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'It's not a post-PC world: Just a post Windows one, maybe'


Re: windows is a niche OS or Is 'Touching' just for perverts?

I used a work's Window machine years ago, it was what I called the crashmatic. It fell over at least once a day, several times most days. An old Mac running Mac OS was more productive, but then I needed to do things, not sit and consume pretty pictures. I still need to do things and Mac OS X has crashed less in several years than the 'bomb proof' Windows did in an afternoon. I have no use for an Zune or any other iCr*p devices, I do, I don't just sit and consume.

Bill Gates: Tough US immigration stance a 'huge mistake'


Let's outsource Bill Gates' job

I've got an idea. If foreign workers are so smart and better. Let's outsource Bill Gates and Steve Balmer's jobs to people in India or where ever.

Oops, BG has a problem with that? Of course he does when it is HIS job that would be taken away. And by that, if you aren't hired because someone in another country can be paid less, that's a job you didn't get.

Should our pay go down? Maybe companies should make less money. Or should I say stock holders. Don't like that idea either? Of course not. You are probably a stock holder or are talking to stock holders like ... uh ... Bill Gates or people that wish they were him.

Microsoft hit by two more EC probes


Unfair? I don't think so!

"The unfair tying case was brought following a complaint from Norwegian browser maker Opera."

If Microsoft is still doing things illegally then it would be "unfair" for the EOC NOT to investigate. They have a long record of abusing their market position which should have been stopped in the 80s.

If you want to talk about unfair. How about it being unfair that Microsoft doesn't have to pay all the companies it illegally abused based on the full amount those companies lost. I'm talking hundreds of billions. That WOULD be fair.

Mac OS X Leopard - Time Machine


Jane you ignorant slut

It is sooooo completely obvious that you nay sayers just don't get it.

It's not about the backing up. It's about RESTORING from backup. It's been reported that only about 4% of people regularly backup their data because it is a complete pain in the ### to find and restore the files you want.

Backing up is easy. Restoring is HARD.

I can pretty much bet that most of you posting don't and haven't actually backed up your data regularly. I'm sure you'll post here that you do but I expect you to lie and say you do.

As for RAID guy. Yeah right. Like everyone is going to setup a RAID system on their computers. Have you seen the expression "ROFL". I'm sure you have.

"My Vista X64 Business has NEVER crashed on me". Again. ROFL. Vista X64 which you've had for HOW long? ROFL It WILL crash. Let us know then how easy it was to restore everything. Or how about restoring a file or folder. Let's have you walk your mom through it. I DARE you to videotape your mom restoring something for you. Believe me we'll put it up on YouTube where we can laugh about it.

As for his hard drive having a problem? I started supporting PCs in 1983. I long ago lost track of how many hard drives have had formatting problems on PCs. Even in the last two or three years. Then then I actually do this for a living. The tech department I work for supports about 10,000 people. You?

Most of you that have posted need to actually use different backup systems and restore individual files, folders, and full restores. Then you need to do the same thing with TimeMachine. Not read about it but actually do it with all of them. Maybe then you will get a clue. Then walk non-techie family members through it and see which one is easiest for them to use. I'm pretty sure I know which one they will choose. Cheesy graphic effects and all.


The people (family and friends) that I support have never backed up regularly. When I've set something up so that they can (to backup tape, external drive, or to shared areas on other computers around their house - whatever), they fail to insert that next tape or CD.

Let's so they did actually insert the next tape or CD. Now they have to tell me where to find the stack of tapes or CDs and then I have to have them tell me how long ago they knew they had a file and I spend a bunch of time restoring it for them.

Not any longer.

I preordered Leopard and it arrived about 11:15 on D day which is over six hours before you could buy it in stores.

The only problem I've had was from having previously back in the day installed Logitech mouse/keyboard drivers which used APE. It wasn't long before someone on the Apple message boards already had a fix. Bad Logitech. Not bad Apple.

No other problems.

I have a 750 gb external HDD partitions unequally into three partitions. Two of the partitions are shared so that my other two Macs can backup to TimeMachine while the HDD is connected to my main iMac. It works great.

Once TimeMachine finished I purposely duplicated a folder and clicked on "Backup Now" by right clicking on the TimeMachine icon on my Dock (which I love). It took a very short time to backup that folder. I then did "the TimeMachine thing" as my sister calls it and very easily restored the folder by going to the parent folder, clicking on TimeMachine, typing in the folder name, and up it pops and the restore popped my folder and data right back.

If you can fall down, you can restore files on TimeMachine.

I then took my iMac and external HDD over to my sister's house. She is very computer phobic. She never strays outside her web browser, e-mail, Nisus Writer, Quicken, and iPhoto. She is one of the worst in backing up her files and misplacing backup disks/tapes.

While she watched I deleted the folder again. I then walked her through restoring a file without me touching the computer.

"Cool" she said.

We went onto Apple's website and ordered Leopard for her. It arrived about five days later. While we were waiting for it to arrive I took her to a local Fryes and had her buy an external hard drive. I partitioned it into two partitions, backed up her hard drive with Carbon Copy Cloaner (CCC) then used my own Leopard install disc to install to upgrade her iMac AFTER making sure that APE wasn't installed on her computer.

No problems with the install and no problems with her computer since.

I've repeated that process 16 times since then. Not one Mac (several were six years old) failed to upgrade properly. But then again, I just made sure that all were backed up externally first (CCC) and that APE wasn't installed.

Two problems are fixed.

1) I no longer have to worry about their backups.

2) If they do have a question, it is now much easier with all of us having Leopard to remotely connect and see what they need help with.

And restoring files? They actually purposely delete files, contacts in their address book, etc, just to have the fun of restoring files. When was the last time you read that?


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