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Credit Management meets computer automation

wulff heiss

but.. but...

last block..

if i will ever allow "smart" counters or "tagged" machines in my house w/o proper HF filtering to isolate their chitterchatter i shall be eControlled and would prefer just to get the damn cable directly in my brain - which will most likely finally may voting superfluous - they can then tell me whom to vote for anyways :/

Profs: Facebook, Twitter users are lazy, thick, amoral

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... is the study about El Reg usage effects?

usage of carpets and gaffer not included, that is

Newfangled rootkits survive hard disk wiping

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hmm... EFI

that sounds like fun with EFI :)

looking forward to the first full-graphical virus with sound and automatic updates that hasn't MS slapped on it and lives in the (U)EFI space

German Mickey Mouse radio snoops on cops

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no fake


for this to be a fake, too many regular newspapers have picked this up...

Googling for "micky Maus Polizei" has 21k hits, including "Bild" (german version of sun) - so it must be true. *g*

TinyURL, your configs are showing

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love that one

SERVER_ADMIN you@example.com

i don't want to be their admin :)

PDF Support enabled - PDFlib GmbH Version - if they have paid...?

SNMP libs are activated, too.. hm

Apple plays catch-up with new iPhone features

wulff heiss

and soon

premium support in sadville, payable via itunes on your jesus phone...

god, how i do envy you


Wikileaked donor list shames US lawmaker

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i assume, if there are cvc2 numbers, the data _was_ sanitized before.

Anyway: there were no technical means to circumvent anyanere, so even DMCA-save this looks...

re. ethics: they were notified of a problem, but ignored it.

i have no idea who this coleman guy is, but i hope the average American has more clue than the guys/gals who set up this Site...

Judges: Don't know the law? It's understandable

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and yes, piracy is a reason for extradition (not that we have that many seaports, but still :) )

I'm a sceptic now, says ex-NASA climate boss

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Al Gore didn't invent the internet, but he did make up global warming ;)

Microsoft raises anti-piracy posse

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MS and piracy

when i last emailed/called them because of a site selling pirated SW (it also had a nice... "additional value" software pack, including a nice, powerful email engine), the person on the other end of the line told me they don't care.. some weeks ago... weird.

Oracle support service goes MIA (again)

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Quote: "download a decent database (like MS SQL)."

WTF???? next thing coming is "get a proper DBMS like Access" or what??????

Craigslist supervillain seeks henchmen

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@Adrian Jackson

how exacly does that differ from being a BOFH?

US court liberates Cablevision 'remote DVR'

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@Tim J: WTF - Piracy?!

WTF?! how exactly is it piracy to watch something i am already paying to be able to watch for? what's the difference if i pay for a subscription anyway (which enables me to watch and record channels 24/7) and being able to watch something from yesterday (for which i already paid, remember?) - based on the assumption i cannot watch stuff predating my subscription?

and - VOD - why can i record VOD on VHS, but are limited to just watch on most VOD channels w/o recording and watching it again without paying my x eur? Don't give me "lending from a videotheque" stuff, that business model was never clear to me, either... but that's not in scope.

German medical team arms man, twice

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good hand job, apparently

Dell adds multi-touch to Latitude XT

wulff heiss

what is

a car reader?

ROTM - my notebook can read my car, my car screws the freezer and the washing machine is reading my mind


Jeremy Clarkson tilts at windmills

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easy workaround

if you travel in pairs, just go like that

[car1][car2] thru the 1st checkpoint and switch on the 2nd.

just one problem.. driving with <10cm security distance which would be required could be fined, too :)

BT breaks up families

wulff heiss

@Philip Alexander

Scary Devil Monastery? doubt it, though.. acronyms on something that is basically a translation from an older text.. and it's unlikely your 30 yrs are 1880-something..

mine's the one covered in pages....

Pioneer proudly pitches 400GB Blu-ray optical disc

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@Jez Caudle

10k word file? this is so office 6 *G* - haven't seen a word file that small in ages...

19-year-old p2p botnet pioneer agrees to plead guilty

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go for rape, likely you'll get a shorter sentence.. talk about out of proportion laws..

Mars whacked by object bigger than Pluto

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...was it a table?

MPs urge action as spooky caller ID-faking services hit UK

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i thought you just can cut off carriers that do not follow standards?

in the SS7 specs, the CI element may be set to untrustet, or network-provided...

if they _can_ set it to network provided, then the telco who allows this should be kicked sky-high....

EC's 'Steelie' Neelie snubs Microsoft Office

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@AC - Smart business decision

i don't get your point - what is NOT smart about supporting an open standard? (and for support and all the stuff you dream of receiving, the "open standard" does even work with MS Office nowadays)

where is this icon for "totally confused"?

Climate supremo deploys knitwear in war on patio heaters

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continental europe

erm.. daytime lights are not mandatory after another study that said the impact was neglectible or something like that.

(Austria: starting 4th jan, 2008)

currently, people are encouraged to use their brains again to see if light is needed or not... it is allowed to turn it on all the time, though

Apple store detains teens for installing iPhone game

wulff heiss

@Jason Hall

you know, there is a setting in the phone to disable this behaviour...

TOOLS>Appl Mgr>Options>Settings> Software Installation "All"...


SANS sounds alarm on Debian OpenSSL flaw

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*G* at least confesses that (even if openSSL-dev is not withouth guilt)

Rogue MP3 Trojan streaks across P2P networks

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@the dark lord

that's what Crossover Office is useful for:

Linux: Even compatible with Windows malware!


mine is the one with the kernel image...

Server theft knocks Peter Gabriel off the web

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secure housing

my 2 €c... interxion. they have actually security that makes me want to kill them from time to time... :)

Intel to tell all about roaring 96GB/s QuickPath interconnect

wulff heiss

damn @ac

must habe missed these ethernet specs *ggg*.. i thought singlemode fiber is maxed out at 2.4GBit..

i am getting old. anyone remember 10base2? *sigh*

*looking for the nostalgia-avatar...*

US looks to old Herr Kohle for energy security

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;) well, what about

water? seems to work here pretty well, there are energy companies that manage to deliver 100% energy from either reservoir power station or river power plants...

aren't there any rivers?


Windows Service Pack refuseniks offered temporary respite

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@Looking forward to SP3

erm.. your users are allowed internet access while roaming?!?

that's why VPNs were created... not the checkpoint type that allows LAN, internet and VPN, but the cisco type that locks off your computer to anything except VPN...

Camelot pulls scratchcard amid numerical anarchy

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... well well

@cameron i'd go for the "absolute voltage" line... couldn't find that in the article, though... but i see your point. bar all negative numbers. these ppl should just use Kelvin like... erm.. noone else in the world.