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Vodafone emboldened by Orange's BlackBerry Bold woes


Shared 3G network

Wait a minute, don't Orange and Vodafone have a shared 3G network?!!

Pioneer Kuro PDP-LX5090 plasma HD TV


@Graham Lockley

Very true, most of the time you end up watching SD material, because (at the moment) there isn't much HD.

But now having a 42" Pioneer Kuro TV, when you sit back and enjoy the rare, but truly great HD material, such as the live Glastonbury Verve set recently (BBC HD), you really do get a huge smile on your face. A smile that just probably wouldn't be as big as if you had bought any LCD or most other Plasma's.

These TV's are just amazing.

The smiley face just doesn't do it justice.

UK electricity crisis over - for now


re: Re: Low Volts ---> High Amps?

I'm not sure how lowering the voltage on the grid, which is supplied to the REC (regional electric companies) has any effect. The REC's have automatic equipment to vary the voltage supplied out to their customers so that it's maintained at a near constant level.

This accounts for peek supply times of, e.g. Dinner Time, where otherwise when the power demand increases the supply voltage would drop.

So I some how doubt that the end customer would have noticed a voltage drop at all. And as other posted have commented, a lower grid voltage would reduce the efficiency of the high voltage distribution system ...

Some how I don't think the PR person who gave the quote understands the systems.

SMS costs more than using Hubble Space Telescope

Paris Hilton

MMS messaging

At about double or triple the cost of SMS messages; MMS (100k) messages are over 700 times larger than SMS (140byte) messages.

MMS messages (AKA Picture messaging) can go to over 300K between most opperators.

But by the time you've typed in 384K of War and Peace in TXT SPK your thumbs will be quite a bit shorter.

Paris, because she knows how to send picture messages, as the world found out 3 years ago...

Four 1TB hard drives on test


old stye 4-pin HD connectors

I must say I think that a hard supplied with the old style 4-pin power connector is a bonus. The sata connectors are so fragile and I've heard several reports of the connectors failing :(

WD also have there secure connect system that makes the sata data connection much more robust.

As others have commented having a cooler/quiet/greener hard drive can be a major plus, so I would have liked to see the data for these in the review.

It's a shame that you can't get reliability figures to add into the review as well, I guess we would have to wait a few years thou :(

Bank turns London man into RFID-enabled guinea pig



Time to get a lead lined wallet ...

What ever happened to the Mondex scheme where the payment card was pre-charged with money up to a limit the user was happy with?

Microsoft takes a shine to Logitech?


keybs vs mouses

I must say of the two keyboards I bought in the last year the MS keyboard is much nicer to use that the logitech.

The feel of the keyboard is much more satisfying to use.

The logitech also has the stupid arrangement of the insert/delete/home/end/pg up/pg dn keys in a vertical stack instead of the normal horizontal arrangement. But I see some of the MS keyboards now have this arrangement too :(

However I still think Logitech mouses are much better ...

Google spanks memory, disk and networking vendors

Thumb Up

hard drives

I recently bought a pair of 500GB hard drives and read up the reviews on several models.

Instead of going for the fastest model, I decided to go for the ones that drew the least power in the idle state. figuring that the drives would be running nearly continously for the next 3 - 5 years (hopefully). the drives also had the lowest running temp.

Interestingly the drives under heavy read/write wern't the most energy efficient.

So it goes to show that some manufactures are trying to improve the green credentials a bit.

Microsoft kills Santa Claus



C:\WINDOWS>ping santa

Ping request could not find host santa. Please check the name and try again.

Queues start a day ahead of UK iPhone arrival


re 6-02

The reason for 2 minutes past six, just think of the name of the network operator...

Personaly I won't be queuing for an iPhone, since I'm very happy with pretty much all the iPhone features (and some more) on my little 3G sony ericsson w880i.