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AT&T squeezes wannabe iPhone upgraders

James Robertson

tethering ?

I have no problem with the upgrade charge, I do have a problem with the tethering charges, they are out of order frankly.

Inside USB 3.0

James Robertson

Firewire better No?

Would it not be better to use Firewire 800 I don't get why they want to use USB2.0 rather than Firewire.

I understand there is a faster Firewire in the pipeline as well.

Having transfered Video to my PC using both USB 2.0 and Firewire I have to say that Firewire was better both in speed and being able to control the Video Camera attached to it.

Six months on, Macs still plagued by critical Java vuln

James Robertson

who really cares anyway

Before everyone starts ranting, has anyone actually had a Mac hacked because of this, or is this the usual case of lets start a panic to make ourselves look important from the press/virus software experts etc etc.

Fanbois squeal over Mac OS X upgrade

James Robertson

works fine

just updated,

OSX worked 1st time no problems then updated the beta of safari as well again no problems. Just thought I'd mention it.

And in the interests of being impartial, Not had any problems with my Vista upgrades either. I use both OS depending on what I want to do with my computer.

Virgin Media cool on cable wholesale plans

James Robertson

why would they

That like saying that Sky have planes to let anyone show there HD programs - not

BlackBerries outselling Apple iPhones

James Robertson

iPhone keyboard

I upgraded from the iTouch to the iPhone, and have to say that I like typing on the keyboard, I never find it a problem, Of course its not as easy as a full size PC or MAC keyboard, any other size than a full size keyboard will slow you down, I find I can type 1 fingered faster on my iPhone than I can using two hands on my PC laptop.

Windows 7 — It’s like Vista, only less annoying

James Robertson


I still have a PC at home running windows 2000. its not connected to the internet, so no security problems, and it runs great, We run XP at work and there is no way in hell I will let them upgrade to Vista, or Windows 7 We don't need a new system XP works fine.

Why pay MS to run Virtual XP on Windows 7, I'd rather buy a Mac and run XP in VP mode than give MS anymore money.

They should rewrite windows from scratch, and forget about legacy software, Bring out XP security fixes as required for those that still need to run XP on older machines, and then they can have a new OS for new machines that is written for new machines and software.

Microsoft answers EU antitrust charges

James Robertson

wrong issue

No problems with MS bundling IE or Apple with Safari, but all browsers should be made to adhere to Web Standards.

Apple eyes patent for web silence

James Robertson

annoying website noise

put me 1st in line, for this one, great idea

Apple cracks down on rogue app stores

James Robertson

so what

One of the reasons that the iPhone works well is the restrictions that Apple place on the App Store to make sure App work well and don't crash the system. I don't much care about people jailbraking their phones thats up to them, but I do care if Apple have to spend time fixing things that hackers have broken cos that does affect me.

A Geeks Guide2 ...iPhone Development

James Robertson

Which Object c book

Which Objective-c book did you get, All my previous programming is in Basic (yes I still use it), and a little javascript and PHP, how is it going?

A grim day for browser security at hacker contest

James Robertson


I run both Windows and OSX on my PC's so I have no axe to grind, but seriously this is a pointless contest as the "contestants" are using bugs they discovered months or years ago and didn't tell anyone, just so they could show how clever they are, Clever would be telling the OS providers so they could fix the problem before innocent people get hacked, cos these numpties didn't tell anyone about the bug in question.

Any software is hackable, end of story, and particularly if you can get the operator to install the hack!

Apple plays catch-up with new iPhone features

James Robertson

Custom Ringtones are free

You can put custom ringtones on using a free app called iToner, problem sorted.

Personally speaking I had a good mobile phone, but didn't want to be carrying my iPod and mobile, so I decided to get the iPhone, overall I am happy with it as I knew what I was buying into. so the lack of features didn't bother me. I really dont get the my phone/computer/car/etc is better/bigger/whatever than yours arguments, you buy what you want to buy and get on with it.

Scotland Today in news nipslip outrage

James Robertson

raised my Interest rate anyway

Worth looking at any way, damn she's cute

Mobile phones to get universal charger

James Robertson

fm transmitter

my fm transmitter for the iphone takes a standard USB connector and will change and sync to the computer so I don have to your the apple supplied cable if I don't want to. I guess apple figure that most people can already use a standard USB connector if they want to so why bother changing the connector. As stated in the article the connector is used for more than just charging, so if 3rd party hardware will do the trick wheres the problem.

Adobe claims Apple 'collaboration' on iPhone Flash

James Robertson


Honestly dont miss flash on the iPhone, If they put it on I hope they have an option to enable or disable as required.

Apple massages iPhone code

James Robertson
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I understand they always put out a complete OS when upgrading the iPhone not just a small patch. Personally I never really look at the size of the download, most people download on broadband so it don't really matter. I have a PC and a Mac at home and pretty much let the updates take care of themselves on both machines and never had any problems with either.

Cowon iAudio S9 PMP

James Robertson

competition is good

As an iTouch owner, I say great review.

Competition is great it means better hardware and better prices for everyone.

iPhone 3G finally unlocked

James Robertson

dont get unlocking

I agree that O2 is not great with the 3G, but given that 3G eats your battery I don't bother with it. I have wifi at both home and work, and a satnav in the car so dont use the GPS either, I find that this gives me really good battery use, and all the functions I actually use day to day.

Nintendo whacked with $5m Wii strap lawsuit

James Robertson

silly claim

should be able to claim for a new TV, but nothing more than that, thats all thats been damaged after all.

Apple 2G iPod Touch

James Robertson

yes u can

ebooks are fine on the touch

Apple fans besieged by iPhone Trojan and iTunes attack

James Robertson

user beware

Just goes to prove that the biggest security risk to any system, PC or Mac is the user.

OMFG, what have you done?

James Robertson
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liked the old way better, a change is not alway better!

No PAYG 3G iPhone in UK until Christmas

James Robertson

cos its a nice UI

I dont have an iPhone cos I dont need one, I have a very cheep and nasty mobile PAYG. But I do have an iTouch, and if I needed a mobile I would get an iPhone as the UI is easy, and nice, and I cant be bothered with texting on a number pad. So its not for me, but I can see why so many people want one.

Brits get iTunes movie downloads, rentals

James Robertson


cheaper than my video shop then thats not bad.

NGO attacks Apple's lack of action on climate change

James Robertson
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load of crap

I dont think Apple or anyone else would be all that worried about that kind of survey. You can prove anything you want with these things.

Hacker blasts Mac clone maker's licence 'violation'

James Robertson


Apples iLife programs can be removed as they are an addition to the OS not part of the OS that why hey don't get slated

HD DVD fights back in the US

James Robertson

PS3 for me

I bought a PS3 as a blu ray player as I dont play games, but wanted an affordable blu ray player. I am sure I am not alone in this so they should count PS3's

Queues start a day ahead of UK iPhone arrival

James Robertson

mac users

I love my iMac and I have an iPod, but I would not say I was a fanboy. I bought them because they suited what I wanted to use them for, same reason I still have a PC W2K, becuase it works and does the job it was bought for.

You get geeks that like Macs, PCs, TVs, etc and if they are daft enought to que well more power to them, I wouldn't.

I'd like an iPhone but I would not want a contract, and I would not pay more than £100 for a phone anyway, cos I dont use then enough to justify paying any more.

Apple hit with another class action

James Robertson


iTunes allows you to export any song the MP3 and then play on another mp3 player no?

Mac OS X Leopard - Time Machine

James Robertson

For Sure

Time Machine is why I upgraded to Leopard. I havnt had any problems with the upgrade, it was easy.

James Robertson

OS not at fault

as i read the article I thought that the machine was at fault not the new OS.

And Time Machine performed as required.