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Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard - Finder

Ellen Wolfenden

RE last post

Sorry, I get it. It's a beta version right? I need to wait for 10.5.1 and just hope my old iMac lasts out..... a few more weeks?

Ellen Wolfenden

OS X.5 disappointment

Hello, I've just found your nice website when I googled OSX.5 Leopard Crash, (because I wondered if anyone else was feeling disappointed)

I've been using OS X.1.5 since it came out and my machine has crashed 3 times in say 6 years. It then started crashing about once a day 2 weeks ago. So, I bought a new Mac and intalled Leopard a few days ago.

My new machine crashed yesterday and 3 times already today.

What on Earth is going on?!

Yours confusedly and disappointedly

PS I'm a primary school teacher not a techy so it well maybe some thing I've done - I just expected the Mac to be more robust.


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