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Missouri governor demands prosecution of reporter for 'decoding HTML source code' and reporting a data breach

Jim Hill

Truth in reporting, please.

It's idiot governor of Missouri.

'Build us a Death Star, President Obama' demand thousands

Jim Hill

Re: It's a joke

> Pseudo-Economic cranks like Krugman

So, the Nobel prize committee for economics are fools, then. (<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Krugman#Nobel_Memorial_Prize_in_Economic_Sciences>)

I never knew that before, I'm so glad there are people here with such a deep understanding..

Google spikes old MS file formats

Jim Hill

Headline's wrong, you just can't export _from_ g-docs in the old format

"Users no longer have the ability to download Google Docs in Office 1997-2003 format ".

Verizon dubs sec researchers 'narcissistic vulnerability pimps'

Jim Hill

Fully pathetic

So, if we strip out the hurled epithets and the gratuitous characterizations, the several missing entries in his list (how about the people who get sick of being stalled by some pompous corporate drone with a blog and a criminally-irresponsible product leaking people's secrets all over the net, who publish its weaknesses because they've tried everything else and none of it has met anything but the inimitable symptoms of mediocrities fully aware of their inadequacy desperately trying to bury yet further evidence -- what shall we call those people?), what's left?


Drones speak their own language. "Problem-makers" indeed. Guess whose problem got made? These guys have quite plainly been embarrassed, and given the fear implicit in their language I'll go for "humiliated", by an actually competent outsider who has no respect for their, uhhh, position. "Putting yourself in the position of managing the time"? Oh, NOES! "Arbitrarily" releasing info? It's "arbitrary", now, when about half the machines on the planet are wide gaping open and the people responsible refuse to fix it? On and on about "owners" and these "owners"' responsibilities to the people who own them, never mind the poor schmucks stuck using their product whose bank accounts are consequently wide open to anyone with the right nickels to rub together. These guys have blown right past drone. They're fully-converted corpodroids.

"If you too are tired of seeing criminals elevated to a podium of legitimacy and bestowed the same job title you possess" ... does _anyone_ doubt that the real crime involved here is making them look bad to their tribe?

Why the Advocate General got Google AdWords wrong

Jim Hill

How is AdWords not comparative advertising?

A Google search for a registered trademark will without doubt produce the trademark owner's site as the top hit, and it won't be an ad, it'll be a search result.

From the article:

"There are many circumstances where it is right and proper that third parties can use the registered trade mark of another, for example, in comparative advertising. These circumstances are set out in the Directive and elsewhere."

Since the trademark owners' data will always appear first and centrally, as the result of the search, alongside the AdWords ads that are segregated from and plainly not the search result, how are those ads not plainly offered to facilitate comparison?

A link to the source material -- the actual Directive -- would have been appreciated.

World goes mad as Bill and Jerry eat churros

Jim Hill

Mojave, Seinfeld appeal to ignorance

These allow people to do nothing more than look at the pretty face (and I really do like the frosted-glass effect) and kick the tires. The product interviews very well.

But the considered verdict on Vista is in: the market, at best, doesn't really care. Many of those who have spent the time on a real examination, far from just not particularly wanting it, have flatly rejected it.

Seems what's behind that frosted glass isn't so appealing.

Oracle 'cheated' in TPC benchmarks

Jim Hill

WTF? Nineteen Ninety Three?

If, fourteen years later, this is the newsmaker among Oracle's sins, I'm having a hard time finding a more convincing recommendation.


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