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Screw you, Brits, says Google: We are ABOVE UK privacy law

Brian Hitchen

Google in the UK

Google say they aren't located in the UK. So why do they have they registered with the UK Data Protection Register? If they really don't exist in the UK they wouldn't need to be registered here.

Microsoft hopes to patent 'automatic goodbye messages'

Brian Hitchen

One you missed

I believe they are also trying to patent the Personal Portable Environmental Modification Device (PPEMD) which is a brilliant concept. If you are walking and the environment turns "user hostile" and start raining, you can open this device, lift it so the "mini climate deflector" is over your head the the rain no longer falls on your head. I can't think why no-one thought of it before. Thank God for Microsoft. Oh, apparently, if you are currently infringing this patent, by using a non-Microsoft versioon of the device, you can get a personal license for just $100, of course this will only license the PPEMD for you and any attempt at covering another, unlicensed person will be an offence, but still, it IS progress.


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