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Sony: PlayStation Vita will win gamers back from tablets, phones

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I agree with him

Actually I think he's right. The problem all these supposedly awesome tablets and smartphones have is the lack of a decent control system -a touch screen might be fine for flinging birds, but it's no good for much else. Tried playing Dead Space on an Iphone? It's shite, mainly because your fingers have to cover the screen, which kind of makes it difficult to see what you're doing. I also find the games tend to be less stable, certainly from my experience of Iphone gaming, the number of crashes makes some games unplayable.

The real test will be whether anyone actually makes some decent games for it. If they were to get franchises like Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Bioshock, Mass Effect and maybe a full featured Gran Turismo (although I wouldn't expect that to arrive anytime before the colonisation of Mars in a few hundred years) I could see it being a success. Portable Elder Scrolls on a system poweful enough to run it equivalent to Oblivion on a home system would be like video game crack. You can keep your Angry Birds, thanks. I prefer proper games.

Asus 8.9in Eee PC surfaces

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I have a 701 right now and the larger screen and trackpad would be welcome. I've put XP on mine and don't miss the Linux install at all. It's much more useful to me with Windows.

I'm curious if it has a larger battery too, as that bigger screen will surely eat more juice. If they haven't changed that it could be a major booboo. They should really put bluetooth in it as well, it's makes using wireless mice and connecting to phones much easier.

I can't work out where they've relocated the speakers, I assumed maybe they moved them to the front but I can't see any grills anywhere? Perhaps on the bottom?

Sennheiser to show 'CD quality' wireless 'phones

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@ Tom Paris

Not if you rip your CDs properly (and by that I mean avoid the travesty that is Itunes) and use a good quality ripper like EAC and a good quality codec like LAME. A well-ripped MP3 of 256k bitrate or higher will generally be indistinguishable from a CD.

Wii shortage costs Nintendo dear, analyst claims

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RE: Math(s)

Nintendo makes profit on each console, so he’s probably referring to that missed profit, rather than the sales revenue.

Nintendo kills Wii ads due to console shortage

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Actually quite a few around at the moment...

A look on wii-consoles.co.uk will show several shops that have them for sale right now - but crucially, only as part of expensive packages (putting aside the retailers flogging Euro consoles-only for £300 - shame on you Microdirect). The retailers are the ones really cashing in on the Wii.

The DS on the other hand, can't be found anywhere. Either everyone wants a Nintendo for Christmas, or Nintendo themselves have completely cocked up their distribution and sales forecasts - personally I favour the latter.


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