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Screeching rails close London Tube station

Joe Greene
Dead Vulture

Noise=Flying Sledgehammer of doom...

Noise indicates Vibration which generates Heat.... to muchof that and metal warps.. then you get things flying off tracks at speed and now you have a multi-tonne flying sledgehammer of doom. Anyone wanna play?

Lego terrorist threatens democracy

Joe Greene

What no research?

I would have at least expected the techy Reg types to have noted that BrickArms didn't call it Taliban, and possibly that it looked an awful lot like the Indiana Jones 'Desert Disguise' Lego character.

Yet more evidence of articles written without research.

Mines the one with pockets full of Lego

Illuminati spook fails to disarm Soviet cow nuke

Joe Greene

They'll probably blame

the GM who made up the storyline for some Friday night RPG.... Not the delusional twit who cannot separate reality from a game.....

Comcast plays New York anti-porn game

Joe Greene
Dead Vulture

yup. Politicians are idiots...

Any decent investigator or police officer is cringing at this.. it just makes their job of catching the pedophiliac scum harder by driving them further underground...

Morally righteous politicians make some of the dumbest moves...

Dead Vulture because this political moron just made law enforcement roadkill.

Staff internet policies must be Facebook-ready, warns expert

Joe Greene

@ I'm left puzzled by Peyton

Ever been in a serious wreck? The endorphine rush provided is often enough to temporarily hide injuries among other things. It's like being high. Reactions are magnified, emotion heightened and, in most cases, judgement is impaired. If it's sufficiently high, even the memory creates a minor endorphine rush... so expecting someone who's been in a wreck (officer or otherwise) to be cool, calm and rational is less than realistic. However I agree that boasting about it on the net is foolish, especially posting pictures of it...

Spain plans 'human rights' for great apes

Joe Greene

And thus..

...the degradation of human society continues...

SQL string in URL exposes sex offender data

Joe Greene

What can you expect....

As an ex-Okie, I can confirm.. they still think modem is 'What you do to them there yards'

Alien, because to be that thick it takes an Okie Redneck!

Microsoft hopes to patent 'automatic goodbye messages'

Joe Greene


Anyone remember IRC scripts from the mid 90's.. oh wait.. they still exist and are in use.. see mIRC for example, or dozens of other IRC clients.


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