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World's top AI chatbots have no problem parroting Russian disinformation

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you'd hope the bots would be able to disprove or argue against any and all bogus Russian claims

Well that's because you hope that AI is "Actually Intelligent"

Italian premier taps Pope Francis to warn G7 of AI disaster if ethics ignored

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Re: Best narrator voice

So, Werner Herzog it is. Although Philomena Cunk would be just as good.

Cheyenne supercomputer sells at auction for just $480K

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Re: Est. 1931


Established when Philip Glass and Steve Reich were sharing an apartment.

Australia’s spies and cops want ‘accountable encryption’ - aka access to backdoors

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As far as I can tell, if we had some sort of magic gate that only allowed the good guys through, we'd have no worries about this sort of thing anyway.

Kind of like a Maxwell's daemon, but for data. Seems like a great idea, apart from Newton's second law...

(the lesson for today is entropy, and it's what I'm agin')

Willy Wonka event leaves bitter taste with artificially sweetened promises

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ok, so this wasn't a success

but there's plenty of other Roald Dahl stories that can be, em, "brought to life". Anyone fancy paying me to do a live show at their local Sainsbury's? I guarantee you will not be disappointed with my production of "Tales of the Unexpected Item in Bagging Area"

Japan to allow limited rideshare services starting April 2024

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Re: Good luck with that!

It's not only that. If you want to be a "scofflaw" (as per the article) in Japan, you either strike out on your own (high risk, high reward, particularly attractive to western immigrants) or roll in with the existing local grey/black economy. (or do some other lower-level shit like promoting bitcoin or selling pornography). And if you're a non-western immigrant, you just keep your nose down and do your regular (healthcare, restaurant, combini, etc.) job so that you can eventually gain citizenship (and besides, you're not going to be able to change jobs without putting your visa at risk).

This foreign attempt at setting up a new grey economy is destined to fail.

Japanese brewery using generative AI to dream up new beverages

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bucky + soda stream

as title

'Return to Office' declared dead

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Re: Loud minority


"Down with the blackleg," surely? (I can't believe I had to apply the strike tag and all)

(Yes, "There is power in a factory, power in the land, power in the hands of a worker" but you are misquoting)

AI threatens to automate away the clergy

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Re: Surprised....


I checked it to make sure I was right, but for a while there I couldn't decide which order was correct. Letter blindness set in.

Share your 2024 tech forecasts (wrong answers only) to win a terrible sweater

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web4 succeeds!

... but before we can enjoy it we all die a femtosecond later, smeared into the lambo event horizon

Revival of Medley/Interlisp: Elegant weapon for a more civilized age sharpened up again

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LISP never really grabbed me

Prolog, on the other hand... Paraphrasing Alice, it's a poor sort of predicate that only works with call by (already-instantiated) value.

BOFH: Groundbreaking discovery or patently obvious trolling?

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Re: Ideal platform

It sounds like the ideal platform for performing fuzzy logic.

Yeah, but on a mobile device in bed

(someone should patent that, quick)

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Setun up for us, will you?

X looks back at year of so-called 'engineering excellence' under Musk

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Re: So pay to play

At least Hercules cleaned out the Augean stables. I don't see any shit being cleaned out on Twitter.

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Re: Move on already

*Weyland-Yutani (FTFY)


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It is pitch black.

You are likely to be eaten by a grue.

Elon Musk launches his own xAI biz 'to understand reality'

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Re: There’s that term again

gotta get up,

gotta get out

gotta get home

before the morning comes

what if I'm late

got a big day

gotta get home

before the sun comes up


Free Wednesday gift for you lucky lot: Extra mouse button!

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Re: shift-insert for paste

Unfortunately, not all apps implement shift-insert in the same way. I would love it if all apps pasted what you have just highlighted (ie, do the same as mouse middle click), but Firefox, for one, pastes the contents of the main copy/paste buffer.

At least shift-insert works the way I want in terminal programs. It's particularly handy for mouse-free copy and paste between an emacs buffer and a terminal. Still very useful if I have to use mouse to select text in other source apps.

Boss such a tyrant you need a job quitting agent? It works in Japan

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Re: taishoku daiko - the actual mechanics?

I am rather curious as how the taishoku daiko perform their task. In person? Can imagine it would be excruciatingly formal.

Not only in terms of business etiquette, there's also a higher level of language formality to deal with. Sounds like a difficult job all right.

Apologies JP speakers if I have commited a "the hoi polloi" on "the taishoku daiko."

No, it's not a "the hoi polloi" error on your part ("hoi" literally translating to "the?"). Japanese has no definite or indefinite articles, so when translating from Japanese to English it's OK to add one or some other surrogate word ("these", "such") as appropriate.

Creator of Linux virtual assistant blames 'patent troll' for project's death

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I guess you mean s/invidious/vexatious/?

The Twitpocalypse may have begun, as datacenter migration reportedly founders

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Re: Unrelated to this story,

I think there's been more than just two stories recycled over the last few weeks...

Twitch bans AI-generated Seinfeld show for making transphobic jokes

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Re: Is the intelligence really artificial?

like "The Puerto Rico Day" or whatever they called it?

(obviously not trans- or homo- phobic, but extremely dismissive of Puerto Ricans)

No more free API access, says Twitter: You pay for that data

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Re: They just did this in the wrong order

Yeah, and Travis Bickle was organasized.

(I don't know what kind of point I'm trying to make here, tbh)

It's been 230 years since British pirates robbed the US of the metric system

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Re: Learn both?

"you had to guess if it looked new enough to be km."

You mean you didn't notice that the new signs were a different colour?

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"forced to glide the aircraft, containing 69 souls"

While we're on the subject of archaic units of measurement ...

Tone deaf? Microsoft must have booked Sting for Davos because he's a good singer

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"the do do do, the 'da, da, da'"

Sorry, Comrade. (no, we won't be reimbursing you for burial expenses)


Time Lords decree an end to leap seconds before risky attempt to reverse time

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Re: Didn't someone previously propose

mmmm... if I could still edit, I'd move that "presumably" up a bullet point...


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Re: Didn't someone previously propose

No, what's "clunky" is that the OP:

* thought that some post was interesting

* (presumably) reached into his/her knowledge of Japanese and pulled out "omoshiroi"

* decided to post it using Japanese script (mostly .... that space between the words tells a different story, though; I call cut and paste)

* added a superfluous attempt at "being polite" (as they imagined they should) (that "desu")

Other low-effort interpretations are possible, but they mainly revolve around the OP not really knowing Japanese.

If something is genuinely interesting and you want to express it in Japanese, it's just 面白い (+ Japanese exclamation mark, which I'm not set up for at the moment). Same as "itai", "mazui", "umai", and so on. Tacking on unnecessary "politeness" defeats the purpose and actually sounds sarcastic.

Frumious Bandersnatch

Re: Didn't someone previously propose

面白い + です = grammar fail, sorry.

omoshoroi no desu, otoh ... (or even "omoshirou gozaimasu" if you're a certain kind of purist/pedant)

Twitter is suffering from mad bro disease. Open thinking can build it back better

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Re: Immunize the Mastodon

Yeah, deserves an eschaton of upvotes.

NSA urges orgs to use memory-safe programming languages

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Re: Best of all

Yeah, I agree. My objection against Rust was somewhat confected. I'm really a Rust fan, but I think that it's always good to preserve the "Reflections On Trust" Advocate position.

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Re: Best of all

The advice is sound. Given that memory corruption often allows RCE, it makes sense to use a language where memory corruption is simply not a concern.

But even rust grandfathers C/C++'s (what you might call) cargo cultism around order of execution (memory barriers and whatnot). The problem is that order of execution is a non-trivial (unsafe) problem where you're cribbing from C/C++, where your compiler can't check for non-compliance when it comes to translation of the standard, and the CPU can make up its own mind ...

But yeah, in general Rust is a whole lot better. Just not perfect.

Microsoft's Lennart Poettering proposes tightening up Linux boot process

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Re: *I* propose ...

He's clearly never heard of "least privileges"

"Zero Truss" as we call it around these parts...

(too soon? too late? Welcome to Groundhog day...)

Removing an obsolete AMD fix makes Linux kernel 6 quicker

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Re: The older the OS...

Upvoted for the use of the "Þ" and knowing NOT to put a "Y" there instead.

Yes, shout-out for thorne!

That emoji may not mean what you think it means

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Re: Eggplant

And of course this is highly variable depending on the country or your specific ingroup. In Japan the poop emoji can mean 'lucky'.

Yeah, but the kou'un -> unkou -> unko passage is pretty twisty...

China's blockchain boosters slam crypto as Ponzi scheme

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Re: Dumb as a sack of rocks

(sorry ... wrong conman ... but still worth reading up on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Victor_Lustig)

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Re: Dumb as a sack of rocks

Speaking of Ponzi and the Brooklyn Bridge, the Eiffel Tower is still standing as far as I know


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Re: "Blockchains have a useful purpose outside of crypto."

which reminds me of a comment about religion and morality ... "name me one ethical/moral problem that religion solves that isn't solvable by Humanism?"

Bitcoin is just another cult, IMO.

Unbelievably clever: Redbean 2 – a single-file web server that runs on six OSes

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Re: Clever work around for artificial incompatibility

"COM" is a "file format" in the same way as a Bash script is a file format: it's not.

All it is is a file extension to denote files that, by convention contain machine instructions.

I love the Linux desktop, but that doesn't mean I don't see its problems all too well

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Re: Computing smarts in the cloud

well if it doesn't hold for you, you're probably holding it wrong

Symbiote Linux malware spotted – and infections are 'very hard to detect'

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Re: Detection is trivial

Even simpler: `touch apache2start; ls apache2start && echo ok`

BOFH: Where do you think you are going with that toner cartridge?

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Re: Vengeance

No, I think you'll find that he had a ragged right.

Perl Steering Council lays out a backwards compatible future for Perl 7

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Re: Backwards compatibility

Feel free to report the broken example (politely) to https://github.com/perlorg/perlweb. The fix is "use feature 'say';"

Or use the `-E` flag to Perl somewhere. Or, more neatly, specify what the minimum required Perl version is for your code, eg:

use v5.10;

Use `perldoc feature` to see what new optional features are available in your perl and what version they first appeared in.

Original killer PC spreadsheet Lotus 1-2-3 now runs on Linux natively

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I dunno if I'm in the right time zone, but ... NJStar, MultiEdit and ... Freemacs?

everything's a bit hazy after DesqView...

Jeffrey Snover claims Microsoft demoted him for inventing PowerShell

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Re: At the risk of being downvoted to hell

> Bring back DCL

Rexx here, please.

The wild world of non-C operating systems

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great memory lane

... but you had me at Wirthers.

IPv6 is built to be better, but that's not the route to success

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Re: IPv6 is actually there in the home user worls

A possible reason for this is that home users who want to edit are stuck behind NAT, so if one jackass starts making joke/vandalistic edits, everyone who shares that IP address will get blocked. I don't think that you can draw many inferences from the stat you posted.

European Space Agency whittles wannabe astronauts down from 23,000 to 1,391

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Re: Could there be a South Korean TV show somewhere in this?

I also watched it, but I found it quite enjoyable. Super obvious that they're mining various western sci-fi tropes (too many to mention), but I treat that more as "homage" than "rip-off". I'm sure they did a "Right Stuff" part at some point too... Anyway, despite all that, I thought it stood by itself in terms of story-telling.

For the OP, nice subversion of the obvious 10-legged diversion reference...

Mediatek unveils its first ARMv9 smartphone chip for advanced handsets

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to affinity and beyond ...

man taskset

If anyone can explain why Jupiter's Great Red Spot is spinning faster and shrinking, please speak up

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you know ...

Just your usual Storm and Drain ...