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I have you now! Top 10 Star Wars Xmas presents

Robin Strong

I know what you are getting for Christmas...

...I have felt your presents!

1&1 botches Microsoft Exchange update

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We left 1&1...

In my previous job, we used 1&1 for hosted Exchange server and there were so many outages we switched to Cobweb. No bad feelings - we went with a cheaper solution and got what we paid for. The more expensive solution was better for us in the long run...

Toshiba's board to kybosh HD DVD this week?

Robin Strong

Pronunciation - BluRay vs. HD-DVD

Blu-Ray is easy, but this helpful lesson will teach you how to pronounce HD-DVD correctly, using a variety of usage-based scenarios...


LG shows gadget based on next-gen Intel UMPC chip

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@Nicholas et al

Surely you meant 140.5 MilliJubs - grams as a unit of weight have been obsolete for, quite literally, months now.

It's the long dark one on the hanger with the scarf...

Google trials GPS-without-GPS mobile navigator

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Very impressed...

...sitting at home and it's about 20 yards (er...about 130 linguine) out. Plus it can give me directions to the pub along the road. Better get me coat, it's a bit nippy out tonight...

(Latest version of Google Maps under Windows Mobile 6 on a T-Mobile/HTC MDA Vario thingy, if anyone's interested)

The Champions heads for the silver screen

Robin Strong

We are the Champions?

You mean it's not the one with Ron Pickering where all the kids jump in the swimming pool at the end of the show? I must have the wrong programme...