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Tick-tick... boom: Germany gives social media giants 24 hours to tear down hate speech

Kym Farnik

And who defines what is hate speech?

At least the USA has free speech. Just because you don't like what is being said does not mean it is not free.

Facts trump feelings. German Govt = #antifa

Europe may ask Herr Google: Would you, er, snap off your search engine? Pretty please

Kym Farnik

Euro Jealousy

The EU have a simple solution, tell is citizens "if you don't like it don't use it".


The EU are a bunch of commies anyway.

Internode's Simon Hackett offers re-engineered NBN plan

Kym Farnik

Simon knows!!

Would someone stop Simon making sense?

I mean ... where does common sense fit into the NBN ? It's a political football and normal economics, common sense and rationality have no place in this debate.

Please! Think of the children before they get the notion things should be done simply and properly.


Nokia: digital SLRs are doomed

Kym Farnik

Yeah - right

The physics of light dictate that a bigger lens is going to do more for you than a smaller one.

Sensor size (pixel size) is another physical factor (consider http://www.cambridgeincolour.com/tutorials/diffraction-photography.htm the limit of diffraction issue)

You can't bypass the laws of physics !

So while phone cameras *may* impact compact camera sales in time (P&S), the DSLR with interchangeable lenses will be here for the rest of my life at least.

In summary: happy snaps for sure; serious photography DSLR's rock!

IBM, Oracle and SAP sued over server software patents

Kym Farnik

Remember SCO?

Ha Ha - look what happened to SCO.

These guys are toast!

Pentax K20D digital SLR

Kym Farnik

I want one - NOW !!

Have a lot of Pentax glass, starting back in the 70's with my MX. Currently using the K100D Super...

The K20D is superb! I just want one - saving now!

BOFH: Spreading the festive cheer

Kym Farnik

Best since the excrement license (SCO)

Well done.

Factually accurate. Christmas gifts and largess end up with the wrong people.

Microsoft hopes to patent 'automatic goodbye messages'

Kym Farnik
Gates Horns

Inventive? NO! Prior Art? YES!

M$ sux! Have they no shame?

Customised logout messages have been around since at least the early 80's (was doing it on green screen systems).

When is the invention? Notifications of people going on/offline have been in various chat system since... DOT


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