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Steerable bullet aims for mass army deployment

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this makes me think of that movie from 1984 "runaway" with Tom Selleck. the had bullits like that...

Frisco fanboi frenzy on 'iPad Day'

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what a sad day, what a bunch of fools!!!!!

Virgin signals start of telegraph pole broadband test

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telephone ploes

Here in Canada it may not be practical, we have some nasty ice storms and up to -40 and we still have thousands of people without power on the east coast. if it works great.

Stone Fox, the first floor is the ground floor. you must have some confused elevators over there :)

'I'm an IT worker not an assassin'

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@blod: Ethnic Cleansing

you obviously have no clue when it comes to histroy. If you bothered to check your facts instead of reading the timesonline.co.uk you would know there has never been a Palestinian state. Gaza was part of egypt, and the west bank was part of Jordan. I am not sure which UK law you are refering to, but the british empire has commited more human rights violations against the native populations of many countries with no compensation. British palistine was partitioned not by British government but the UN. shortly after israels formation, Israel was attacked by Egypt, Syria, and Jordan and they are the ones that lost the land everyone now calls Occupied territories. The jews have been on that land for thousands of years, and have as much right to the land as any arab.

Just goes to show how one article from a tabloid newspaper can make people think every word written is truth...

Defects in e-passports allow real-time tracking

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Jobs Horns

dont be surprised

in 10 years we will have them implanted in our bodies...

IBM claims patents promote open-source love

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would you really want a colonoscopy without the jelly?

Reg competition: Cisco goes isup

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Paris Hilton

Missing t

new webmaster spent too much time looking at Paris pictures. At first the "t" was stuck and thats all he would get, after cleaning the keyboard "t" only works with Shift...

Registrars turn blind eye to sites selling illegal steroids

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Are these guys serious?

they want to blame a company that converts a name to an IP address? they say that the companies that host spammers websites are the ones that sell cheep domain names? Whats thier solution raise the cost of domain names? If they want to blame the people that sold me my domain names, then get the politicians to change the laws. and while your at it, what about drug dealers that wear hoodies?

Jobs bars 3G Jesus Phone sales at Canuck Apple Stores

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Iphone and rogers / Cantel were made for each other. now I am not a huge fan of any wireless service in Canada, but rogers tops the list of companies that treat thier customers with total contempt. They would promise thier phone works in the middle of the praries 400 KM's from any cell tower and when you get home they would say your locked in for 3 years, then promise the same thing to your uncle that lives next door, except knock off $10 / month because of the stories you told him. If Jesus lived in Canada he would have a land line!

Why I downgraded from Vista to XP

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customers should stop bitching and learn a little

If you look at the specs for Server 2003, I believe its about 800mhx PIII and 256 MB of ram. Why dont business still have PIII's as servers? yes it runs, but not with 50 users connected. It is the same with Vista, Xp, 2K. It may run, but not at top performance. the problem is les M$ than it is the people selling the hardware. go to any Best Buy, Futureshop (in Canada) and the sales staff will tell you that not only will you be able run every program in the world at the same time. It is profit driven so these companies can ditch old products. do some reasearch before buying, ya dont buy a pinto to go to the race track.

AMD datacenters more loyal but rare

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amd vs intel

i would like to see a survey about how many of the amd die hards run linux and are die hard linux fans, I work in an intel only shop and all the die hard amd fans are die hard linux fans

just curios?????


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