on them :) too bad there's no whip icon...

Microsoft goes open source - almost


i must be dreaming...

oh no, it's only a joke! hahahahaha!

Robocopter gunship abandons sinking warship project


maybe not so scary

but i don't like the sound of the 'US Army's future networked droid legion'... sounds like a bad hollywood nightmare coming true ! yikes ! quick get me on richard branson's first spatial flight outta here !

Internet s&x auction ends in pregnancy, legal feud



i think that in germany prostitution is legal. similarly to switzerland, you need to have a licence to operate as a sex worker in a designated area. pimps are a no-no and so are brothels.

MayDay! MayDay! Ruskies reinvent cyber crime


tip of the iceberg

new malware has apparently become as cryptic as our martian friend here. you have to admit though that these hackers are ingenious. too bad that such brilliant minds should so poison our networks for the wrong reasons. imagine the programs and games we could have if they applied themselves to less criminal projects. i suppose the common computer user like myself will just have to make do with the average rubbish said fortune 50 companies like to spew out. i'm still sore about my simsocieties crash mode. if i had enough money, could i enlist the services of these ruskies to create the ultimate game ??

Billg quits Facebook


nuff said

and i quote "according to the Sun"...

More remote workers squatting next door's broadband


agree to disagree?

I think that the difficulty with making comparisons with hosue, or cars, or guards letting people in or out is that these are examples that people can physically see and understand. And our culture has changed over the years (like when people didn't lock their doors) so that people have learned to lock their doors.

Wifi is different. There are many people that fail to comprehend even the most basic functions of a computer, only now coming to grips with the internet, let alone anything travelling through the air.

That's not something they can see. Many people (especially those of the older generation) might understand that if those waves are travelling in their home, how is that trespassing or stealing, since they are at their own computer, in their own home.

Also, to the person who said something about leaches and being too cheap to buy their own connection, I would like to say, no I'm not too cheap, I'm poor. I'm a lowly-paid intern living in an expensive city. I rent a minute flat with no phone line, what used to be a maids room back in the day. If I want internet, I need to ask permission of my landlord and the housing authority. I need to pay for installation of a line and accompanying fees. then I need to pay for a phone and internet service. I am obligated to pay for 12 months minimum service unless I move out of the country. And this knowing full well that my landlord can expulse me from my flat at any time. So when the travel agency next door leaves their connection on all night and all weekend, i'm not really going to think twice about connecting to it.

Anyway, I think wifi internet should be free. Maybe restricted in badwidth,I dont know. Here in geneva there are some public wifi points in certain areas (like in public parks and near the uni). I think it's a good idea.


@ mark

I tend to agree with you on the plea. This may be a IT centered site but computer literate users are in the minority when you compare to all internet users out there. I personally bought a Mac and when I turned it on at home, hey presto, an Airport connection. I know better. It's not my wifi, it's the travel agencies across the hallway. But someone who doesnt know is gonna think it came with the computer. Now granted that UK law (and many other European laws as well) effectively penalises wifi mooching, but that doesn't mean it's a well-thought out law. Until the pre-computer generation is replaced by the one born during the information age, then we're certainly going to see a lot of piggybacking.

A solution would indeed be for the retailers to have the default settings so that you have to turn open your wifi to others as mark says rather than drawing up excessive regulation on the subject.

Sarko and Bruni take Ryanair for €60k


cashing it in

not to mention the fact that as of saturday (or was it monday??), bruni now goes by the name sarkozy and her 60k in damages will seemingly be split with her (shorter) second half. so really the title should read...Sarko & Sarko take Ryanair for 30k each.

... does that mean that her upcoming album will be signed carla sarkozy ? skulls because they are pirates of modern french politics.

All blue-eyed people share one common ancestor



@ Eh : what do you mean herb lore healers are scientists of yesterday? I object !

@ It was not some random mutation: agreed ! can i be Choclit the blue-basher side-kick?


@ bradshaw

"I would argue that it was a positive mutation, because the blue-eyed population (as a percentage of total population) has obviously grown since the initial mutation occurred."

But you forget that the population generally has certainly grown since the initial mutation and that therefore the growth in the number of blue-eyed people is probably relatively proportionate to the growth in the number of brown-eyed people.

Anyway, I'm all for brown eyes. We rock, like chocolate!

Russian FSB 'protecting' Storm Worm gang


agreed with shubin

Especially considering the US is still the number one ejaculator of malware into the not-so-virgin-come-cheap-ho that is the internet today. i blame yankee military (that's right arpanet, i blame you creeper).

419 scammers plead guilty in US



M2R ! How does one fall for a scammer named Jiggaman? That;s just taking the piss really.

California deploys dope-vending machines


@ AC @ me... misunderstood?

i wasn't arguing against the stoner... i was quoting the anti-cannabis lobbyist because i thought his/her remark was ludicrous. but i take no offence at your impertinent and misplaced insult. that would make me an idiot indeed.


@ the dude above and the re:re: legalise it and the one who started it

hear hear. if anyone is burying their head in the sand, it's most certainly you: "the anti-cannabis lobby have clear evidence that the public are not mature enough to make an informed decision on this matter".

indeed !

is bush mature enough to make an informed decision about starting wars for petrol?

are religious fanatics mature enough to make informed decisions about abortions, gay marriage or infidels?

are curare harvesting individuals mature enough to make informed decisions about shooting off poisoned blowpipe darts?

are YOU mature enough to make an informed decision before posting rubbish excuses about a relatively inoccous substance that may certainly cause some sort of secondary effects in a small portion of the population (which should effectively stay away from said substance)?

obviously not.


yes please

hopefully they will hire some bottom of the ladder civil servant who will lose the prescription database which he burnt on disc and forgot to send via registered post. that coupled with a quick fix cali style plastic surgery and pronto, you get a vending-machine come casino slot with guaranteed jackPot. chi-ching!

Dallas man accidentally shoots self in head


on switzerland

switzerland (i live there too) has very strict laws on the military weapons held by its men. every year, the case of ammo and the weapon is checked by the army. if so much as the ammo casing is broken, then the holder of the weapon is directly accountable. penalties can be very severe if the weapon is used or the ammo missing. and that's on top of the fact that the holder has a responsibility to ensure that his weapon isn't lying about. i know someone who had their cellar burgled and his weapon stolen. it was eventually retrieved by the police and the army came to his place to investigate whether he had effectively secured his weapon (even though he had been burgled). they checked the locks on the cellar, the doors, the entry to the building before finally discharging all blame.

so i think that when you have those kinds of checks on weapon holders, can you effectively change a culture and make them more conscientious.

UK gov sets rules for hacker tool ban



I do see what you are saying and I agree. What I wanted to say was that relative to laws on foreigners, Blocher's main argument for his party was centered on the expulsion of foreign criminals. I find that extremely un-democratic in the sense that foreigners pay a very high price for living and working in Switzerland, what with work and living permits among other taxes. And yet, the UDC would have liked to expulse foreigners committing crimes in Switzerland. So it's alright for foreigners to pay a fortune to the government and canton, but in return, they are not guaranteed justice but expulsion.

I have had many a heated debate with swiss (and swiss germans are the most adamant on this subject) that this policy is necessary in order to keep Switzerland swiss! And if the majority feel this way, then that is the way they will vote in a referendum.

So, yes, I do agree that they have a good system of government, but it is unfortunate that such nationalistic feelings should prevail in spite of (or pehaps because of) the wealth of the country.


@ Stephen Jenner

Switzerland may have an ideal type of government but watch out for those nationalist right wingers... i should know, i'm a foreigner living there and there are certainly too many Blocher supporters (even if he was ousted from the Council) and UDC lovers to make any foreigner comfortable... It's sad that such a 'just' government should breed such narrow mindedness in it's people.

Bikini-clad pin-ups cover old school jailbreak


well done!

if they managed to dupe the whole prison security system, i reckon they well deserve to get away. also, my judgement is biased after recently watching 3 seasons of OZ.

Gollum to play Haddock in Tintin


what what?

since when did tintin get an american passport to become a hollywood reporter? i must have missed that episode.

i would love them to do the story on the Lotus Bleu. that one was my favorite !

Lily Allen to judge Orange women's fiction award


@ Matt

well, i am not old enough to start a family and anyway, i don't see how having children is related to the argument i was making earlier. So your comment on 'stop making excuses and make a decision' is beyond the point. I was not arguing about choosing between career and children, i am talking about equality in salaries.

And i admit that i have only been working in 'white collar' jobs for 3 years. Even if my experience is limited, i can still read an organisational chart. When out of 30 odd people at the top of the pyramid, only one is a woman, well this makes me wonder how hard the competition will be to get up there.

Finally, i just want to say that i do deal with it. i was stating a simple fact that i have observed and my life goes on regardless of whether people choose to pretend that some discrimination is inexistent because they have never seen/heard it. Sure there is unequality in all classes/race/sex by all kinds of people. It's not because it exists in many cases, that it is excusable in any of them.


@ colin

fair enough. i was mostly responding to the comment

"ON average Men work more hours, and see their families less than women do.Work the same fucking hours and you'll get the same money."

although if that was a joke, well then slap me silly and call me paris hilton..


have to agree hollerith

i've worked in places ranging from your local shop to big multi-nationals.

on all my lowly paid jobs, men and women were relatively equal. but when you get to the big company/organisation, well there were much fewer women than men. Sure there are women managers, but organisations prefer to move them around vertically than up the ladder...

and that's beside the fact that women are often the target of seedy jokes and unfair judgment. if she makes a bad decision 'well what do you expect from a woman' and if she makes a good one 'well at least she's got some brains as well as an ass/titties/pretty face' (select appropriate).

i'm not all that bothered but i wanted to back hollerith on this point. there is certainly a wiff of inequality in the air that makes it necessary for women to fight harder... i personally think that's part of life and i deal with it, but it isn't always as easy or as fair as men think.


when women get paid as much as men...

... we will allow you to enter our 30k award ;)

*ducks and runs*

Megan's Law snafu fingered in rapist's murder



too many comments to find the one i wanted to quote but someone was saying something about murder being a harsher crime (fair enough) than rape and therefore the penalties should be proportionate to the crime.

none the less, the rape victim has to live the rest of their life with that rape, which to me seems like living death anyway, while the murder victim is dead and doesnt need to feel anything at all. shouldn't that call for the same type of penalty imposed on the perpetrator of a rape (and especially a repeat offender) as for murder? that is, aside from the death penalty, which I cannot agree with, but a life sentence...

oh, and ishkandar: you seem to forget that the US is only 200 or so years old and its population is most likely comprised of people representing all the races and ethnicities of all the other nationalities in the world, be they new immigrants or descendants, so 'your people', whoever they may be, probably killed the descendants of your own people.

Paris Hilton cavorts naked in middle of desert


brilliant, ham in a can !

oh wait, i thought that said prosciutto... dagnabit.

Newly-homeless kids get free iPod


@ AC @ Lizzie

same here... until I saw your post... hardy har har.

419ers flash big bucks cashcard




Probably akin to the afore-said 419eaters, but I have to put in a good word for Brad. I've lost many an office hour (and much credibility among my colleagues with muffled choking snortling) pouring over his correspondence with ignorant scammers. I do love that site :)

Cyber cold war fears grow


@ re: Estonia

interesting. is your paper online for public read? i myself am researching the difficulties of legislating cybercrime on an international front. can it be done, is it possible, bla bla bla. can i read your paper? if not, that's cool, i understand, but if i could that would be great!


have to agree

with amanfrommars. i dont know how many of the chinese population are logging on to amazon and ebay to buy bargain products for their xmas shopping... how many of them really have a bank account, let alone online banking or an internet connection at home. me thinks only people in shanghai and the big cities do (probably in the minority too) and they dont need to order online, they just go down to their local humongous mall to get all the electronics and counterfeit products they need...

and anyway, i hear the russian govt were behind the estonian attacks because they had removed some communist statue (lenin/stalin?) from the town center and it angered radical fascists (or so they claim that as the reason... probably just waiting for the opportune moment more like)...

French record industry, ISPs in entente to boot off file-sharers


not so good, but not better either...

I saw on (french) tv last night that France is the country where DVDs cost the most, at 24,99 euros. ouch.

Sarko, I can’t wait to work more, to earn less, to pay more, to give my tax breaks to the millionaires, to submit to a DNA test because my mommy didn’t change her Italian passport to a French one (EU and free movement of people, I blame you), to suffer police abuse and racism because my postcode isn’t from downtown. I’m so sad I couldn’t vote for you even though i've lived here for ever and this is my home...

Hackers re-poison Google search results


alternate computer or just search engine?

does that also working if you surf using a mac? or is this directed strictly at PCs? i read on bbc newspage that they indexed also on yahoo. what about if you search on blackle (which is what i use anyway)?

Facebook 'to drop' creeptech ad system


curious cats

facebook is for nosy gossipy cats anyway... the only reason to have an account is to poke about on everyone else's page and see what they're doing when where and how. and those apps only amplify that. i find it laughable that those same people are complaining about privacy. i have a facebook yet i fully assume the fact that whatever i put up there its for everyone to see... and whatever apps people add only goes to show how megalomaniac they are...

Mobe, mobe, mobe. There - we've said it



... that made my modnay ! nuff said.

Charlie Sheen in upside-down iPhone outrage


about placements

show me a hollywood blockbuster or american series where there isnt any product placement... the last james bond film was the longest advert i ever saw...

in the french speaking part of switzerland, we say Natel for mobile phone. and on the other side of the border they say Portable. i believe natel refers to the first brand of mobile phones introduced in this country... natel works for me thou :D

Wii grasses up cheating wife


who said...

... love only equals shagging? i dont believe you should confuse the 2... love goes much beyond sexuality... you don't shag your parents and yet ideally you love them both equally. so, i think that if tony really loved his wife, and she really loved him, they would find it in their hearts to forgive and stay together. war aint fun, but you deal with it as best you can...

(ducks for cover...)