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JavaScript survey: Devs love a bit of React, but Angular and Cordova declining. And you're not alone... a chunk of pros also feel JS is 'overly complex'

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Re: Yeah...

It also means that you're probably gonna have to do some job hopping, just to keep up with the breadth of different tech stacks out there. That hurt me last time I was looking for a job: I'd been at my previous job for too long, and I was good at the tech they used, but there's just so much out there that I'd never had a chance to try out.

Of course, you often have to change jobs a lot if you want to be paid what you're actually worth, because hardly anyone gives real raises and promotions these days...

AMD: New Trinity laptop chips out-juice Intel graphics

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Spoiler alert!

Intel still wins on CPU performance, AMD still wins on IGP vs. IGP gaming performance.

So which will you be doing more on your next laptop: compressing videos, or playing games?

(The best performance is, of course, an Intel CPU + a dedicated GPU, but your battery life will be lower and your wallet will be lighter.)

Sprint CEO admits WiMAX gamble didn't pay off

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Not WiMax's fault

Don't blame the technology, Sprint, blame yourselves.

If Sprint hadn't made the utterly brain-dead decision to buy Nextel (Alltel or even US Cellular would have been a much better choice) and lost a huge number of subscribers as a result, they would've had enough money to have WiMax rolled out in all major markets by late 2009. The technology was ready, but Sprint wasn't.

Mozilla dons grass skirt with near-ready Thunderbird 3.1 release

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Sure you can.

Above the list of accounts/folders, there's two arrows. Click them until you're in the Smart Folders mode. There's your global inbox.

Mozilla unveils cure for Web 2.0 world run amok

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Does anyone actually think most web developers will ever bother with this? I mean, half of them can't be arsed to validate their code, let alone make use of an opt-in security feature like this.

Mozilla plans to tie Firefox 3.7 pigtails in pretty Ribbon

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Works for me!

The problem with IE7 wasn't that they removed the menu bar, it was that they did a shitty job of *replacing* it. The menu bar provided a way to access functionality, and MS provided no simple, obvious way to access much of that functionality without it. And Google did an even worse job with Chrome - a year after release I still can't figure out how to do a lot of things I want to with Chrome.

*IF* Mozilla provides a good way to access all of the functionality provided by the menu bar, then good riddance to it! Menu bars are almost inevitably cluttered, and take up more screen real estate than they're worth. That's a big 'if', though.

(We now return you to your regularly scheduled chorus of idiots whining about having to use a better interface because it's different from what they learned in 1993.)

Music DRM 'dead by next summer'

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Regarding what format downloads should be in, the sad thing is that allofmp3 already had it figured out years ago. They had a system setup so that for most of the tracks they 'sold', you could choose your format. Vorbis, FLAC, pretty much any codec of note they offered.

The most I'd be willing to pay for lossy-encoded music is maybe $2-3 per album. And even then, I'd probably still just stick with whatever I can download from a p2p network. Lossless encodes, on the other hand, I'd be willing to pay double that price for, and maybe more.


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