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US Federal Trade Commission shuts down ISP



Read it again mate. I get the impression that th intended meaning was more along the lines of:

"there was text on the dodgy sites that promised illegal kiddy porn pics"

rather than the pics themselves being promising.

Police union leader calls for 'killer games' sales ban


Ban em all!

Funnily enough, whenever I feel a strong urge to shoot some Germans I dig out my copy of return to castle wolfenstein for a bit.

I can't guarantee that banning 'killer games' would lead to me (or anyone else with similar urges) heading off to Germany with a rifle but when a chance to remove a probable cause exists, it must be used. Therefore we surely must ban video game bans.

Joke alert just in case Big Brother is watching and the swat team are just around the corner.

Tiscali shares suspended on titsup fears


two can play...

Despite my best intentions to resist marketing urges, I see Mr Rogers' affiliate link made it through moderation and have therefore decided to abandon all urge resistance forthwith. Therefore -

If you're with tiscali (or any other ISP) and you'd like to have an internet connection with a company that prides itself on customer service (94% of respondents in a recent customer survey say they'd be glad to recommend the service to others, excellent reports in a consumer magazine that i'm not allowed to name (bah!), UK call centre that answered 90% of support calls last year within 15 seconds) then you could do worse than checking out http://www.telecomplus.org.uk/C13976

oh, you can get 5% off your shopping in bunch of high street stores as well.

/end marketting blurb.

sorry, had to get it out of my system :-)

mine's the one with the 'utility warehouse authorised distributor' logo.

Paris Hilton

@I work for openreach...

I'm a distributor and customer with the Utility Warehouse discount club, I can recommend them and generally do on a regular basis (kinda the whole point of the distributor thing really). 'course, I don't s'pose El Reg likes people spamming the comments section with affiliate links and things, so I will resist the urge :-(

Paris, 'cos she could do with resisting the occasional urge.

Music industry's Irish ISP shakedown letter leaked



so where should I send the invoince in respect of the new keyboard you owe me?

Brit, French nuke subs collide - fail to 'see' each other


Beneath the atlantic?

Some new kind of sub with tunnelling devices perhaps?

25 years of Macintosh - the Apple Computer report card


@Ivan Headache (again)

Fair enough.

I can't really comment on apple's products life span as I don't have much experience of them. I do find, in general, that life span is frequently dictated by lazy software developers rather than hardware death (xbox + rrod excluded perhaps). Software for windows platforms tend to be developed with easy ram upgrades considered more favourable than efficient code. Maybe with Macs there's more of an attitude to make it work on the kit that came out of the box.

As far as i'm aware my old Amiga 1200 still works. Not sure id try to get it to run any software from the last 10 years or so :)

Personally i'm neither pro or anti apple, I use some of their products, I don't use others. I do enjoy baiting the apple evangalists in my company though, just because I find their smug attitude irritating (the 'i'm a PC' ads really didn't help - had I been considering a mac at the time that alone would have been off putting simply for being so childish).

Regarding the missing apple key, surely there should be some sort of inquiry. Is there no governing body we can turn to to prevent such ludicrous changes?


@ Ivan Headache

I could be mistaken, but i'd say the answer to most (or all) of your "how come... ?" questions is fairly obvious....

"after working in mac support for 15 years"

you're hardly going to get calls from people asking to buy windows machines are you?

Perhaps experiences of vendor agnostic IT types may differ somewhat from your own.

Hitler had one ball: Official

IT Angle

yet another variation...

Hitler has only got one ball

Rommel has got two but small

Himmler is very sim'lar

and Goeballs has no balls at all.

hmm, no icon for nazi genitalia?

MPs decry Heathrow T5 fiasco

Paris Hilton

say what?

"Maybe the reality of the baggage that people put into the system was more diverse than our tests represented."

Ok, we have *object* + label. Label dictates where *object* goes. Nature of *object* is more or less irrelevant right? what am I missing?

paris because... um... she always knows where to put diverse objects.

EA in Spore DRM climbdown

Thumb Down


"To make amends, EA said on Friday it will roll out an update for Spore that eliminates several points of contention."

Oooh, now I'm thinking about getting a copy.


"site moderators seem to be threatening to deactivate user accounts that post complaints about the game's DRM – saying in some cases users would need to purchase a fresh copy to play Spore."

And now i'm not.

World of Warcraft upkeep costs only $200m



"Why people are apparently happy to pay so much is beyond me..."

I always used to think of it in terms of cost per hour of entertainment. My £9 ish monthly fee bought me maybe 20 hours of entertainment (some people play a LOT more). That works out at less than 50p per hour. Compared to some other forms of entertainment like dvd rental/pay per view TV etc, that's bloody cheap.

Parents plant spyware to snare sex predator

Paris Hilton

Great... now it's okay for parents to monitor their child's activities

Come to think of it, when i was a child playing in the street with friends, one of my parents would always be at the door/window keeping an eye on me.

Oh the humanity! How will I ever overcome this invasion of my privacy?

Paris, cos she's had her 'privacy' invaded once or twice.

North Carolina targets WTF licence plates


wtf? (well... what else?)

I wonder how the World Taekwondo Federation feel about their name being considered offensive.

SMS addiction awakens 'sleep-texting' phenomenon


I wonder if i'll be able to go to work in my sleep one day

"I do have a nasty habit of killing the alarm clock and going back to sleep and not remembering however"

I reached the point some time ago where I could get out of bed, walk accross the room, turn off the alarm and go back to bed without, to the best of my knowledge, ever waking up. I now change my alarm clock every year or so, which seems to prevent me getting so used to any given alarm that my reactions bypass the conscious mind.

Lost count of the number of times over the years that I've responded to early morning questions with complete gibberish 'cos the brain's not quite in gear yet. Mildly embarrassing but quite amusing at times.

Mother pleads not guilty in cyber-bullying suicide test case



"Posed as a16-year-old boy on the social networking site and drew 13-year-old Megan Meier into a romantic relationship" - pretend for a moment that line was written about a 49 year old man and see if you can think of a law or two to prosecute under...

"After feigning interest in the girl for several weeks" (with the express intention of breaking it off to cause maximum emotional harm) - where I come from child abuse is illegal and can be psychological as well as physical.

frankly, lying about her age to MyShit should be the least of her worries.

Teen battles City of London cops over anti-Scientology placard

Black Helicopters

@Joe Carter

Funny you should say that, I seem to recall a particularly nice band t-shirt (cradle of filth?) with 'Jesus is a cu*t' printed clearly on the back. Apparently the t-shirt is now banned and at least one person got nicked for wearing it - 80 hours community service for a t-shirt... gits.

Chinese boffins in copper nanotubes acronym outrage



I wonder if any chinese boffins are working on quadruple in-line memory modules.. i've been waiting years.