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Spend zero notes to take all notes with OneNote: Microsoft makes app free, builds it for OS X

Simon Redding

Was excited for a moment. Tried it out. It doesn't link up to notebooks on Office365, where I store all my OneNote stuff. Epic fail, Microsoft...

BlackBerry network goes titsup inopportunely AGAIN

Simon Redding

We're all out and have been all day

The majority of our 3,000 (yes, three thousand) handsets are failing to send, and are having really bad delays receiving incoming mail. They won't look up numbers off the BES either. I wonder if I can find an alternative use for mine?

In-house social media struggles in local government

Simon Redding

Email has to go!

Only one solution for it - axe the email system and replace with Yammer - it's miles better.

Particularly like the document reviewing functionality they've integrated from Crocodoc.

Greens threaten to sue over solar power cash slash

Simon Redding

Social enterprises and council housing

Another thing to add: the first projects to fold out of this cut are the installation of panels on social housing by housing associations and non-profit social enterprises. How does that fit with your "tax the poor" perspective?

WikiLeaks' Assange to be indicted for spying 'soon'

Simon Redding

WTF? Restricted access to his lawyer?

Yeah, that's perfectly normal in the UK judicial system - a bloke accused of a minor sexual assault gets put in solitary and his lawyer has difficulty seeing him...

Bending the UK judicial system to suit the USA is NOT acceptable.

Financial vice tightens on Wikileaks, hacktivistas retaliate

Simon Redding

Now VISA joins the sheep

Funny how google searches for "wikileaks site:visa.com" don't match any documents but "wikileaks visa" returns loads of news sites showing that VISA, MASTERCARD and PAYPAL have all withdrawn payment facilities.

Who's next? Western Union? MoneyGram?

Time to ask if we should be concerned about government control of financial duopolies like Visa/Mastercard...

Simon Redding

PayPal give me my money back

24 hours to clarify what "transaction completed" means really and who has the funds I remitted to Wau Holland Foundation (long live CCC), or the small claims court is coming your way.

Simon Redding


Terrorist target list my arse. I went and looked up my local "terrorist target", which admittedly is a site that could be at risk. However information about it is easily available already on http://www.hiberniaatlantic.com/ and wikipedia, including a more detailed grid reference than wikileaks gave (they redacted it down to the city name).

Toyota Auris hybrid e-car

Simon Redding

So where do I plug it in?

I've got a 3500Wp solar farm on my house roof. How do I connect this useless bit of petrol-driven junk to it to drive on sun-power?

Google Apps rubber-stamped for use by US gov

Simon Redding

UK version

Where's the UK version for the G-Cloud, Eric?

Certification by the CESG for PROTECT-COMMERCIAL or less would be fine...

Government WEEE's advisory board on quango bonfire

Simon Redding

Get your facts straight

You're off by about £8m p.a. - they admitted straight away this would just save £600k, and your article was out of date before it was published.

WAB is an industry-led technical forum which is currently putting together re-use protocols to stop electronic waste being shipped to African beaches under the guise of charitable donations. That's a very important thing, and scrapping it without thinking is pretty dumb.

Apple lifts iPhone code ban (for chosen few)

Simon Redding
Jobs Horns

HTML5 & Javascript

So cross-platform scripting is fine as long as you have implemented all of the interpreter and are an evangelist for the cross-platform scripting languages? At least be consistent, Steve!

Pirate Bay now run from Pirate Party 'mountain bunker'

Simon Redding

Free Beer

Did you mean free as in beer or free as in speech?

I don't think you can download beer from PirateBay...

Google goes cycling

Simon Redding

There's already a production system for this

In the UK, www.cyclestreets.net is already in place, and has an excellent cycle-oriented routing engine that gives options of the level of traffic you can manage and factors in the gradient profile of the route to optimise it & estimate timing. It's based on openstreetmap/opencyclemap data, which for cycling in the UK is of *far* better quality than Google's mapping.



BNP pleads for cash after reported DDoS assault

Simon Redding

And they're off again...

Just in from Rapidshare:

Do not reply to this e-mail - you can add to this ticket online at:


The client hosting the material you raised this abuse report about has

indicated that they are in the process of resolving the original problem. You

will be informed when they have completed this work. You do not need to take

any action, but if you want to add to the ticket, click the link above and we

will relay your comments to the client.

Client Response Follows:


We're a registered UK political party and this is its official website. If these allegations were true we could not be standing for election.

I'm sorry that RapidSwitch are receiving threats such as this. We've already agreed to move to another host by the end of the day (ticket IOZ-KHFC-IDQV) because our opponents were resorting to DDoS attacks which RapidSwitch are unable to deal with these on our current hosting package.

HP animates sleeping ProLiant power cap

Simon Redding

C7000 power supplies

It actually has six power supplies, not two.

Boeing faces jumbo problem over US aerial raygun fleet

Simon Redding

You're five days early!

April Fool!

Remembering the Commodore PET 2001

Simon Redding

Music to my ears

After learning to program on a KIM-1, this was paradise. No more hex operands...

I spent a few good years programming these - they got quite good with the 2048 etc.

The highlight for me was getting software to run on the embedded 6502 controller in the external SCSI hard disk drive and banging the heads with varied delays to make music. Needless to say it wasn't my system...