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NASA CO2 scan satellite launch fails

Craig McLean
Black Helicopters

And, let the conspiracy lunacy commence!

How long before this is blamed on some shady group attempting to cover up "TEH REEL EFFEKT OF CO2 ON TEH ENVYRUMENTZ!!!1"?

Microsoft's Windows Vista 'Capable' bill could hit $8.5bn

Craig McLean

No Way!

"A Microsoft marketing scheme persuading consumers to buy PCs "capable" of running Windows Vista could cost more money than Microsoft made from the program."

Surely not! That would be like some kind of.... punishment or something.

iPhone 3G unlocker released on schedule

Craig McLean

Results are varied

Worked fine here (using Orange contract 3G SIM), BUT there are a lot of people having issues with this patch (including no ability to make calls, and PIN-enabled SIMs don't work yet apparently). If you're relying on this working, remember the word "BETA" is in there, and stay away for now.

Oh and @Anon poster of comment #1, your repeat prescription is overdue - put down the keyboard and go pick up your meds.

Cisco.com suffers lower case t breakdown

Craig McLean
Paris Hilton

Flaky regexp?

removal of tabs using s/t// instead of s/\t// perchance?

Paris, queen of the regexp.

Euro mobe companies mass against cap proposals

Craig McLean
Paris Hilton

Screw 'em

the only people who'll be worse off are the phone companies and their shareholders, so screw 'em. And while we're at it, the ongoing Text Message costs, and Roaming cost reviews need to produce guidlines/legislation quickly too. We're being gouged by these cowboys in what is, now, a mature market.

I'll bet no more than 18 months before the first price-fixing review hits the industry too.

Paris because, well, you remember why....

Yes, there was a viable liquid bomb plot

Craig McLean
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@ steve

"Have you considered the possibility that the four were simply convicted and sentenced for what they actually did rather than what you think a 7ft baby-eating jihadi with lasers for eyes would probably be getting up to?"

Best. Reply. Ever.

Password pants-off at Lloyds Bank

Craig McLean

Goons, v.2

Neddie: "Here's a photograph of a 10-bob note"

Grytpype-Thynne: "And here's a recording of 3 shillings change!"

Apple preps patch for 'problematic 3G' iPhone?

Craig McLean
Paris Hilton


Now that "iPhone vs AnyOtherMobilePhone" has become the new "Linux vs. Windows", Apple must be doing something right. Especially if it's pissing of so many non-Apple customers.

However, the iPhone is the only piece of Apple equipment I've owned. The 2G was very nice, but I'm fecking sick of the new 3G iPhone. The constant dropped calls, battery life of about 3 hours, and Apple's fingers-in-ears-singing-la-la-we-can't-hear-you attitude. Won't be buying another one, but then by the time I've got a refund on this one the next Nokia will be on sale ;-)

Paris, because the beer there is expensive.

VMware admits 'time bomb' rolled past quality control

Craig McLean

Ho Hum

Heads will roll, nothing will change. Welcome to Palo Alto.

UK.gov pushes £50,000 fine for online copyright infringement

Craig McLean
Paris Hilton

Well, it's not such a big thing.

In fact, it seems pretty sensible. They are simply bringing the law for infringment of copyrights online for commercial gain into line with that in meatspace. Most importantly the ability for courts to jail the worst offenders for 10 years, rather than the current two-year maximum.

In conjuction they raise the maximum fine to fifty grand so they don't need to lock up everyone who needs more than a £5000 slap on the wrist.

Back on planet Earth though, how about these guys just take a stroll down Whitechapel high street on any day with a "Y" in it, and arrest the literally DOZENS of south-east-asians openly selling bent DVDs on the streets. The law is pointless if it is not enforced, for god's sake.

Paris because she knows all about "video piracy" ;-)

Deadly Oz snake bites tourist's todger

Craig McLean
IT Angle

Where's the IT dangle?

.... erm, I mean "angle" :-/

US protests to WTO over EU 'IT' tariffs

Craig McLean

Protectionist is..

..as protectionist does. Fall on your swords, yankees.

'Loitering Munition' prowler-bomb in Welsh test

Craig McLean

@Anon Coward (Re: Remind me.)

<Government>The enemy is YOU you pinko, liberal, terrorist-hugging hippie. Stop thinking you know better than your duly elected betters, pay your taxes and shut the hell up...</Government>

El Reg reconstructs Heathrow T5 chaos

Craig McLean

Bleedin' Marvelous

That's cheered up an otherwise pisspoor friday afternoon!

Check the pockets of that jacket, security drone!

Dutch MP releases anti-Islam movie

Craig McLean
Paris Hilton

@Anon Coward

'Was there ever a picture of a placard saying "Behead those who say Islam is violent"?'

Nope. The original said "Behead those who insult islam". the other versions are photoshoppery by people who need their irony delivered like a shovel to the face.

Hanlon's Razor applies here: "Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity."

Paris because she embodies Hanlon's razor quite neatly...

MPAA copyright punch up knocks out TorrentSpy

Craig McLean

My God...

..Is this "freetards" vs. "R.I.Ass.A" crap still going on? Flamewars about copyright are so last month.

Mine's the one with a copy of Das Kapital in the pocket...

Paris Hilton exits missionary position to save Universe

Craig McLean

Paris Hilton confuses Mascara with Massacre

Abandons Rwandans and nips to Nippon.