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CSC cranks the whalesong up to 11

Alex Wood


That's not very impressive. Their site doesn't even work properly in Opera.

Plague: The new Black Death

Alex Wood


Mouth, spit (n.), or spit (v.i.).

Conservatives cock-up over pound again

Alex Wood


Title should either be "Conservatives' cock-up (n.)", or "Conservatives cock up (v.)". Entertaining article, though, of course!

Wikipedia clarifies steam pipe menace

Alex Wood

Sounds like...

Distinctly similar to the tone of Encyclopedia [sic] Dramatica, if you happen to be immature and, ahem, like that sort of thing.

Microsoft tells Ultimate Extras fans to 'hang on'

Alex Wood


I got a MacBook around Easter (with a discount) and have never felt so damn smug in my life.

Amazon plans iTunes rival

Alex Wood


What are the odds that single tracks are about £1 here?

The Pirate Bay admits links with right-wing benefactor

Alex Wood


I think it's fair to say that all the people at The Pirate Bay qualify under that title. Doesn't make it a bad thing.

'As I watch England turn into a quivering pile of dung'

Alex Wood


Can't you just keep all the Yanks on the American site, El Reg? Give them some explosions and flags and things. Then we can have 'lappy' back over on the right side o' the plonk.

Tag dementia sufferers, says minister

Alex Wood


Oh, I thought this was Web 2.0-style tagging. Why not combine it and track anyone called "confused" (and mis-spellings of the same) more than ten times or so by passers-by?

WEP key wireless cracking made easy

Alex Wood


"Sweet: free Internet wherever I am" is what a theoretical laptop owner might say.

EU consumer chief roasts Apple

Alex Wood


Go and buy second-hand CDs from Amazon. Last CD I bought -- not very obscure, not very popular -- was £4.74, including VAT 'n' P&P. Eleven tracks, so that'd be £8.69 on iTunes (I'm pretty sure they still charge a flat rate regardless of age and popularity). Do I want to pay twice as much for low-quality, non-portable audio without a hard copy and booklet? Tricky, that.

Borat's human rights restricted in Kazakhstan, US says

Alex Wood


These Yanks just can't cope with a little competition.