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BT hikes call charges


Didn't BT do basic math?

On the BBC Site:

"BT said it estimates the impact of the changes will be just 1p a day, because its average customer makes only 80 seconds of daytime calls each day, and more than half subscribe to inclusive packages."

Ummm, how does that work? Given that line rental is up by 50p every month, that's already about 1.6p per day... does not compute...

Billionaire's betting exchange backs Android


What a load of ol' Tosh

Can't you be bothered checking your sources at all El Reg?

There's been gambling apps on the AppStore for months, maybe even years. This entire article is built on the typical anti-Apple stance.

"not least because it's impossible getting a gambling app in the iStore."

"Apple is an anti-gambling organisation (like the US, apart from the obvious states), "

Try searching for "City Index" or "Finspreads" or "Betfair" (as you point out)... there will be plenty I've never heard of as well I'm sure.

"Users will have to be relied on to set Betdaq as a favourite in their browser. “In the Google Android world we'll have a little bit more flexibility – having the icon at the end of your thumb on the home page of your phone is a help."

- What? So it's impossible now to put an icon to a webpage on your iPhone Home Page? What a load of rubbish! It's been possible since the very first iPhone!

Nah, what you've got here mate is a gullible journalist who's fallen for Irish Blarney and in the process provided him with a heap of free advertising.

Apple TV said to enter the heavens at $99


Already established? @ Hollywood Geek

"There's a lot of buzz here, but the connected TV segment is already established and the leaders are Yahoo, Adobe, Roku, Vudu and (one could argue) Microsoft through both Xbox and the media server."

And there's a LOT of world outside of the USA that noone is covering. Roku, Vudu, Netflix, none of them are available in Europe, so much for an established market! If you really think of yourselves as the World, maybe you should get out more...


Other codecs...

You CAN make it work with other formats. I do similar to you but unlocked it first with a USB patchstick (simple turn off / turn-on unlock), install Perian tools and Sapphire Media Browser and you're done. If you want elaborate throw on XBMC for good measure.

Ballmer will not appear at Apple conference

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It'll soon stop developers moaning about the £59 AppStore entry fee. Have you seen the cost of a Visual Studio 2010 development license (£700+)? You could very nearly buy an entire Mac for that money AND you get XCode thrown in.

Perhaps MS should spend time improving their native C++ support in Visual Studio rather than wasting it trying to support 2 new OS's...

Pirate Bay dishes up Iron Man 2 ahead of US release



Someone who can tell the difference between "screener" and "cam" at a guess...

Apple in shock public attack on Adobe


Who's closed?

So I run XBMC on my Apple TV... although evidently that's impossible as Apple are the Kings of lock-in.

I used to enjoy the BBC iPlayer plugin on XBMC on Apple TV... until the BBC kindly turned on SWF Verification in the Flash streams. So this no longer works because only a genuine Flash player can implement SWF Verification or Adobe hunt them down with the legal vultures.

So which do you reckon is more proprietary and locked-in?

BBC Trust won't probe iPlayer open source gripes




Ummm yep, and when you try and make a complaint about iPlayer:

Step 2 of 5: Describe your complaint

If you would like to make a complaint about BBC iPlayer, please do so via the BBC iPlayer help site.

On which there already are posts regarding the XBMC issue, so what do they want us to do again????

iPhone OS update sticks customers with premium call bills

Jobs Horns

They can't win

I believe the way it went was... In iPhone 3.0, Apple introduced the call confirmation dialog to stop apps making unsolicited calls.

But the devs all complained, whinging that their "Phone Mum", "Phone World" & "Phone Dog" applications didn't allow people to make 1-touch phone calls any more and denying them their money for old rope.

Rather than the usual fingers-in-the-ears, I-can't-hear-you response, Apple apparently caved and went back to the old model. So apps with AdMob code embedded were correct at 3.0 when submitted, but when the 3.1 update went out they all instantly "broke".

It looks like AdMob couldn't have won if they tried... the devs would have needed to resubmit all their AdMob powered Apps whenever Apple changed the rules for the 3rd time. Blame lies entirely with Apple this time.

French top MOT failure league


@ Tim Croydon

"I've had 3 or 4 MOT failures on 25,000 mile a year Mondeo's and Vectra's due to the indicator bulbs 'showing white'; hardly a sign of a poorly put together car."

Ummm yes it is, if the manufacturer can't even select a non-bleaching piece of plastic for an indicator lens it says a lot to me about how well the car is put together in general.

O2 wins UK exclusive on Palm Pre, says report


I'm with Andy 22

O2's network is shameful. The only reason they got the original iPhone deal was due to their EDGE support, now that's redundant where the hell is their 3G support? At home I can just about see an EDGE signal sometimes, at 1-2 bars signal strength. In my office I get GPRS, that's it... and I'm less than 5 miles from the centre of Belfast. It's appalling.

All these smartphones and nowhere to use 'em. Congratulations O2! Thank goodness their broadband makes up for it... even if it is BE's...

Ten of the best... iPhone beaters


Who's Smart?

Hold on... "Try these tasty smartphone bites instead"... Doesn't Smartphone imply some form of Operating System and application programming framework? Kinda knocks the LG Viewty, Prada and 5800 wannabes into touch doesn't it...

Gigabyte touts 'world's first' phone with Flash UI

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Didn't do much research did they...

Have they heard of LG? The Viewty's UI is Flash based (and has been extensively customised by the community) so I would guess that the newer models in the same family (Secret?) are also Flash based.

It's bulky, slow and cumbersome to work with and, at least on the Viewty, was a long way off being describable as fluid...

Teen-bothering sonic device now does grownups too



"It seems that the rights of loitering youths in this case trump those of local authorities"

> I expect that kind of issue-skewing, manipulative language from the Daily Mail, not El Reg.

You haven't been reading El Reg for long then?

iPhone developer stoops to straight bribery

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Joe yer a fucking twat noone thinks a fucking app crash fucking breaks their fucking phone, but fucking testing the fucking app would prevent most of the fucking crashes from fucking happening so the fucking customer has every fucking right to fucking complain about it.

That's all I'm sayin'

Oh yeah fuck

Apple rescinds version change App Store ban

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What a story....

AppStore bans app upgrade, possibly by accident

Developer says please reconsider

AppStore reconsiders and allows the upgrade after a few days, never having removed the previous version, so essentially the upgrade is a few days late.

Where's the story? Oh yeah, the developer got in touch with all the media they could to drum up interest. Was this necessary? Probably not, but hey why spoil a non-event story with facts...

Lame lame lame lame lame.

LG Renoir eight-megapixel cameraphone

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And I bet..

.. it's got all the same problems as my old Viewty, inconsistent UI, over-compressed imaging, hopeless multi-tasking, poor multimedia player, promises that glitches will be fixed in "an update" etc etc.

The Viewty was the first phone I ever PAID to get out of a contract to get away from... Never another LG phone as long as I live. All they're interested in is being able to boast bigger numbers for each feature, no thought to the end-user experience. And if you find a bug, tough, LG are too busy looking at their next great handset to be bothered going back and fixing the issue...

iPhone toolkit goes graphical

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A comment thread with more posts than combined IQ points!

BBC iPlayer upgrade prompts new ISP complaints

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Small ISPs FTW!

Anomalous Coward....

>....great customer and network service so long as you don't actually want

>the throughput you're supposedly paying for.

Maybe you should try a decent smaller ISP before spouting garbage. As an ex. Tiscali sufferer now with the MUCH smaller ICUK I've seen my speeds go from throttled 50Kb/s (yes "b" not even "B") in the evening, to filling an 8Mb pipe at any time of day or night. And a customer service department that tell you when there's problems, explain the causes and generally put things right.

The Beeb better sort this one out as the small guys are worth their weight in gold against the corporate ISPs who's customers are simply a collection of 1's and 0's on a balance sheet.

Apple takes the operator's shilling

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No buying of handsets just for unlocking...

So unlocking the new PAYG version coming out on O2 in the UK is going to be different from the first generation in what way?

AT&T to slash 3G iPhone price to beat unlockers?

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Or perhaps give you a $200 rebate when you take the phone home and sign-up to the AT&T contract through iTunes?

Paris cos even she could understand how this could work effectively..

BBC vs ISPs: Bandwidth row escalates as Tiscali wades in

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Aggresively priced?

Cheap Rubbish I think is what he meant to say. I jumped ship on Tiscali a long time back cos their network couldn't handle the traffic, at peak times it couldn't even be referred to as "broadband", I'm not surprised they're complaining now.

Surely the cost should be funded by the users - buy the bandwidth you intend to use through a series of capped packages. Works for me (with a decent, non-traffic-crippling ISP).

Sure I'd prefer uncapped, but you get what you pay for, offer traffic-shaped, uncapped packages & full speed capped at different price points, everyone's happy.

Häagen-Dazs battles honeybee Colony Collapse Disorder


@Karl Lattimer

"I don't see how changing the sequence of genes in corn seeds effects the bees. "

And I guess you don't see how using stronger pesticides as described by Joe Stalin could affect the bees either?

And y'know there were people who didn't think that smoking could possibly cause cancer...

Or that Thalidomide could be responsible for birth defects....


I'll tell you what, you PROVE that changing the sequence of genes in corn seeds effects absolutely nothing in our ecosystem and then I'll be willing to accept it. But guess what, you can't. You can only point at a pile of studies (all of which are totally impartial of course and couldn't possibly be manipulated or false) and these don't study all possible external factors and I'll bet bee activity wasn't even considered.

When it comes to modifying our ecosystem, I'd rather stick with the hippies than trust corporations that have no interest besides making themselves and their shareholders rich.

LG quietly launches KT610 Symbian smartphone

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Really beautiful

Argh! My Eyes! My Eyes! Make it go away!!!

Seriously, what happened to ANY form of styling? No wonder it was launched so quietly, perhaps they're embarassed...

Egg scrambles to fix network outage


Dontcha love their TV advert

"You know where you are with Egg"

How's that then? Do their new cards have GPS built in?

O2 sweetens its iPhone deals

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And how's about....

...making the old 200 mins £35 tariff only £25 as an entry level? You wanna drum up business O2, go grab the low-usage market and I'll be there along with many others...

Tiscali hits 'undo' after bandwidth throttling chokes iTunes

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"Over the last week users have reported newly-blocked ports and sub-dial-up speeds of 10Kbit/s between 5pm and 9pm."

Ahhahahaha, glad to hear nothing's changed. I was with the shower of b******* for 9 months before finally getting out of my 12 month contract and going to ICUK - no throttling, no shaping, a cap, but at least I could possibly reach the cap if I tried hard enough...

In all honesty, no exagerating, I got better speeds in the evenings on 56k dial-up to Demon all those years ago.

Mojo-free Jobs delivers Macworld goods


@JP and alphaxion

JP: 4 million iPhones sounds big enough to me in 6 months sales or were you not listening?

@alphaxion: I suggest you go complain to the EU and get them to drop VAT as that's the biggest cause of your skewed price perception. Otherwise it's the typical $1.8 / £1 ratio we've seen for years.

However... where's the UK apple TV price drop? Sure it dropped to $229 in the US but Apple store is still showing £199 in the UK and we haven't even got the movie rentals yet - there's something to whinge about!

Tiscali in shock customer satisfaction win


@Tee Jay

Funnily enough for the 9 months I was with Tiscali, the only thing keeping people there was the 12 month initial contract tie-in. I can't believe they could have dropped this and still retain customers.

Worst ISP ever, throttled almost all the time I wanted to use the net (i.e. after work / weekends) to crippling speeds. I was literally seeing below 56k dialup modem speeds on my 8Mb (line-sync at 7Mb) link. Eventually I got out because they "couldn't" fix the speed issues due to whatever way the service was being routed.

I changed to ICUK, small outfit, costs a little more, capped packages (pick the one that fits) but more importantly NO THROTTLING. I don't download an obscene amount but when I want it, I want it now, that's the point of broadband isn't it? Oh and their customer service is unbeatable, real people, in the UK, who can speak English!

If they do have an outage (they have once... in the past year) they go out of their way to tell you what the problem was, directly, by e-mail, instead of playing hunt-the-hardly-ever-updated-status-page at Tiscalis joke support site.

No, I don't work for them... but people here seem to be saying one ISP is much like another these days, I'm just saying there are still a few hidden diamonds out there if you look hard enough.

Will bird flu stuff our Happy Christmas?

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@Ferry Boat

If yours is horrible, dry, old-socks tasting and cardboard textured then perhaps you should learn how to cook Turkey?

Of course it's generally badly cooked, most people only make it once a year.

Amazon Prime comes to Blighty



After 2 goes I've got an answer from Amazon Customer Service about Northern Ireland....

"We would like to bring this to your kind information that Amazon

Prime deliveries are not applicable for Norther Ireland.

The delivery options available for Norther Ireland are Airmail

delivery and Priority Express delivery."

Bet they wouldn't have minded taking the £49 off me if I'd applied mind you, especially as they'd sent me an invite mail knowing my address perfectly well.

Next I'll ask them if they offer customer service in English or not...