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Now Hollywood is chasing UK downloaders

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Re: Tiscali - robbed me too!

And me. When I moved house last Bulldog told me they'd put my new service in on my old account, whereas they'd actually opened a new account and then left both running (and billing). Due to new baby sleep deprivation I ended up £400 out of pocket before I noticed. They did eventually pay up, but it took about eight months and legal threats. When I joyfully left their service I cancelled the direct debit as a first point of call, then had to suffer months of money demands as they tried to bill for a service I didn't have.

From forum posts and the like I gained the strong impression that leaving DDs running is company policy for Tiscali.

Ukrainian eBay scam turns Down Syndrome man into cash machine

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Forum Style

Having followed a lot of Ebay scam stuff, the thing that really occurs to me is that it needs a forum style element so you can comment on auctions. This works very well for the various 'For Sale' forums I frequent (where items of well over £1000 regularly change hands) and nobody scams anyone.

Changing Ebay into a community which can police itself but resort to mods would help hugely in preventing the better known but still very widespread scams.

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My Ebay scam alert auction

I'm attempting to publicise a very widespread Ebay memory scam -


Feel free to tell your friends and not buy USB memory sticks from t'internet.

iPhone auction fakes swindle the impatient

Simon O'Hare


This is a far bigger Ebay scam, not that Ebay are doing anything to cut it down.



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