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Ten of the best... noise-isolating earphones

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Only a tosser would spend that much money on a pair of earphones

Copyright cops launch MS-happy software compliance tool

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it is on piratebay

grab a copy from piratebay

Man buys $1,000 worth of iPhone pixels by accident

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enough said

Net shoppers bullied into being Verified by Visa

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dude, you should stop being a anal retentive and just enrol. Resistance is futile!

Unencrypted traveler data laptop disappears then reappears

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another example of

war-on-terror gravy train.

Anonymous relaunches fight against Scientology

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Anonymous v. Scientologists

a bunch of morons v another bunch of morons

Wünderbra! German policewomen take 'Action Brassiere'

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Sarah Bee

is the last person in the world to talk about boobs, or the lack thereof

Only 'unlawful threats' would invalidate McKinnon extradition

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what the courts decide, or if there is a court; Americans get what Americans want. If not at court with a black helicopter.

US man cuffed for executing lawnmower

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6 years's not enough

It is was the lawnmower this time. What if he was 'pissed' with his neighbour next time? Lock him up, lock him up for good.

eBay auction fraudster jailed for four years

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40 fictitious eBay and PayPal identities?

business as usual at the market place then?


"...and I don't make anywhere near $138,400 a year!"

maybe because you have the mentality to prefer a jail cell over hard work to earn a living?

How to beat AVG's fake traffic spew

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someone at AVG

pissed of some el reg guy badly me thinks. That is the 3rd article in a week :)

New York talks net giants into child pornography crackdown

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French are a bunch of lazy, smelly, bunnyloving bastards.

"Today, the French government ordered ISPs to block ...content involving ... racial hatred."

So by that measure, French ISPs must blocks access to this post.

Politicians of all countries should be banned from making any decisons regarding Internet and the related technologies, which clearly they don't understand. They should also refrain from making any statements related to Internet so not to make obvious the cluless clowns they are!

Mobile operators team up against child abuse

john doe

how about...

snuff, beheading videos, hate speech, political propaganda?...Total BS. Filters do not work; ask any teenager. Besides, who would be the authority to decide what goes in the list and what doesn't, who keeps it up-to-date?

eBay gets negative feedback about ban on negative feedback

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"...It's a real sh't forcing all sellers to display physical addresses, ..."

Not all sellers. Business sellers only. If you are really selling odds and ends only the winning bidder will see your address, otherwise... welcome to the business world. Next you will start paying Taxes as well, rightly so.

Exploding Flash catalogue rocks Dutch e-commerce site

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like Paris

all show, no substance

Google approaching world domination

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small change for Gates

Is this the world's most expensive desktop PC?

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look @@

I took a dump and stuck a stick of RAM on it. On sale for $500K

VOIP and the web baffle Brit spook wiretappers

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"...ability to intercept conversations and messages is seriously undermined by internet-protocol (IP) communications..."

Awww! we will stop using it then so you snoops can do a better job. FO!

Spammers dive into Google's lucky dip

john doe

are you feeling lucky punk?

what is the purpose of it anyways? save a click after searching? Just remove the damn thing and be done with it. Also give the most useless idea award to whoever came up with the idea!

Skype Trojan wiretap plan leaks onto the net

john doe

the key phrase is

...eBay subsidiary. nuff said

Data centre looted in multimillion pound overnight heist

john doe

no data was taken?

yeah, right. Did they scrub the data before removing the hardware?

Microsoft readies seven patches for Tuesday

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...Vista, which was designed

from scratch to be Microsoft's most secure OS...." roflmao

Wikipedia black helicopters circle Utah's Traverse Mountain

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Come on people...

let Jimmy Wales and his henchmen teach the 'truth' to the next generations.

Tiscali in shock customer satisfaction win

john doe

you gotto be kidding...

who did they ask? penguins?

Codemasters sets legal dogs on file-sharers

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a pathetic attempt by...

Logistep. Shame on CodeMasters for involving with those snake-oil dealers

Secret mailing list rocks Wikipedia

john doe

all are equal....

but some are more equal than others...pompous asses...

john doe

secret/ private mailing list?

typical illuminati syndrome. the wikipedia should be completely transparent. I spent a couple hours every week to contribute what I can but now learning all this "behind the closed doors" activity, I will never ever contribute anything. I call everyone to boycott wikipedia until these power hungry, corrupt, self-righteous, hypocrites are removed completely, that is, everyone who were registered on that mailing list!!!!!!!

Kindle ain't no e-book reader

john doe

...advert can appear... (just like this article)

hah! you gotta be kidding! ever heard of AdBlock Plus?

Gene Simmons blames college kids for ruining music biz

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Gene, KISS my ass

you talentless freak

Camelot pulls scratchcard amid numerical anarchy

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Tina Farrel from Levenshulme is a moron

one day her grand children will read about this incident and hide in shame their relationship to her

Website for computer security experts hacked

john doe

honeypot my as*!

well and truly pwned

16,000 namesakes cry foul over US terror watch list

john doe

so Javaid has carte blanche now...

"...And Javaid's passport now contains a sticker saying he has undergone highlevel security checks...."

So the terrorists can now employ namesakes and end up with one operative with warrant and another one with a cool sticker on his passport.